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Safa Almas

Safa Almas


Siddeeq Public School , Islamabad

My name is Safa Almas.My age is 11.I study in grade 5 from Siddeeq Public School.I like reading,art and craft and gardening.My...


Safa Almas

Best Friend

2017 Jul 9th 317 Views
Best friend is who cares for you Best friend is who, shares secret with you Best friend is who is never harsh with you Best friend is... read more
Safa - Awww!!!So sweet of u    Jan 11th
Fatima - safa you prayed for us and i have ,do you know i have a little sweet but very...    2017 Dec 12th
Safa - thanks everybody    2017 Nov 11th
Safa Almas

Someone loves

2016 Nov 22nd 411 Views
Someone loves the flowers and someone loves the treessomeone loves the Autumn and someone loves the breezesomeone loves the summers and someone loves... read more
Safa - well interests change with time    2017 Nov 11th
Fatima - what or whom you love?    2017 Nov 11th
Yashal - when did you start creative?? i thought you hated it like atleast last year you...    2017 Oct 22nd
Safa Almas


2016 Nov 22nd 364 Views
I dream I am a starI like to be as fast as a carI love to fly highand to shine brightly in the skyI love to be very brightI love to live in very... read more
Safa - I wrote it when I was 8 I thought it is good to share my childhood memories    2017 Nov 11th
Yashal - hmmmm....    2017 Oct 22nd
Tooba - Good    2017 Jul 26th


Safa Almas

Tom Cat

Jan 8th 131 Views
Tom Cat

Sakifay Mary - Good    Feb 2nd
Fatima - Cute    Jan 12th
Azka - Nice    Jan 10th
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Siddeeq Public School rawlpindi
Full Name
Safa Almas
Pakistan, Federal capital, Islamabad
Siddeeq Public School

My name is Safa Almas.My age is 11.I study in grade 5 from Siddeeq Public School.I like reading,art and craft and gardening.My favourite hobby is to watch tv.In sports I love cycling and badminton.

Tv watching
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