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Rohma  Agha

Rohma Agha


Mississuaga Secondary School , Brampton

I am Rohma!


Rohma  Agha

My new sandals

2012 Oct 29th 738 Views
My new sandals were come tomorrow They are too bad and I am feeling sorrow I dislike my new sandals The colour of sandals is brown And I am getting... read more
Rohma - i am soory sarah i was supposed to send you messagee before but i cant i miss u...    2014 Jun 25th
Sara - Rohma .. !! why did you not inform us ?? you left without telling us yar !! how...    2013 Oct 31st
Rohma - thanx guys and wafa you have asked an question from sarah jamal abot the full...    2013 Aug 25th
Rohma  Agha

The sacrifice day come...

2012 Oct 24th 724 Views
I am standing on a balcony which is near the roadI am very happy little bit toadI am watching the cars which are on the roadThe cars looking good but... read more
Amna - Hi Rohma am back:)    2014 Oct 8th
Marium - hi, rohma how are you?    2014 Mar 26th
Soha - Nice try :)    2013 Aug 15th
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Full Name
Rohma Agha
Canada, ontario, Brampton
Mississuaga Secondary School

I am Rohma!

Toy collecting
Indoor games
Net surfing
Tv watching
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