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Zerni Fatima

Zerni Fatima


Allied School System , Sialkot

I am Zerni fatima


Zerni Fatima


2012 Dec 1st 729 Views
Life is an ice-cream Which flavour are you tasting? Life is a book Which page are you reading? Life is a school Which class you are attending? Life... read more
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Taibah - Pls add me    2016 May 12th
Soha - Nice poem Zerni!    2013 Feb 4th
Urwa - lol Tasneem.... Very nice poem Zerni    2012 Dec 7th
Zerni Fatima


2012 Nov 23rd 706 Views
Life is a journey Heaven is the destination Advantage is a gift To gain is our responsibility Success is a magic Hardworking is the wand Friendship... read more
3 People Like this! - Taibah AhsonRabita TariqTooba Zia

Taibah - Pls add me    2016 May 12th
Tooba - gud job! ! ! but try to improve ur vocabulary    2013 Jan 2nd
Izza - MMM....Good one...! ... You should change .......................! hope u...    2012 Nov 25th


Zerni Fatima

Shouting Bear

2012 Nov 27th 820 Views
Shouting Bear
2 People Like this! - Taibah AhsonEeman Ahmed

Taibah - Pls add me    2016 May 12th
Zerni - Thnxxx......    2013 Dec 31st
Wafi - Excellent job!!!!Your drawing is marvellous..    2012 Dec 1st

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Zerni Fatima
Pakistan, Punjab, Sialkot
Allied School System

I am Zerni fatima


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