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Mehwish Khan

Mehwish Khan


Ladybird Grammar School Cambridge Campus , Karachi

I am Mehwish


Mehwish Khan

How Johnny went over the...

2011 Oct 31st 4725 Views
Once there used to live a kind and humble boy named Johnny but he is no more now!! He’s dead! He used to sleep on a footpath he had some... read more
Anam - nice    2013 Nov 9th
Umer - Have you read step ahead 3 or studied in Junior-3? Because this story is taken...    2013 Apr 7th
Disenchanted. - But i still like it!!!    2011 Dec 4th
Mehwish Khan

Not only effort

2011 Mar 19th 957 Views
GIANT ship engine failed, the owners tried expert one after another but no one could figure out how to repair it. Then they called an old man who has... read more
4 People Like this! - Tooba FatimaMomina BhattyUshna UsmanLiza Khan

Tooba - gr8    2014 May 3rd
Xerac - nyx .MEHWISH i sent u an invitation please accept    2011 Sep 1st
Momina - good    2011 Jun 13th
Mehwish Khan


2011 Jan 17th 997 Views
 Once upon a time in a forest there lived a poor woodcutter who worked hard to support his family. Woodcutter said Thank God I am... read more
2 People Like this! - Tooba FatimaBint Waseem Mughal

Fatima - Sorrt but I already know this storg dont copy please    2017 Jun 18th
Tooba - nice    2014 May 3rd
Wafa - Mehwish your story is so exellent and i read your stories also    2011 Feb 1st


Mehwish Khan

I’m your friend....

2012 Sep 24th 776 Views
When you're sad ......I’ll dry your tears When you're scared ....I’ll comfort your fears When you’re worried.....I’ll give... read more

Aniee - Nice................    2012 Sep 25th
Arifa - awesome...except for that the spelling of 'shining' is incorrect.    2012 Sep 24th
Mehwish Khan

Earth Day Badge

2011 Apr 8th 1663 Views
                         ... read more
2 People Like this! - Khansa AlmasLiza Khan

Liza - nice poem    2011 Apr 8th
1 Comment
Mehwish Khan


2011 Mar 25th 976 Views
Hope is bright shining light which keeps darkness at the bayHope is gentle cold breeze on a hot summer dayHope is to remain positive when going gets... read more

Mehwish - good????????    2011 May 7th
Bint Waseem - nyc...really nyc!    2011 Mar 25th
Mehwish Khan

Super Mom

2011 Mar 19th 1001 Views
Mom, you're a wonderful mother, So gentle, yet so strong. The many ways you show you care Always make me feel I belong. You're patient when I'm... read more
1 Person like this! - Liza Khan

Bint Waseem - nyc..........really nyc    2011 Mar 19th
Liza - nice poem    2011 Mar 19th
Mehwish Khan


2011 Mar 2nd 821 Views
Peace Peace to release dove Peace to lease love Peace to piece heart Peace to decrease smart Peace to increase justice Peace to cease injustice Lack... read more
1 Person like this! - Shahamah Ahmed

Aleena - hey mehwish what's your age?    2011 Mar 18th
Mehwish - thnx every1 for ur motivaton    2011 Mar 16th
Zernab - MEHWISH good efforts!!!!! What's your age??????    2011 Mar 15th
Mehwish Khan


2011 Feb 15th 841 Views
Friends care Friends share we need friends everywhere! If I could catch a rainbow I would do it just for you, And share with you its beauty On the... read more

Ayesha - love it:)    2011 Feb 15th
1 Comment
Mehwish Khan

Falling snow

2011 Feb 14th 970 Views
See the pretty snowflakesFalling from the sky;On the wall and housetopsSoft and thick they lie.On the window ledges,On the branches bare;Now how fast... read more
1 Person like this! - Wafa Razi

Wafa - I love snowfall.This poem is wonderul ! KEEP IT UP !    2011 Feb 14th
1 Comment
Mehwish Khan


