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Shehryar Larik

Shehryar Larik


Bay View Academy , Karachi

My name is Shehryar Ali i was studying in the city school hyd but this year we shifted to karachi and here i studied at paf...


Shehryar Larik

True Friendship never...

2013 Jun 23rd 1061 Views
Few days went on and Shehry and Rafay were every time alone, even they were in the opposite team during cricket match. After few days the annual... read more
4 People Like this! - Hiba SaadLaibah BashamNazish IlyasSara Abid

Ibrahim - Great story    2013 Jul 12th
Laibah - amazing story but soo many mistakes !!!!    2013 Jul 6th
Maha - jalleous (Hassam) Seriously English Murdered! R.I.P English    2013 Jul 4th
Shehryar Larik

True Friendship never...

2013 Jun 23rd 807 Views
Next day the school started. Shehry now sat at the back with Bilal. He noticed that Bilal is passing sarcastic remarks about Rafay. He was talking to... read more
3 People Like this! - Laibah BashamNazish IlyasSara Abid

Unaiza - hmmm.... quite nice    2013 Oct 15th
Uswah - nyc 1 !!!!    2013 Jul 4th
Maarij Maqsood - nyc    2013 Jun 30th
Shehryar Larik

True Friendship never...

2013 Jun 23rd 822 Views
Shehry and Rafay were very good friends, their friendship was from childhood. The other friends were Rizwan and Bilal. Shehry was good at studies and... read more
Samia - good when the second part comes plzz tell the name i really want to read it    2013 Dec 1st
Unaiza - goood    2013 Oct 15th
Ajwa - =*    2013 Aug 12th
Shehryar Larik

The Night Vision Camera...

2013 Jun 20th 912 Views
After midnight Tim decided to go alone for search. "I also wanted to go bro please," said Sam curiously. "No it’s dangerous for you" told Tim... read more
Ibrahim - yar too good story    2013 Aug 15th
Maarij Maqsood - amazing owsm great effort    2013 Jun 30th
Rafia - NYC 1.........    2013 Jun 26th
Shehryar Larik

The Night Vision Camera...

2013 Jun 18th 759 Views
"Hey Tim lets go and play" said Sam."Let me work on my dark vision camera model"."Really Wow!" Exclaimed Sam as he looked at the skateboard with... read more
3 People Like this! - Maarij Maqsood KhanSidra MumtazShiraz Larik

Maarij Maqsood - awesom    2013 Jun 30th
Rafia - gr8 efforts.......    2013 Jun 26th
Sidra - nice story!    2013 Jun 20th
Shehryar Larik

The Saviour

May 2013 2013 Jun 3rd 1645 Views
Once in a village lived a, boy named Ehsan who was alone and poor. Ehsan was an orphan but was a very strong and wise boy. His best quality was that... read more
Aiza - Niceeeee    2017 Jul 16th
Berha - Applause for the fight!    2017 May 12th
Rafia - Ajwa dear ........... they really don't fight ............ that's just TAFREEH...    2013 Aug 19th


Shehryar Larik

A Day Of Rhymes

2014 Jun 27th 749 Views
Reading the words of a book,Eyes wrinkling as i look,A blue colour pen, i took,It didn't work, so i shook,I threw it towards a nook.Went in the... read more

Shiraz - A great poem and a nice title    2014 Jun 27th
1 Comment
Shehryar Larik

The process of life

2014 Jun 19th 647 Views
I was a little babyCalling all the time for mummyI had no worriesGifts, toys and toffeesI grew older in flashes of timeYawning in the class, waiting... read more
Shehryar Larik

A Day in Nature

2014 Jun 18th 1207 Views
My car turnsWhere a river runsMountains surroundingA waterfall gushingThe birds with their melodious voicePicnic on the mat, with lemonade and... read more
1 Person like this! - Zubeera Jafri

Zubeera - good poem    2014 Jun 19th
Aeman - wow..firstly it has such a good vocablury and secondly its very...    2014 Jun 18th
Shehryar Larik

A bad dream

2013 Jul 7th 839 Views
I was playing in the parkThe clouds soon got darkI felt water dippingThe clouds were bumpingI saw the lightingIt was immensely terrifyingThen I heard... read more
3 People Like this! - Ajwa ArsalanHamdan Ali KhanNazish Ilyas

Anam - so so scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2013 Nov 1st
Ajwa - too long .couldn't read.half was gr8    2013 Jul 31st
Bushra - nice poem    2013 Jul 26th


Shehryar Larik


2013 Jul 11th 838 Views
4 People Like this! - Azka SaadHoora AhsonRafia AhmedAneesa Masood

Ayesha - NICE    2013 Aug 23rd
Ajwa - is it made on ms paint???shehryar    2013 Aug 7th
Azka - Gggggguuuuudddddmdd    2013 Aug 5th


Shehryar Larik

Are criminals really...

2014 Jun 16th 846 Views
Are Criminals really evil? At first our preconception would be yes, definitely. But we don't take into account what makes a person criminal. The... read more
1 Person like this! - Sidra Mumtaz

Shehryar - I explained it vividly in my last para that criminals are condemnable, but we...    2014 Jun 29th
Fatima - Finding excused for criminals doesn't make them any less repulsive and evil    2014 Jun 24th
Shehryar Larik


2013 Jul 4th 886 Views
Maths is a logical subject and one can easily be a master in it if he concentrates and work hard. You have to understand it and practise a... read more
Rafia - oooo00000000!!!!!!! gr8 ayesha :)    2013 Sep 3rd
Ayesha - RAFIA MATHS IS MY FAV SUBJECT 2    2013 Aug 22nd
Rafia - InshaAllah Haiqa.......... think it as an easy subject........ just remember my...    2013 Aug 7th
Shehryar Larik


2013 Jun 26th 880 Views
Honesty is an important virtue that everyone should employ. Honesty helps in the development of trust of others. Honesty enhances the person's... read more
3 People Like this! - Marwa NasirTooba Idris DarRafia Ahmed

Ajwa - its very gud!!    2013 Aug 13th
Unaiza - bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2013 Aug 10th
Ajwa - totally tru....    2013 Aug 5th
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Full Name
Shehryar Larik
Pakistan, sindh, Karachi
Bay View Academy

My name is Shehryar Ali i was studying in the city school hyd but this year we shifted to karachi and here i studied at paf chapter.I qualified the test for bay view academy for class 10th olevel.I have had a great academic career as i have got 1st position from beginning.I have the priviledge to study in usa as well when i was in grade 2.I became the student of the month there as well.I have had several certificates as well and medals.I got silver medal for achieving 5th highest marks on kangaroo maths contest.I have participated in debates,spelling competitions and many and performed well.In grade 5 i got student of the year.I will do pre medical and my ultimate goal is to qualify css.I really enjoy writing and reading,

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