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Rockingurl Mina Girl

Rockingurl Mina Girl


Ramps , Sharjah

i love making new frnds lolx!!!!!!!!!


Rockingurl Mina Girl

No one home

2011 Mar 22nd 1324 Views
The bell rang loudly. Everybody packed there bags and ready to go home. When the teacher dismissed the Childers they lined up in two rows and walked... read more
Sabeen - Awesome    2017 Dec 2nd
Eesha - Why did u repeat??    2013 Nov 5th
Gul Noor - repeated n boaring!    2013 Nov 4th
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Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Arab pak sch ABU DHABI
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Lahore Garrison Grammer School Lahore
Full Name
Rockingurl Mina Girl
United Arab Emirates, punjab, Sharjah
i love making new frnds lolx!!!!!!!!!
Echoes of time Happiness is scarce love is sparse values shattered morals scattered No one cares no one... read more
Kingdom of Heavens There lies a kingdom far away Ruled by justice, freedom and fair play With great walls... read more
Independence Day We cheer aloud and celebrate in joy For it’s the years most special day We decorate... read more
No one home The bell rang loudly. Everybody packed there bags and ready to go home. When the teacher... read more
Why Tigers Have Stripes? Once upon a time, a big tiger lived with other animals in a jungle. Tiger was too good... read more
Elephant and Rope Your attempt may fail, but never fail to make an attempt. As my friend was passing the... read more
the three questions teacher:who is the president on india?student:i dont knowteacher:what does hen... read more
Interview Interviewer: what is your qualification? Moron: sir I’m PhD Interviewer: what do... read more
Tasty Soup Guest: This soup tastes funny.Host: Then why aren’t you laughing! read more
Good Friends This article is mainly based about my feelings on good friends. I don't know if I win... read more
Riddle What is that thing when we buy it, it is black, when we are using it, it is a little red... read more
It's hot A man was lying near a grave. Then, suddenly, another man came and asked him; what are... read more
Leaf Why did the leaf go to the doctor? Because he was feeling very green!   read more
aisha khan
I have to Once an ant was in hurry so another ant asked why are you in so much hurry??? Ant replies... read more
Stupid Servant One Master's cat died. He saw his servant crying. Why are you crying? Asked the master... read more
Toothbrush Man to shopkeeper: Please give me a toothbrush. My toothbrush's one hair is broken... read more
Humna Rizwan
Thought Once a boy gave his English exams. When he was done with his exams, his friend asked him... read more
Maryam Haider
Water On The Moon Like discovering water on the surface of the moon Sometimes love finds you in the... read more

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