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Areej Fatima

Areej Fatima


Qiadat Group Of Schools Miani ,sargodha , Sargodha

A=awesome :)R=refreshing :vE=eloquent B)E=excellent :PJ=JOKING :D :D


Areej Fatima

Pulpit of stones

2013 Sep 25th 1926 Views
The Splendour of shinning starsand the flamboyant flowerswere looking very uglyand speaking very rudelywhen silence spread everywhereand solitude was... read more
Areej - thnkuu    2013 Oct 18th
Shumila - Good !    2013 Oct 17th
Areej - oo okey! don't need your sorry..that was ur own will! :) :( :( :(    2013 Oct 7th
Areej Fatima


2013 Sep 24th 805 Views
Like high ranking archangelLike ministering angelsI want to be a doctorLike ever-succeeding leaders...My Earnest DesireMy interest powerThis ambition... read more
Areej - thankuuuu    2013 Oct 29th
Shumila - Nice work!    2013 Oct 28th
Afifah - :-)    2013 Oct 18th
Areej Fatima

The world – I live in

2013 Sep 24th 727 Views
I took a lantern and enlightened itI took a ventilator and reflected itAnd saw the light in the mirrorIt became the wish that I aspire!An archly... read more
2 People Like this! - Afifah MaryamRafia Ahmed

Areej - thankyou!    2013 Oct 17th
Afifah - Nice!    2013 Oct 14th
Areej - and haleema am also thankful to you :* :)    2013 Oct 4th
Areej Fatima

Go serve the world

2013 Sep 24th 680 Views
Let's Be unite and Think uponwhat is the way, you are on?Let's Think Together and realize!The reality of a poor victim that diesLet's realize... read more
2 People Like this! - Afifah MaryamRafia Ahmed

Rafia - :):):)    2013 Nov 7th
Areej - :-)    2013 Oct 29th
Rafia - ur welcome dear :)))    2013 Oct 27th
Areej Fatima

Temporary world that...

2013 Sep 19th 713 Views
This world was the result of a big thrillOnce, i heard i concentrated it stillSometime passed and Plants grewWhat was the reason that beginning... read more
Areej - hmmm :) :) thnks    2013 Oct 17th
Afifah - Good poem    2013 Oct 14th
Areej - yeah i know    2013 Oct 7th
Areej Fatima

The summer nights

2013 Jun 22nd 769 Views
The blowing wind in reesthe glowing light in skieswhen real breeze of my dreams blowwhen reality of my thoughts flowThe glorious nights are thereThe... read more
3 People Like this! - Haleema SadiaAfifah MaryamAreej Fatima

Areej - thanksh areesha and its nice to join you (y) :)    2013 Sep 19th
Areej - thanx areesha :*    2013 Sep 19th
Areesha - awesome story areej :)    2013 Sep 15th


Areej Fatima

My friendship garden

2013 Sep 24th 652 Views
My friendship garden
4 People Like this! - KHAN AHMEDAfifah MaryamHaleema SadiaRafia Ahmed

Areej - thannkss amnn.....    2014 Jul 11th
KHAN - 8.7 It's very good keep it up nooooooooooooow!    2014 Mar 14th
Rafia - well.................. u r a unique girl my dear ..... I ALSO HAV TONS OF FRNDS...    2013 Nov 7th


Areej Fatima

My ambition

2013 Sep 19th 675 Views
My ambitionWhen wishes sparkleWhen desires shineThen ambitions appearThat people aspire!An ambition. What is an ambition? Ambition is the earnest... read more
4 People Like this! - Ajwa ArsalanRafia AhmedHaleema SadiaAreej Fatima

Rafia - NO NEED OF THNX MY DEAR FRND :))))    2013 Nov 7th
Areej - thankyou shumaila    2013 Oct 17th
Shumila - Very nice!!    2013 Oct 10th