2011 Jan 17th 902 Views
Hoping to catch your eyeCircling around you, oh myButterfly, butterfly, come into the lightOh, what a beautiful sightFlying so gracefullyInto the... read more

Shonazz - Mehwish! what is your age????    2011 Jan 25th
1 Comment
Mehwish Khan

Thanks ALLAH (SWT)

2011 Jan 6th 1026 Views
Happy moments, praise Allah (SWT)Difficult moments, seek Allah (SWT)Quiet moments, worship Allah(SWT)Painful moments, trust Allah (SWT)Every moment... read more
2 People Like this! - Bint Waseem MughalMehwish Khan
Mehwish Khan

Islam is the best

2011 Jan 6th 987 Views
Life is Test,Islam is best,World is only dust,If Quran is in chest,nothing need next,Obey ALLAH first,1st success will be  next. read more
1 Person like this! - Mehwish Khan
Mehwish Khan

With A Friend

2010 Dec 18th 892 Views
I can talk with a friendand walk with a friendand share my umbrella in the rain.I can play with a friendand stay with a friendand learn with a... read more
Mehwish Khan

A friend

2010 Jun 4th 955 Views
 A FRIEND ......a friend is like a flower,a rose to be exact.or maybe like a brand new gate,that never comes unlatched.a friend is like an owl... read more
Aaiza - Nice but if you dont mind i want to say you that you have copied this poem from...    2012 Feb 4th
Aleena - Ur poem is a real image of a friend    2010 Dec 31st
Minhil - you have described a friend so nicely.GOOD JOB.    2010 Jul 11th
Mehwish Khan

On the Thirty Third of...

2010 May 22nd 1790 Views
On the thirty third of Januaugust,right before Octember,a strange thing didn't happenthat I always won't remember.At eleven in the afternoon,while... read more
3 People Like this! - Minhil BukhariMehwish KhanLiza Khan

HBN - Sorry, I don't know why ur poem is out of my understanding:-(    2010 Jul 11th
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Mehwish Khan

What's your excuse?

2011 Mar 18th 1047 Views
"It's clear" said the teacher, "That you haven't studied your geography. What's your excuse?" "Well, my dad says the world is changing every day . So... read more
2 People Like this! - Khaulah Ahmed KhanAhmed Saif

ROcKiNgUrL MInA - zrnab first i have keep my name in profile kool sweet but now in profile my...    2011 Mar 18th
Zernab - @ Kool Sweet What is your real name KOOL SWEET????????    2011 Mar 16th
Maryam - quite innocent child    2011 Mar 13th
Mehwish Khan

I'm not going to school!

2011 Mar 13th 1052 Views
I'm not going back to school ever again. Why ever not? The teacher doesn't know a thing; all she does is asking questions!   read more
2 People Like this! - Bint Waseem MughalMinhil Bukhari

ROcKiNgUrL MInA - not funny is it a joke !!!!!!!!!    2011 Mar 18th
Aleena - Quite funnnnnnnnnnnnnny!    2011 Mar 15th
Mehwish - thnx for ur motivation sweet =)    2011 Mar 7th
Mehwish Khan

Rich soil

2011 Feb 10th 1078 Views
Why did the farmer bury all his money in his fields? ans . because he wanted the rich soil... read more
ROcKiNgUrL MInA - nice effort forcing us to laugh but we r not    2011 Mar 18th
Ayesha - good thinking    2011 Feb 20th
Minhil - nice...good effort    2011 Feb 14th
Mehwish Khan

Skeleton dance

2011 Jan 19th 987 Views
skeleton danceQ: Why couldn't the skeleton go to the dance?A: He had no body to go with! read more
ROcKiNgUrL MInA - hahahahahaha really very funny laughing out loudly lolx    2011 Mar 18th
Aleena - Sana you can feedback and send your letter!    2011 Mar 17th
Rabia - old still funny    2011 Mar 5th


Mehwish Khan

Please Save our...

