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Muhammad Saad Lakhani

Muhammad Saad Lakhani


Home Tutions , Karachi

my name is saad, i am a hobbie is reading.hope u have a nice day :)


Muhammad Saad Lakhani

My villainy dream

2014 Jun 27th 583 Views
Today when I came home from school I was very tired and decided to take a nap. I closed my eyes but opened them again the next minute because of a... read more
Muhammad Saad Lakhani

A page from my dairy

2013 Feb 25th 838 Views
Today 15/2/2013 when I woke up in the morning there was no sign of rain & the weather had warmed a bit recently. I started getting ready for... read more
Irfan - mohd kia bala hai??    2013 Jun 20th
Gullasht - So irfan I think Mohd don't put his photo only put story hate hmmmmm!......,    2013 Jun 14th
Irfan - ont look faces look story    2013 Jun 6th


Muhammad Saad Lakhani

Riddle dee ree

2013 Jun 22nd 988 Views
I am posting two riddles answer in the comments you will get the answer from me some time later.1.  A hen lays 1 egg each day for 15 days how... read more
3 People Like this! - Emel MinalHaniyyah TalhaLaibah Basham

Emel - 14 august mubarak ho!!!!!!! LOVE U PAKISTAN AND HATE U INDIA WITH THE DEPTH OF...    2013 Aug 14th
Aneesa - 1.15 eggs 2.police    2013 Jul 25th
Emel - Ya rite Maha u always have a point!    2013 Jul 20th


Muhammad Saad Lakhani

Red Indian hut

2013 Feb 11th 987 Views
Red Indian hut
3 People Like this! - Saad AlamElsa SharifMuhammad Saad Lakhani

Elsa - Nice and cool dude    2013 Feb 18th
Mathilda - NYC!! XD    2013 Feb 18th
Muhammad Saad - I do not go to school I go to madasah    2013 Feb 17th
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Full Name
Muhammad Saad Lakhani
Pakistan, sindh, Karachi
Home Tutions

my name is saad, i am a hobbie is reading.hope u have a nice day :)

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Writing stories
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