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Sajahir Rizwan

Sajahir Rizwan


Crescent Model School , Lahore

Hello!I am sajahir rizwan.I am in grade 6.I live in Pakistan.I love to make friends.So,guys send me friend...


Sajahir Rizwan

If I had a chance to fly

2016 Nov 22nd 139 Views
If I had a chance to fly,I’ll touch the clouds.Fly above the sea,Race with birds.Go to my favorite places,Just once, I had a chance to... read more
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Sajahir - thanks you both of you very much    Jan 12th
Wania - Short but good    Jan 11th
Aiza - Good one    2016 Dec 29th
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Full Name
Sajahir Rizwan
Pakistan, punjab, Lahore
Crescent Model School

Hello!I am sajahir rizwan.I am in grade 6.I live in Pakistan.I love to make friends.So,guys send me friend requests.😘😘😘😘😘

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