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Safia Baig

Safia Baig


Little Hearts School Under Parsi Administration , Karachi

Salam! I am Safia baig i am artist by birth i love to capture every beautiful moment or scene.I am writter also i think that...


Safia Baig

An Unforgettable dream

2014 Apr 3rd 1292 Views
Chocolate! Chocolate! Everywhere is chocolate. Saime yelled with happiness. “Saime! Welcome to chocolate world” a big Cadbury Bubbly bar... read more
4 People Like this! - Marwa NasirTooba FatimaMaikham AdilSafia Baig

ALVINA - I am crazy for chocolates    2014 Oct 23rd
Areesha - Delicious story!    2014 Jun 19th
Tooba - yum yumi love chocolate and this story    2014 Apr 10th


Safia Baig

Chemistry Is a Sister of...

2013 Apr 15th 855 Views
Chemistry is a sister of mathsIt is the study of matterJabir-bin-Hayyan is a father of chemistryIt also helps us to understand the nature of... read more
2 People Like this! - Khadija HassanSafia Baig

Gullasht - AOA good efforts    2013 Apr 20th
Safia - awsum    2013 Apr 19th
Safia Baig

Follow That Sunnah

2013 Jan 14th 691 Views
Drink water in three breathsFollow that SunnahBecause it helps to prevent burden on your stomachSleep on the right sideFollow that SunnahBecause... read more
1 Person like this! - Khadija Hassan

Khadija - IT IS A LOVELY POEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1    2013 Oct 24th
1 Comment


Safia Baig


December 2014 2015 Mar 14th 1006 Views

Fatima - congrat 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗    2017 May 13th
Maida - aahhhhhhhhhhhh its looking real    2016 Mar 16th
Aliza - WOW    2015 Oct 29th
Safia Baig

Ear diagram

2013 Dec 28th 804 Views
Ear diagram

Hiba - Oh Safia I am in class 4 but in class 3 we did this and when i saw it first i...    2015 May 24th
Shiza - ITS SO GOOD AND I LIKE YOUR DRAWING.    2014 Feb 9th
Amna - nice work    2014 Jan 21st
Safia Baig

Winnie the Pooh

2013 Sep 24th 645 Views
Winnie the Pooh

Fatima - Wow.    2017 Jul 12th
KHAN - 9.1/10    2014 Mar 14th
Khadija - Love it!!!    2013 Dec 4th
Safia Baig

Alvin and the chipmunks

2013 Sep 11th 934 Views
Alvin and the chipmunks

Fatima - It is lovely    2017 Jul 12th
Affan - Awesome drawing I love the movie too    2015 Sep 23rd
Qurratul - Cutie...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2014 Jun 24th
Safia Baig

Jerry in Happy Mode

2013 Jul 1st 783 Views
Jerry in Happy Mode

Ayesha - i agree with ajwa    2013 Oct 3rd
Ajwa - sooo little....!!!    2013 Aug 10th
Ajwa - good    2013 Aug 4th
Safia Baig

Mickey with his Friend

2013 Jul 1st 928 Views
Mickey with his Friend

Shiza - WOW!!! you are an excellent artist;)    2014 Apr 5th
Shiza - WOW!!! you are an excellent artist;)    2014 Apr 5th
Khadija - Cutoo!!!!!    2013 Dec 4th
Safia Baig


2013 Jun 29th 811 Views
3 People Like this! - Shiza Javed Khadija HassanSara Sharif

Shiza - its very nyc!!!    2014 Apr 5th
Khadija - Fantastic. Make more drawings!    2013 Dec 4th
Khadija - FABULOUS!!!!!!!!    2013 Oct 24th


Safia Baig


2014 Jun 19th 802 Views
Photography is such an awesome job! It’s just not art much more than it. As one artist portrait a beautiful scene on his canvas in the same way... read more

Rihab - sooo cool ,but u should hav added that photography of things with life in...    2015 Jul 4th
1 Comment
Safia Baig

The Word "SORRY"

2014 Jun 12th 713 Views
Sorry such a simple word in saying which doesn’t contain any meaning , But in actual the meaning of “Sorry” is on what you do and... read more
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Usman Public School Karachi
Full Name
Safia Baig
Pakistan, sindh, Karachi
Little Hearts School Under Parsi Administration

Salam! I am Safia baig i am artist by birth i love to capture every beautiful moment or scene.I am writter also i think that writing is the only way through which you can express your feeling and can tell the world that how you think , your opinions and the view that how world seems to you.

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