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Shazma Iqbal

Shazma Iqbal


Pakistan International School -al Khobar , Al Khobar

Hi I am shazma.I am in 10th.i live in KSA .I am a science student and want to do something great for my country Pakistan.I can...


Shazma Iqbal

Make Fun

2011 Nov 2nd 1153 Views
One friend: We shouldn’t make fun of any stupid person.Second friend: This is the reason that I don't make fun of you.  read more
Nazish - gr8 n shazma sis is it ur own pic in ur d.p?    2013 Dec 16th
Yamna - hi, u have exams right, anyways, i live near u!!!!!!!    2013 Nov 4th
Arwa - Ramadan Mubarak    2013 Jul 13th
Shazma Iqbal


2011 Aug 19th 955 Views
Teacher: "Why are you late today?Student: "I have gone to London's visit in my dream that's why I am late"Teacher (to other student): "And why are... read more
Zainab - lol    Feb 6th
Nazish - amazingly superb sis.    2013 Dec 16th
RAFIA - Shazma your jokes are amazing I love them all.    2013 Aug 5th


Shazma Iqbal


2013 Sep 24th 547 Views

Fatima - FANTASTIC    2017 Jul 10th
Hadia - NICE NATURE CREATED BY ALLAH    2015 Mar 19th
Hadia - NICE NATURE CREATED BY ALLAH    2015 Mar 19th
Shazma Iqbal

Mountains scene

2013 Sep 24th 584 Views
Mountains scene

Fatima - Is it a drawing of a real pic! Welldone    2017 Jul 10th
Hadia - Wow it looks like real mounts    2015 Mar 19th
Haq - GOOD    2014 Jan 14th
Shazma Iqbal

Spring season

2013 Sep 24th 623 Views
Spring season

Haq - V GOOD    2014 Jan 14th
KHAN - NICE AWlaaa    2013 Dec 20th
Nazish - so cute n shazma sis plzzzzz comment on my stuff 2.plzzzzzzz.    2013 Dec 16th
Shazma Iqbal

Spring season

2013 Sep 11th 719 Views
Spring season

Zoya - Excellent!!!!!!!!!:):)    2013 Nov 14th
Ajwa - no an ....    2013 Sep 14th
Azka - A tree is still in autumn    2013 Sep 14th
Shazma Iqbal


2013 Sep 11th 608 Views

Ajwa - naturally accepted as an owwsuum drawing!!!!!!!    2013 Sep 14th
Azka - Cool    2013 Sep 14th
Sidra - creative    2013 Sep 13th
Shazma Iqbal

Wolf on mountain

2013 Sep 11th 608 Views
Wolf on mountain
4 People Like this! - Qurratul AinNazish IlyasAzka SaadRafia Ahmed

Nazish - wht a beautiful scene.    2013 Dec 16th
Ayesha - wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww    2013 Oct 3rd
Ajwa - wwwaaaooooo.......    2013 Sep 14th
Shazma Iqbal

Ramadan Kareem

2012 Jul 20th 725 Views
Ramadan Kareem
3 People Like this! - Qurratul AinArwa AyanSyeda Tahira Iqbal

LyeBa - Mind Blowing:)))    2012 Sep 1st
Raniah - ramadan mubarak 2 u too , its really amazing . . !    2012 Jul 23rd
L - The boy is very nice...And so is the drawing..    2012 Jul 23rd
Shazma Iqbal

Haunted House

2012 Jun 19th 689 Views
Haunted House

Nazish - so spooky house.......!    2013 Dec 16th
Affan - make this painting a winner.    2013 Sep 29th
Elsa - Agree with M.Ashir Khan.......    2013 Feb 12th
Shazma Iqbal

Hansel and Gretel

2012 Mar 23rd 681 Views
Hansel and Gretel

Affan - awsome    2013 Oct 2nd
Afifah - whoaaaa i just love it:)    2013 May 5th
Abeer - it's awesome!!!! :)    2012 Nov 24th
Shazma Iqbal

Flower girl

2012 Mar 23rd 722 Views
Flower girl

Afifah - IT'S BRILLIANT    2013 May 5th
LyeBa - Fantastic.......!    2012 Sep 5th
Aisha - Really awesome....    2012 Mar 29th
Shazma Iqbal

A tree-friendly drawing

March 2012 2012 Mar 15th 868 Views
A tree-friendly drawing

Aiza - Amazing    2017 Apr 6th
Hadia - V V V V V V V V V BEAUTIFUL AND KINDFUL    2015 Mar 19th
Nazish - so creative sis n every1 plzzzzzzzzzzz coment on my stuff.    2013 Dec 16th
Shazma Iqbal