2011 May 7th 989 Views
I'm afraid worse is to come: people who study earth's climate have found that as it warms up, the weather is going to get more violent and... read more
Mehwish Khan

Importance of environment

2011 Apr 25th 6226 Views
Environment is the natural world which is made by the living beings (people, animals and the plants) and land. Therefore it is the surroundings that... read more

Liza - keep it up and keep going like this and congrats    2011 May 2nd
Areena - Hello...Mehwish..!! nice done..keep it up...    2011 Apr 27th
Mehwish Khan

What causes global...

April 2011 2011 Apr 17th 1202 Views
Life on earth depends on energy from the sun. About 30 percent of the sunlight that beams toward Earth is deflected by the outer atmosphere and... read more
3 People Like this! - Tooba FatimaMehwish Khan Areena Pearl

Tooba - nice    2014 May 3rd
Fizza - Congratulations Mehwish. A very informative article. keep up the hard work.    2011 May 27th
Mehwish Khan

It's my request

2011 Apr 2nd 884 Views
Its my request to you to please save our environment, I , myself have joined hands in saving our environment. our dearest mother earth is facing... read more

Areena - Hi..mehwish..!! now it's my request that please comment on my stories & poems...    2011 Apr 27th
Areena - Hi..mehwish..!! your article is marvellous..!!    2011 Apr 27th
Bint Waseem - nyc!    2011 Apr 7th
Mehwish Khan

Oort cloud

2011 Mar 22nd 1033 Views
In 1950, Dutch astronomer Jan Oort proposed that certain comets come from a vast, extremely distant, spherical shell of icy bodies surrounding the... read more
2 People Like this! - Liza KhanBint Waseem Mughal

Areena - Mehwish..! otherwise....your article is tremendous....    2011 Apr 27th
Areena - Mehwish..! I'm waiting for your comments on my stories "wishes" & "extra sheet"...    2011 Apr 27th
Liza - very good    2011 Mar 26th
Mehwish Khan


2010 Aug 23rd 873 Views
O who believe, fasting is decreed for you as it was decreed for those before you; perchance you will guard yourselves. The month of Ramadan is... read more
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ladybird grammar school Karachi

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Full Name
Mehwish Khan
Pakistan, sindh, Karachi
Ladybird Grammar School Cambridge Campus
I am Mehwish
Writing stories
Akello There was a little girl named AKELLO who used to live in a village. She was only 10 years... read more
What causes global warming? Life on earth depends on energy from the sun. About 30 percent of the sunlight that beams... read more
The Mystery of the Red box It was a sober and hot noon; I was sitting in the school library reading a book that I... read more
Top 7 destructions by global warming  1. Global Warming Cause: Carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel burning power... read more
Idiot Son: who is an... read more
Cry of a student                ... read more
islam is the best Life is Test,Islam is best,World is only dust,If Quran is in chest,nothing need next,Obey... read more
thanks ALLAH (SWT) Happy moments, praise Allah (SWT)Difficult moments, seek Allah (SWT)Quiet moments... read more
Place of ancient cows What do you call a place full of ancient cows?A moo-seum. read more
The boy who cut his leg Long Ago A Boy live in a small hut His name Was Ali One day his mother said that go to... read more
Akello There was a little girl named AKELLO who used to live in a village. She was only 10 years... read more
My Picked Pocket My name is Ahmed and I am 8 years old. I want to tell you a funny incident which happened... read more
How Johnny went over the edge Once there used to live a kind and humble boy named Johnny but he is no more now!!... read more
Importance of MOther in Islam! There was a young man, before he was a Muslim; he lived with his mother until he was... read more
An old lady... An old lady gave the bus driver peanuts to eat.....this happened several times....the... read more
Bullet Proof Jacket In a war a man was wearing a mosquito net instead of bullet proof jacket.Somebody ask why... read more
Umar Kamran
Smart Answers Principal: Are u chewing gum?Student: No, I'm human being Wife: We are having mother for... read more
jiya mudassir
Elephant Trouble What is the difference between an Indian elephant and an African... read more
Mehwish Khan
Child Labour 2011 Jun 9th 2080 Views How the practice of child labour can be stopped particularly in third world countries? read more

