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Manal Khalid

Manal Khalid


Usman Public , Karachi

I am Manal khalid. i love to read and write stories and poems.i like swiming.i study in usman public school. i like to make...


Manal Khalid

Wacky night

2013 Apr 3rd 973 Views
it was almost mid night and then i heard a crack of lightning.and after a moment the room was filled with darkness.for a second light appeared... read more
Noorul - IN WHICH CAMPUS DO YOU STUDY ?????????????????????    2014 Oct 5th
Manal - thnx ali and amn.....    2014 Jan 30th
KHAN - cool as ice    2014 Jan 4th
Manal Khalid

A haunted house

2013 Mar 25th 971 Views
It was pitched dark and I was near to the so called "haunted house"' but I didn't believe in those stories. People said that they had heard weird... read more
Marwa - A nice one but you would have put something big on the bet !!!!!    2013 Jul 22nd
Kashmala - nice story manal....    2013 May 10th
Manal - thanks fatima    2013 Apr 5th


Manal Khalid

My wish

2013 Sep 24th 732 Views
I have a wish,a wish to fly,a wish to see the world from on top of the sky,my biggest dream is to see the whole worldi really wanna have a world... read more
3 People Like this! - Amna ShahidManal KhalidRafia Ahmed

Manal - Well.....believe it cuz i did write it!    2013 Oct 19th
Ifrah (manooo) - i dont belive my eyes do u really wrote it    2013 Oct 14th
Manal - Thnxx    2013 Oct 4th
Manal Khalid

The place I love...

2013 Sep 24th 749 Views
The sky filled with darkness,the green trees all aroundwhen i sat in my terrace that's what i foundthe wind whipped on my facepulling all my... read more
3 People Like this! - Amna ShahidManal KhalidRafia Ahmed

Ifrah (manooo) - awesomeeeeeeeeeeee    2013 Oct 14th
Rafia - u r true!!!!!! it's the same with me :)    2013 Sep 25th
Manal Khalid

Naughty Nick strikes...

2013 Sep 24th 711 Views
You won’t believe if I say,Yesterday was naughty Nick’s birthdayHe forced his parents to buy him a sports carand allow him to go far and... read more
3 People Like this! - Amna ShahidManal KhalidRafia Ahmed

Manal - Ahem!ahem!i am sooo not like him.maybe u are?!:)    2013 Oct 19th
Ifrah (manooo) - i think naughty nicks is like uuuuuuuuuuuu    2013 Oct 13th
Ifrah (manooo) - i think naughty nicks is like uuuuuuuuuuuu    2013 Oct 13th
Manal Khalid

Late at night

2013 Jun 22nd 927 Views
Lying on my bed late at nightThinking what to write to post on the V SHINE websiteIf I write a story will it be scary or funny.........If I write a... read more
Nimra - Wow splendid.!!!!    2013 Dec 2nd
Marwa - I have liked that and that's awesome. @Syeda Maryam I didn't understand what...    2013 Jul 30th
Areeba - Certainly Fabulous Poem, Manal    2013 Jul 24th
Manal Khalid

Naughty Nick

2013 Apr 3rd 892 Views
Naughty Nick is a very bad boyWhen he tricks someone he laughs with joyHe’s off to mischievousness every second of his lifeOnce he made his... read more
Minahil - hahaha funny    2013 Aug 3rd
Kashmala - gud..    2013 May 10th
Arouba - nice poem........really like it!    2013 Apr 20th
Manal Khalid


2013 Mar 26th 771 Views
What do you see sitting on a flower?Looking as beautiful as the highest towerYou try to make it sit on your handBut runs away as soon as you... read more
Rafia - gr8 1 :)    2013 Aug 25th
Manal - thank you guys!    2013 Apr 4th
Hadya - it is a good poem    2013 Mar 29th
Manal Khalid

Silly prank

2013 Mar 25th 710 Views
One day in the middle of the nightI woke up with frightI heard a strange soundMade by a basset hound,I heard someone snickeringAnd saw a bulb... read more
Kashmala - it's a good one..    2013 May 10th
Manal - now i do!!!!!!    2013 Apr 9th
Javeria - u know!    2013 Apr 7th
Manal Khalid

Poor people

2013 Mar 25th 713 Views
Today while I was passing by a streetWhich was not so clean and neatI saw people of different kindssome were deaf and some were blind,i saw 8 year... read more
Kashmala - heart touching... !!!    2013 May 10th
Manal - thankzzz    2013 Apr 5th
Fatima - Good    2013 Apr 5th
Manal Khalid

A busy day

2013 Mar 25th 764 Views
A busy day1 is sitting on a tree2 is catching a bee3 is having fun4 is eating a bun5 is still sleepingBecause his alarm clock is not beeping6 is... read more
Qurratul - LOVE IT! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)B-)B-)B-):O    2014 Apr 13th
Javeria - Good    2013 May 5th
Manal - thanks!    2013 Apr 5th


Manal Khalid

Recipe of spicy cucumbers

2013 Jun 27th 928 Views
This is the recipe of spicy cucumbers, ready in just 5 mins!!Ingredientscucumbers(as many as u like)lemonchaat masalamethod:Slice cucumbers and put... read more
Manal - now ur giving me suspence marva...;)    2014 Jan 30th
Sidra - i know this recipe.its not new i have tried it so many time and i like it.but...