2012 Jan 29th 701 Views

Afifah - whoa excellent..    2013 Apr 14th
Affan - nyc    2012 Mar 11th
Sania - waaoo    2012 Mar 10th
Shazma Iqbal

Rainbow girl

2012 Jan 25th 754 Views
Rainbow girl

Aliza - ewwwwwwwwwwwwww    2016 Feb 12th
Qurratul - Can I say you something...!:\    2014 Jun 12th
Qurratul - Plzzzzzzzzzz......zzzzzzzzzz....... ...    2014 Jun 12th
Shazma Iqbal

Chocolate cookies

2012 Jan 5th 707 Views
Chocolate cookies

Affan - Gd    2013 Feb 24th
Zahra - ooops sorry! i thought that you have copied it from the Google    2012 Nov 4th
LyeBa - Nice one :)    2012 Sep 3rd
Shazma Iqbal


2012 Jan 2nd 714 Views

LyeBa - Keep it uppppppp, Yes Syeda, There is no words for your drawing,beautiful.    2012 Sep 3rd
Maria - gooddddddddddddddddddd drawinggggggggggggggggggggggg keep it uppppppppppp    2012 Jan 12th
Shazma - Thanks all of you    2012 Jan 6th
Shazma Iqbal

A childish drawing

2012 Jan 2nd 835 Views
A childish drawing

Affan - not childish.............>>    2014 Feb 9th
LyeBa - Gud 1!!    2012 Sep 3rd
Syed Zohan - I know it is:)    2012 Jan 6th
Shazma Iqbal

Barbie best friends

2011 Dec 29th 843 Views
Barbie best friends

Fatima - Loves it    2017 Jul 3rd
Qurratul - best..!    2014 Jun 18th
яυмαιsα - AMAzing....................amaZING!!!!!!!!!!!!    2013 May 30th
Shazma Iqbal


2011 Dec 23rd 730 Views

LyeBa - Fantastic n vry gud    2012 Sep 3rd
Daim - Pakistan scenery is much beautiful then this    2012 Mar 5th
Bint Waseem - nyc!!!!!!    2012 Jan 3rd
Shazma Iqbal


2011 Dec 8th 704 Views

LyeBa - Love it nyc 1:))    2012 Sep 3rd
Pivak - sooo cute :)    2011 Dec 28th
Ushna - seems like red is your favourite color    2011 Dec 23rd
Shazma Iqbal

Happy Eid

2011 Nov 6th 877 Views
Happy Eid

Arooba - I love it    2013 Aug 12th
LyeBa - Nyc 1:))    2012 Sep 3rd
Bareera - nicy    2011 Nov 30th
Shazma Iqbal


2011 Nov 2nd 699 Views

LyeBa - Beautiful n Scary too!:o    2012 Sep 3rd
Khadijah - and i have send you a friendship request you did not accepted it ok if you...    2012 Aug 10th
Khadijah - anyway who's under people don't make graveyards just like that (kidding)    2012 Aug 10th
Shazma Iqbal

Happy birthday aleena

2011 Sep 10th 905 Views
Happy birthday aleena

Emaan - Lovely :)    2012 Apr 14th
Aleena - Thanks Mahnoor...and Shazma so sweet of u....    2011 Sep 22nd
Naima - it is very good.    2011 Sep 20th
Shazma Iqbal

Happy Birthday Aisha

2011 Sep 7th 934 Views
Happy Birthday Aisha

LyeBa - Nyc 1 n gud.    2012 Sep 3rd
Emaan - ;) yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmyy!    2012 Apr 14th
Amna - nice    2012 Feb 9th
Shazma Iqbal

My room

2011 Sep 5th 761 Views
My room

Anonymous - i think u love barbies very much and i also by the way grat...    2013 Mar 16th
LyeBa - Nice drawing    2012 Sep 3rd
Syeda Tahira - very njycc everytime i see this it looks new    2011 Oct 12th
Shazma Iqbal

Barbie and diamond castle

2011 Aug 31st 877 Views
Barbie and diamond castle

Qurratul - It's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much beautiful but please colour...    2014 Jun 18th
LyeBa - Keep it upppp    2012 Sep 3rd
Aamna - Nice drawing.    2011 Sep 14th
Shazma Iqbal

Eid card 2

2011 Aug 29th 768 Views
Eid card 2

LyeBa - Awsum n nyc 1 :))    2012 Sep 3rd
Bint Waseem - nyc.....innocent!!!!!!    2011 Sep 4th
Yamna - awesome    2011 Sep 3rd
Shazma Iqbal

Eid card 3

2011 Aug 29th 730 Views
Eid card 3

LyeBa - Nyc 1!!:)))    2012 Sep 3rd
Ayeza - it's nice!!!    2011 Nov 18th
Syeda Tahira - tweeeet wow    2011 Sep 12th
Shazma Iqbal

