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Shiraz Larik

Shiraz Larik


Karachi Grammar School , Karachi

My name is Shiraz larik I am 12 years old I study in class 7 in Karachi Grammar School . I want to become a police officer. I...


Shiraz Larik

Decision (Part 2)

Jan 8th 157 Views
On Monday I prepared to go to school when father received a call. It was anonymous and the person said "I will reveal the truth to the world. If you... read more

Yaseera - Amazing    Jan 8th
1 Comment
Shiraz Larik


2017 Nov 13th 203 Views
Curiosity is a distinctive quality I possess. I wonder what lies ahead in the future. Is there any way to know? Many questions and aspects of life I... read more

Yashfeen - Great    2017 Nov 15th
Yaseera - nice 1    2017 Nov 13th
Shiraz Larik

The Shining mirror Part 2

2017 Nov 13th 161 Views
When he looked at it he was transported to a place where diabolical monsters resided, it looked like Satan himself was the ruler. It was a place... read more

Yaseera - Good 1    2017 Nov 13th
1 Comment
Shiraz Larik

Lord Bagra (Part 2)

2017 Nov 13th 264 Views
Paris was infuriated and was ready to attack Lord Bagra. He quickly told his men to gather all members of the army and be ready. However, a loyal... read more

Ayesha - Agree with Fatima and yaseera! I have sent two stories and many hand made...    2017 Nov 17th
Yaseera - @Admin I so agree with Fatima VSHINE is sooo slow I sent my stuff long back and...    2017 Nov 15th
Sabeen - Gud    2017 Nov 14th
Shiraz Larik

The Shining Mirror (Part...

2016 Nov 22nd 479 Views
Jawad was a boy who loved adventures and was always curious about things. He had three great friends. Their names were Ubaidh, Ahsan and Rahul. Ahsan... read more
2 People Like this! - Aiza IqbalWania Tauqeer

Aiza - Eager to read the next part.It is amazing.    2017 Jun 29th
Ayesha - Wow x200 Times! Great great great!    2017 May 26th
Anchloria - Curious to read the next part...Shiraz    2017 Feb 15th
Shiraz Larik

Lord Bagra and his army...

2015 Jun 25th 877 Views
Once there was a rich and wise prince Paris. He was the ruler of a peaceful kingdom Troy. People of Troy were happy under their king Paris. Troy was... read more
3 People Like this! - Aiza IqbalWania TauqeerSarah Khawaja

Sabeen - Gud    2017 Nov 14th
Wania - Gud    2015 Sep 22nd
Ayesha - cool    2015 Aug 14th
Shiraz Larik

An incident

2014 Dec 2nd 729 Views
Once it was a cold and deep night. I was waiting for the bus home. A car appeared in front of me. The door opened and someone pulled me in. I became... read more
Aiza - Nice    2017 Jun 29th
Umair - gud    2015 Jan 10th
Jasmine - Nice one    2015 Dec 29th
Shiraz Larik

The mystery of the...

2014 Jun 28th 641 Views
Next day the three investigators listened in news that another painting is missing. They became worried because yesterday they had solved a mystery... read more
2 People Like this! - Aiza IqbalUnaiza Naqi

Umair - nice story    2015 Jan 10th
Shaheer - Oh I dont have one.    2014 Aug 25th
Shehram - Sorry. I dont have one. :)    2014 Aug 20th
Shiraz Larik

The mystery of the...

2014 Jun 27th 585 Views
Once upon a time there were three friends named Harris Ali and Ahmed. One day they listened in the news that a painting that costs $5000 is missing... read more
2 People Like this! - Aiza IqbalWafa Abbas

Shaheer - I agree with Unaiza. But still keep it UP    2014 Aug 18th
Unaiza - seems that the theives weren't trained as they left a hundred clues and made it...    2014 Jul 4th
Shiraz Larik

Ahmed's adventure

2014 May 13th 799 Views
Once upon a time there was a boy named ahmed he loved to have adventures and he was interested in having adventures he reads adventurous books and... read more
Shaheer - NICE    2014 Aug 18th
Maikham - Great!!    2014 Jun 11th
Huzaifa - WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...    2014 Jun 5th
Shiraz Larik

Fahad and the Monsters

2014 May 11th 635 Views
Once upon a time there was a boy named Fahad he loved to see dreams but sometimes he had seen dreams that were very scary but he didn’t care... read more
3 People Like this! - Aiza IqbalGhazal Firdous Shaikh Tooba Fatima

Umair - haha    2015 Jan 10th
ALVINA - good story    2014 Oct 23rd
Shaheer - Just FINE    2014 Aug 18th
Shiraz Larik

Mischief leads to no good

2013 Jun 22nd 821 Views
Tony was a mischievous boy of 9 years old. He studied in class 4, every now and then he created problems in the house and outside. All his family... read more
Noreen - I agree with Anam, seriously great moral. keep it up Shiraz Larik !    2014 Dec 15th
Tooba - bravo    2014 May 17th
Tooba - bravo    2014 May 17th


Shiraz Larik


2013 Jun 22nd 719 Views

Tooba - looking like mehndi design and good    2014 May 17th
Bint Waseem - nysh...more like firworks..:)    2013 Aug 15th
Ajwa - unique...    2013 Aug 5th
Shiraz Larik


2013 Jun 22nd 641 Views
4 People Like this! - Aiza IqbalTooba FatimaHaleema SadiaLaibah Basham

Tooba - pretty and nice    2014 May 17th
Ajwa - pretty and funny....    2013 Aug 5th
Emel - Its ok!    2013 Jul 5th


Shiraz Larik


2017 Nov 16th 205 Views
What is a utopia? For some it may have the meaning of a perfect world, for others, it may be a place where they can have everything they want. But... read more
1 Person like this! - Hafsa Fatima

Hafsa - Answer plz    2017 Dec 10th
Hafsa - Shiraz, are you from Larik family? Ok. What's your father's complete name? can...    2017 Dec 9th
Shiraz Larik

How to stop pollution

2014 May 11th 1315 Views
If we want to stop pollution we should keep our area clean by picking up the litter we should not throw litter in the water because it creates water... read more
2 People Like this! - Aiza IqbalRida Rashid

Khoula - hmm nice one....we also dont throw wrapper of chips etc... i hate those, who...    2014 Jun 8th
Rida - keep it up    2014 Jun 3rd
Rida - keep it up    2014 Jun 3rd
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Full Name
Shiraz Larik
Pakistan, Sindh, Karachi
Karachi Grammar School

My name is Shiraz larik I am 12 years old I study in class 7 in Karachi Grammar School . I want to become a police officer. I like to write stories . My favourite subject is Mathematics.

Video games
Indoor games
Writing stories
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The mystery of the missing painting (part 2) Next day the three investigators listened in news that another painting is missing. They... read more
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