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Sarah Khawaja

Sarah Khawaja


Rosan's Islamic School , Lahore

I’m Sarah. I have too many interests. But I think that the things I love best are digital art, graphic design, reading and...


Sarah Khawaja


2016 Nov 22nd 420 Views
The leaves rustled in the soft breeze. The world appeared golden in the failing light of the sun. The hilly area was deserted except for a single... read more
3 People Like this! - Sajahir RizwanWania TauqeerMomina Bhatty

Zainab - FABULOUS!    Apr 2nd
Aiza - Amazing!!!!!    Mar 25th
Safa - nice story voc awesome    2017 Jul 11th
Sarah Khawaja

A snapshot from the past...

2013 Dec 28th 973 Views
It is the morning of 15th November, 2013. I have come to my parent’s home in a northern suburb of Lahore to spend the day. By Lahore’s... read more
3 People Like this! - Tooba FatimaSaamia SiddiquiKHAN AHMED

Aiza - Wow, really really fantastic!!!    Mar 25th
Amna - ma sha ALLAH    2015 Nov 24th
Tooba - execellent bravo dont have words to express your mother should be rewarded as...    2014 Apr 22nd
Sarah Khawaja

Boastful Jane

2013 Sep 24th 834 Views
There was once a girl. Her name was Jane. She was very boastful. Her friends got tired of her always saying something or other. She boasted about her... read more
4 People Like this! - Zainab RizviTooba FatimaRida FatimahRafia Ahmed

Aiza - Awesome for an 8 years old,    Mar 25th
Sarah - Guys this was years ago so don't judge me by it. Also, I know people may not...    2017 Jun 16th
Berha - Now ppl who r saing her cheater boastful, especially Ajwa. And I quote (These...    2017 Jun 6th


Sarah Khawaja


2013 Dec 28th 752 Views
A place to find a friendA book, a game or toy to mendA shelter from your woesA blanket for your toesThat's homeA place to spend the yearsGood food... read more
1 Person like this! - Ushna Umar

Aiza - Soooo.. Sweet poem sarah    Mar 25th
Ushna - its a very cute poem sarah    2014 Dec 30th


Sarah Khawaja

Nine fun facts

2013 Dec 28th 1178 Views
1. You can't wash your eyes with soap2. You can't count your hair3. You can't breathe through your nose with your tongue out4. You just tried No 36... read more
Afrah - nyc1    2017 Oct 24th
Rabeeya - Awesome!    2016 Jul 15th
Sarah - Thank you everyone! Yes, I heard it from someone and decided to post on Vshine...    2016 Jul 14th


Sarah Khawaja

Red Bus

Jan 6th 254 Views
Red Bus
1 Person like this! - Zainab Rizvi

Aiza - Your welcome Sarah and I hope this becomes the winner🏆. I love the texture...    Mar 25th
Zainab - great    Mar 14th
Sarah - Aww! Thank you Aiza!!    Feb 10th
Sarah Khawaja

Chris and Sarah

2017 Jul 8th 377 Views
Chris and Sarah
3 People Like this! - Zainab RizviRabeeya KhawajaWania Tauqeer

Zainab - good.    2017 Dec 29th
Afrah - SOOOOO CUTE..............    2017 Dec 24th
Sarah - @Urooj: I don't want to pick a fight so I'll just say that I know we're not...    2017 Aug 19th
Sarah Khawaja


July 2017 2017 Jul 3rd 470 Views

Aiza - Congrats, it's really awesome    Mar 25th
Sarah - OMG! I actually won!!    Jan 4th
Zainab - congratulations.    2017 Dec 29th
Sarah Khawaja


2013 Dec 28th 808 Views

Zainab - GREAT    Apr 2nd
Amna - keep up    2014 Jan 21st
Laibah - me too......................................    2014 Jan 20th
Sarah Khawaja


2013 Sep 11th 718 Views
3 People Like this! - Zoya IrfanMalaika ImranRafia Ahmed

Aiza - Nice    Mar 25th
Ajwa - its really nice btw...    2013 Oct 17th
Sarah - It is colorful and gives a happy feeling. My mom says so. That's why she titled...    2013 Sep 17th
Sarah Khawaja


2013 Sep 11th 730 Views

Aiza - Cute    Mar 25th
Tooba - Pretty😇😇    2017 Jul 27th
Irza - Lol! yeah im sure u hav learnt new things:)    2017 May 3rd
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Full Name
Sarah Khawaja
Pakistan, Punjab , Lahore
Rosan's Islamic School

I’m Sarah. I have too many interests. But I think that the things I love best are digital art, graphic design, reading and writing. Though I don’t tend to share my creations a lot on V.Shine. My favorite books would be The Maze Runner, The Hunger Games, and Harry Potter. I have a thing for series. :P I’m currently in the middle of writing a book, illustrating a comic series for a magazine and getting started with digital art. :) See ya around, shank!

Net surfing
Writing stories
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