35 Posts
Muhammad Hassan Muhammad Hassan 2017 Dec 12th It should be stopped! Government should apply free schools for poor and needy to make their future more better.
Dania Q Dania Q 2015 Jun 24th Child labour is not fair for children, in fact learning gets you more money because if you don't know much then it will be hard for you to work. I also think parents don't work because they want to relax while their children work too much hard
marium faisal marium faisal 2013 Nov 3rd In some countries child labour is strictly not allowed till the age of thirteen(13) parents can be jailed if they donnot send their child to school till the age of thirteen but still i think that girls cshould me more educated as the literacy rate of girls in pakistan is 26 percent while boys are 40 pecent we should solute malala yousuf for standing and raising her voice for the education of women solute to u malala...........
Shayan  Hasnain Shayan Hasnain 2013 Sep 14th I agree with you Areej Hassan
Shayan  Hasnain Shayan Hasnain 2013 Sep 14th I agree with you Areej Hassan
Muhammad Abdul Hadi Muhammad Abdul Hadi 2013 Aug 23rd First, many children left their homes in a way to avoid the abuse that they are victims of from their parents. To prevent this bad treatment, the government could help give conferences to the parents about child labor and the consequences that it brings. In this way, we can help prevent other children running away from home and living as homeless children.
aasiya usman aasiya usman 2013 Mar 22nd Child labour is increasing rapidly and destroying our youth........after then this youth chooses ways to harm the country in order to take revenge!it can b stopped if rich people start taking children(with no parents)as their own sons and daughters and giv them proper education for that they can also enjoy the luxuries of life!
fareeha noman fareeha noman 2013 Feb 13th I think it is all.. illiteracy & lack of knowledge.It is wrong to force little kids for hard works.
Sahar Ahmad Sahar Ahmad 2011 Sep 25th Child labour shud b stooped and it can b wid a little effort of d government. It can make child labour banned and open schools for very poor children and teach them free so that day get some position in this world and hostels can also b made for these children so that they can live in dese!
Muhammad Shafeh ul haq Muhammad Shafeh ul haq 2011 Sep 23rd It should be stopped! Government should apply free schools for poor and needy to make their future more better.
Sahar Ahmad Sahar Ahmad 2011 Sep 21st Ofcourse. It should be stopped or even banned!
xerac akhtar xerac akhtar 2011 Aug 29th It is the basic and most awful problem of our country . it is because everything is so expensive
iman fatima iman fatima 2011 Aug 17th Child labour should be stopped.We can protest.The government should make schools for the poor once that should bee free.We should educate them if they are unable to go to the school as u can see that in our houses our maids children also come to work. Moreover some of the peoples incom is not enough to educate his or her child so we can educate them.Its a very big problem in our country and due to this our country is suffering from many problems its looking bad.So we should help.In this there is ur my and Pakistans benefit.
maryam fatima maryam fatima 2011 Aug 16th If the government try it can be stopped.they can open free schools for them in which they could get free education it will be much good
Momina Bhatty Momina Bhatty 2011 Aug 9th Child labour can be stopped with protests and if the government makes strict policies against it.
Areej Hassan Areej Hassan 2011 Aug 2nd Child labour is present in 3rd world countries is because of poverty. If the country is full of corruption and poverty there is no way we can succeed. We have unite together, help people who are the target of poverty,make non profit programs to finish child labour.
Maham Shahzad Maham Shahzad 2011 Jul 31st Child labour should be stopped by educating more children. if we substitute ourselves in the place of the children who are labourers, we would have longed and longed to study.i dont konw what the minister of education is doing now but look , everyone hates school nowadys. i understand why our mothers keep scolding us to study.
Shahamah Ahmed Shahamah Ahmed 2011 Jul 28th We should start stopping it from our home..many maids come to work with their little children and also make them work
maria malik maria malik 2011 Jul 21st U should had seen my bulletins for it on express news.
harris jamil harris jamil 2011 Jul 6th And it can b stopped by simply educating people and moreover by reducing the prices of the basic things of live so that parents do not have to make their children work for their family's surrvival and the family can survive in the earnings of their parents
