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Saher Fatima

Saher Fatima


Rise International School , Islamabad

I am Saher


Saher Fatima

Back to school

2015 Jan 10th 629 Views
back to school

Urooj - Really nice. 🤗    2017 Jul 18th
Azka - Awesome Saher    2017 Jun 30th
Saher - nop    2016 Jun 11th
Saher Fatima

My name

2012 Aug 2nd 707 Views
My name

Ayesha - wonderful    2014 Mar 2nd
Arwa - good    2013 Oct 14th
Eisha - great drawing!!!!    2012 Dec 22nd
Saher Fatima


2012 Apr 25th 684 Views

Arwa - nyc    2013 Oct 14th
Saher - yes    2012 Oct 24th
Emaan - Mmmm this reminds me of a honey drop with raspberries    2012 Oct 5th

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Full Name
Saher Fatima
Pakistan, punjab, Islamabad
Rise International School

I am Saher

Writing stories
Indoor games
Tv watching
Video games
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