Eid Card

2011 Aug 21st 638 Views
Eid Card

LyeBa - Fantastic n Fablous    2012 Sep 3rd
Bint Waseem - BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!    2011 Sep 20th
Aisha - Really beautiful, i love it.......    2011 Aug 24th
Shazma Iqbal

Autumn Season

2011 Aug 21st 1026 Views
Autumn Season

LyeBa - Fablous,God job.    2012 Sep 3rd
Bint Waseem - nyc!!    2011 Sep 23rd
Shazma - Yeah Maham! I don't have scanner so I tried on Ms Paint and it worked! But now...    2011 Aug 24th
Shazma Iqbal

Find a square

2011 Aug 10th 764 Views
Find a square

Qurratul - How can you draw...OOOffffffffffff!I've found no square but had a great head...    2014 Jun 18th
Bareera - gud    2011 Sep 19th
Aliza - nyc. no square found    2011 Aug 14th
Shazma Iqbal


August 2011 2011 Aug 8th 863 Views

LyeBa - Congragulation    2012 Sep 3rd
Ayan - Amazing absolutely amazing I have no words to describe how awsome the story is    2012 Apr 14th
Duaa - that's amazing!!! i literally loved the drawing! good work! read my poem too...    2011 Sep 27th
Shazma Iqbal

Broom witch

2011 Aug 4th 697 Views
Broom witch

Qurratul - HoRRoR...:)    2014 Jun 18th
LyeBa - Gud job,Witch is looking scary.    2012 Sep 3rd
Wareesha - Its totally awesome. The witch is looking scary .Indeed    2011 Nov 30th
Shazma Iqbal

Ramadan Mubarak

2011 Aug 1st 694 Views
Ramadan Mubarak

Qurratul - Coooooool... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2014 Jun 18th
Naima - very good    2011 Sep 21st
Naima - very good    2011 Sep 21st
Shazma Iqbal

Red rose

2011 Aug 1st 657 Views
Red rose

Qurratul - AUSUM.............................................!    2014 Jun 18th
Namra - Wow..................    2011 Aug 10th
Shahamah - really nice    2011 Aug 3rd
Shazma Iqbal


2011 Jul 30th 701 Views

LyeBa - Ameen    2012 Sep 3rd
Yamna - we should every time being prying for our country cuz if there is no pakistan...    2011 Aug 10th
Manal - :) very nice n AAAMEEENNN    2011 Aug 4th
Shazma Iqbal

Winter season

July 2011 2011 Jul 23rd 1486 Views
Winter season

Qurratul - Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...    2014 Jun 18th
RAFIA - Your all drawings are excellent . I like your all drawings    2013 Aug 5th
Anonymous - nicey! love it kee it up >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>    2013 Mar 16th
Shazma Iqbal


2011 Jul 21st 889 Views

Qurratul - Fablous.....!    2014 Jun 18th
LyeBa - Gr8    2012 Sep 3rd
Ali - G8    2012 Jun 20th
Shazma Iqbal


2011 Jul 21st 722 Views

Qurratul - Coooooooooooooool...!    2014 Jun 18th
LyeBa - Nyc 1.    2012 Sep 3rd
Shahamah - wonderful..but if you use "paint" of windows 7, your drawing will be more...    2011 Jul 25th
Shazma Iqbal

My drawing

2011 Jul 21st 699 Views
My drawing

Qurratul - COOOOOOOOOL+GOOOOOOOOOOOOD...!    2014 Jun 18th
Qurratul - Are you the swings...!:\    2014 Jun 18th
LyeBa - Awesome looking vry gud.    2012 Sep 3rd
Shazma Iqbal


2011 Jul 21st 660 Views

Qurratul - Beautiful...!    2014 Jun 18th
LyeBa - Solar System, fablous    2012 Sep 3rd
Ayesha - very gooooooood    2011 Jul 22nd
Sana Minhaj (51 friends)

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Full Name
Shazma Iqbal
Saudi Arabia, Al Khobar
Pakistan International School -al Khobar
10th c

Hi I am shazma.I am in 10th.i live in KSA .I am a science student and want to do something great for my country Pakistan.I can sing,paint,draw ,write stories. My drawing is best. I am funny. I like jokes only to read .I am little emotional as well.I like to make friends.I like movies and cartoons also. Such as Barbie movies,Harry Potter,Spiderwick chronicles and The chronicles of Narnia.

i am big fan of victorius, one direction and zayn malik and also big time rush

Although i dont understand korean but i love'SHInee'.

Video games
Tv watching
Toy collecting
Board games
Indoor games
Net surfing
Writing stories
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