harris jamil harris jamil 2011 Jul 6th There is a very famous saying that children are the bright stars of a country and on them depends the future of that country, the development, the prosperity and etc.Lets think 4 a while that if the same bright stars are not being treated and instead the are being treated as a slave what would happen to the future of that country:it would do backwards instead of getting developed and civilized and thus the reason behind the downfall of Pakistan. So, instead making children work 4 money parents should try their best to educate so that their and as well the future of their country is prosperous. So, we should stop cursing and torturing our bright stars and nourish them and provide them with the best facilities
Ali Moaz Ali Moaz 2011 Jul 2nd Child labour is one of the crises in our country. The childeren are forced to work from their parents or any other guardian. This is due to dull study matters and also because of bad governence of our leaders that are only enjoying their pay and seats. When they not take any interest in these matter then poor people are discouraged and disrespect. They are already livving hand to mouth and this thing more disgrace them. This cause these people to send their childeren for earning money in their age of learning. It has many bad effects on our country's outlook. The more child laour the less will be the students and the literacy rate will decrease. So i request my country fellows to stop child labour. An english writer said, "THE CRISIS IN A STATE ARE NOT DUE TO THE BAD WORKS OF GOOD PEOPLE BUT DUE TO THE SILENCE OF GOOD PEOPLE" SO PLEASE AWAKE! AWAKE! AWAKE!
No One No One 2011 Jun 30th It can be reduced when we make posters and articles to make people aware of child labour we can donate mone,food and clothing to poor people. government should make a law of child labour and should be stritch with the parent who send there child for child labour. government should give the parents jobs and old benefits.
shehzeen zafar shehzeen zafar 2011 Jun 28th Child labour can be stopped by donating the things to the kids because there is no money with them to buy clothes, study in english medium schools, afford tutions. and also can be stopped by making schools for them and make the education free for them.......
Ibrahim Malik Ibrahim Malik 2011 Jun 26th I think It could be stoped when every thing speacilly wheat, meat, daal, etc are cheap in our beloved country.....
armeen zahra armeen zahra 2011 Jun 17th Child labour shud b stooped and it can b wid a little effort of d government. It can make child labour banned and open schools for very poor children and teach them free so that day get some position in this world and hostels can also b made for these children so that they can live in dese!
Ashna Ahmed Ashna Ahmed 2011 Jun 13th You know, child labour isn't present in very country. Only 3rd world countries or under developed countries.
Ashna Ahmed Ashna Ahmed 2011 Jun 11th Child labour can be stopped if the government actually makes some laws that make child labour illegal. It's slack to make kids work when they can be getting an education and perhaps doing something more in their lives rather than being a factory hand or something like that. Every child should have the right to an education. Also if the government ensures that families have all their basic neccessities then child labour wouldn't even be neccessary coz the families can live on their essentials. Whereas if a familie doesn't have the basic needs to keep them alive then that's where child labour comes in from. They send their kids to work so that they can live each day. Personally I think that the government is to blame for child labour.
Fariha khan Fariha khan 2011 Jun 10th It is the worst problem of every country
Mubashir Salman Mubashir Salman 2011 Jun 10th I am agreed with that when constitution is implemented then child labour can be stopped
Yousuf Elahi Yousuf Elahi 2011 Jun 10th Every child has a right to get free basic education, this is the age of studying not working.
Hiba Ali Hiba Ali 2011 Jun 10th Government has to make serious policies for this
Rabia Khalid Rabia Khalid 2011 Jun 10th It can be stopped when the constitution is fully implemented.
Owais paracha Owais paracha 2011 Jun 10th Yeah it’s all illiteracy and lack of knowledge behind the child labour. It’s totally wrong to force them for the hard work.
Ahmed Alam Ahmed Alam 2011 Jun 10th Child labour is a curse which should be stopped. I think parents don’t think that they can earn more if they will educate their children. Off course they are making them work for money.