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Shaista  Khan

Shaista Khan


Public School Hyderabad , Hyderabad

i am Shaista,i love reading books,sketching,and making friends.


Shaista  Khan

A real life experience

2013 Mar 2nd 775 Views
Life is a name of experiences. Hardships come and fade away. Happiness flies around you and disappear.Paulo Coelho said," When you want to achieve... read more
Wafa - RAMADAN MUBARAK HO    2013 Jul 10th
Wafa - how are you//    2013 Jun 28th
Gullasht - AOA you have said thankzz to me instead of rude comment and saw your comment...    2013 Jun 2nd
Shaista  Khan

My brother

2012 Nov 5th 707 Views
On 7th may Aleena was very excited because the next day was like a big day for her. She was preparing for her brother's birthday for many days. She... read more
Tooba - good attempt    2013 Mar 5th
Soha - Great!!! Add me.....!!    2013 Mar 3rd
Shaista - yes...Hiba and thanks for loving my stories    2013 Feb 28th


Shaista  Khan

Reality of life

2013 May 30th 627 Views
Life is horribleThough it seems to be honourableIt will always get you in troubleNo matter how much you struggle.Frown read more

Rafia - Ok!!!!!! :)    2013 Aug 9th
Izza - A0A...! well...c0me 0n let'x chat on my story (THE DIFFERENCE)..cux i think we...    2013 Aug 7th
Rafia - hmmmmmmmm.............. I have got a pink and light blue coloured frock with...    2013 Aug 5th
Shaista  Khan

A girl in the white gown

2012 Dec 1st 555 Views
A girl in the white gown she was having a crown her eyes were brown she was looking for a clown an aim in her life makes her delight to see a sight... read more
2 People Like this! - Shaista KhanSheraz Khan

Aliza - good    2015 Nov 12th
1 Comment
Shaista  Khan

Afghani Girl

2012 Mar 21st 705 Views
A girl in between a roar Searching for a known door Wandering in the world of her Making castle of stones She wishes to get out of roar Getting... read more
3 People Like this! - Sheraz KhanLaiba FarhatShaista Khan

Sheraz - good one....    2012 Nov 7th
Ashna - great poem...i luv it!    2012 Mar 24th


Shaista  Khan

A great view

2012 Dec 1st 563 Views
A great view
3 People Like this! - Eeman AhmedShaista KhanSheraz Khan

Mathilda - ok !!!:p    2013 Jan 22nd
Shaista - you are right about hashim nadeem and i have never read these authers you are...    2013 Jan 9th
Mathilda - is hashim nadeem the one who wrote ''bachpan ka december''????    2013 Jan 1st
Shaista  Khan

Greeny day

2012 Dec 1st 577 Views
Greeny day
2 People Like this! - Eeman AhmedSheraz Khan

Mathilda - nice again i also love to paint    2012 Dec 3rd
1 Comment
Shaista  Khan

Do-co-mo character

2012 Dec 1st 584 Views
Do-co-mo character
2 People Like this! - Eeman AhmedSheraz Khan

Shaista - concentration is required to draw all these your own abilities.    2012 Dec 28th
Tasneem - nice how do you draw all of these drawings and paintings    2012 Dec 17th
Shaista  Khan

A painted house

2012 Nov 27th 648 Views
A painted house
4 People Like this! - Tasneem TayyabShaista KhanSheraz KhanPerah Khan

Shaista - yes dear Mathilda these are water colors.. .    2012 Nov 29th
Mathilda - its owsum are these water clrs    2012 Nov 28th
Sheraz - nice colors    2012 Nov 27th
Shaista  Khan

A sad view of life

2012 Nov 18th 600 Views
A sad view of life

Shaista - well thanks for asking but i am fine...    2012 Dec 8th
Mathilda - thats nice so how r u nowadays??    2012 Dec 3rd
Peter - i am rafia's cousin.    2012 Nov 30th
Shaista  Khan

Sunset time

2012 Nov 12th 667 Views
Sunset time

Shaista - thanks haroon.    2013 Feb 11th
Haroon - what a seen it is    2013 Feb 2nd
Shaista - thanks    2012 Nov 24th
Shaista  Khan

A sunny day

2012 Nov 12th 593 Views
A sunny day

Abeera - gooood    2014 Aug 16th
Haroon - it is very awesomee    2013 Feb 2nd
Momina - OMG coooooool    2012 Nov 23rd


Shaista  Khan

New hopes for new day

2012 Dec 1st 659 Views
It is beautifully said; “Hope is a gift of God” We human beings make new planes and suddenly we change them. We made promises and simply... read more
2 People Like this! - Shaista KhanSheraz Khan
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Full Name
Shaista Khan
Pakistan, sindh, Hyderabad
Public School Hyderabad

i am Shaista,i love reading books,sketching,and making friends.

Indoor games
Writing stories
Collecting coins
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A real life experience Life is a name of experiences. Hardships come and fade away. Happiness flies around you... read more
The Paperboy A clump of hair smacked across Saad's face. The wind even tried wrestling him to the... read more
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