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Manail Syeda

Manail Syeda


Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardy , Peshawar

I Solemnly SWEAR I'm up to NO GOOD


Manail Syeda

Fantasy world (part 1)

2016 Nov 22nd 296 Views
At Mulberry Street# 1, House No 7 lived the Roberts. It was a family of five people. Mr. Robin Roberts, Mrs.  Emma Roberts, the elder brother... read more
2 People Like this! - Wania TauqeerManail Syeda

Manail - Haha yeah well i'm gonna get my letter this September lol    Jun 8th
Ayesha - Hey Manail): Are you kidding?You study in Hogwarts school of witchcraft and...    May 28th
Ayesha - Why don't you write the next part?(: Well great story!    May 28th
Manail Syeda

Be Yourself

2011 Jul 1st 889 Views
Once upon a time there was a child named Frachez who lived in India. He thought that his daily life was too boring. So he decided to go to someone... read more
Noorish - nice manail is your school... i mean? hogwarts school of witchcraft and...    Jul 5th
Manail - what?...    Jun 30th
Berha - y did u comment urself????    Jun 7th
Manail Syeda

The brave girl

2011 Jul 1st 905 Views
Once there was a lovely girl named Elizabeth. The one thing she loved the most was danger. There was only one reason she loved danger. She loved it... read more
Fajr Omair - Awesome    Mar 5th
Manail - plzzz approve my stories its been ages!    2016 Oct 9th
Manail - dear admin I've sent many stories and poems but none of them are on my page my...    2016 Oct 7th


Manail Syeda


2016 Nov 22nd 221 Views
I gaze up at the starsThinking about the timesWhen I did something wrongI want to make it rightBut it’s been too longSorry don’t work... read more
3 People Like this! - Aiza IqbalWania TauqeerManail Syeda

Aiza - Nice    Jun 17th
Nisha - It's my story... Wonderful!    Jan 20th
Wania - Tragic! Welldone    Jan 11th


Manail Syeda

The talking dog

2016 Nov 22nd 392 Views
There was once a dog who could talk he used to talk to his owner all the time then one day he had the most stupid idea like always but he thought it... read more
4 People Like this! - Wania TauqeerAsfand YarHamna AsifManail Syeda

Manail -     Apr 23rd
Irza - idea was kind of clever from a dog's perspective    Mar 12th
Hamna - Lolz....    Jan 1st


Manail Syeda

Tree friendly

2012 Mar 21st 647 Views
Tree friendly

Urooj - Good 1😊    Jul 10th
Aiza - Nyc    Jun 29th
Hadia - hmmm good:)    Feb 5th
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Full Name
Manail Syeda
Pakistan, k.p.k, Peshawar
Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardy
7 P

I Solemnly SWEAR I'm up to NO GOOD

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the talking dog There was once a dog who could talk he used to talk to his owner all the time then one... read more
MISTAKES I gaze up at the starsThinking about the timesWhen I did something wrongI want to make it... read more
fantasy world (part 1) At Mulberry Street# 1, House No 7 lived the Roberts. It was a family of five people. Mr... read more
Surely,A Touching Story A story is told about a soldier who was finally coming home after having fought ina... read more
who is most lazy? Teacher (to class): I will give 50 rs to him who is the laziest student of the class. Now... read more
A secret keeper Secret keeper is a person who keeps a secret. Do you have any secret keeper I have, the... read more
The Fake Stories As she shifted to her new home, she wanted a quick way to be famous at her new school... read more
Memories Where am I? asked the little girl looking at the doctor. You are at the hospital, do you... read more
Pakistan Tour It was the moment when the home time bell rang and we rushed out after all it was my... read more
the talking dog There was once a dog who could talk he used to talk to his owner all the time then one... read more
fantasy world (part 1) At Mulberry Street# 1, House No 7 lived the Roberts. It was a family of five people. Mr... read more
A Long Journey On Road Long and long i went, straight and straightOn a road without any turns or any gateIt is a... read more
The Human Heart Annie was a 15 year old girl. She belonged to a middle class family.She was the only... read more
Peter the Rabbit Once, there was a rabbit named Peter. He never obeyed his mother. One day, his mother... read more
A time in Bookland Brittany was always busy in reading books. She imagined the whole story as she went on... read more
The mysterious girl part 3 Then another day while in was alone in my class something very mystifying happened. I... read more
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I think science is the most interesting subject. Do you agree? read more