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Ghumaisa Usmani

Ghumaisa Usmani


Beacon House Okara , Okara

hi there i am ghumaisa!!!


Ghumaisa Usmani


2014 Apr 22nd 540 Views
To not let it weaken and fall.The new ones immediately growWhen the leaves shedThe stronger and bigger it goesThe older it growsFriendship is like a... read more
2 People Like this! - Laiba NadeemAmna Shahid

Ghumaisa - thanku.. :)    2014 Oct 6th
Soha - gud :)    2014 Aug 14th
Amna - Nice! I really like it.    2014 May 31st
Ghumaisa Usmani

Enemies to Friends

2014 Apr 22nd 547 Views
Once there was a girl name Kate who studied in class Six and was very nice and kind to everyone and everybody liked her. The teachers liked her as... read more
2 People Like this! - Laiba NadeemTooba Fatima

Ghumaisa - :)..... thanks dear    2014 Oct 6th
Tooba - good    2014 Apr 23rd
Ghumaisa Usmani

Old house

April 2014 2014 Apr 17th 935 Views
Once a teenager named Aisha decided to visit the old house. She went inside the gate; she greeted the old man who was sitting on the bench. She... read more
Hamza Waqas - nice one    2014 Sep 20th
Ghumaisa - Thanku all..... Allhamdulillah.. This all happened by the grace of that...    2014 Aug 24th
Abdul Moiz Abid - Good try.    2014 Jul 28th
Ghumaisa Usmani

Why cat chases the mouse?

2013 Feb 23rd 710 Views
Once there was a loin, he was sleeping, but was disturbed by some noise, he woke up and saw that the cat was chasing little mouse. He was very angry... read more
Qurratul - I like this story,BUT,the spelling of "LION"is not correct,check it!    2014 Mar 20th
KHAN - YOU ARE RIGHT!    2014 Feb 7th
Khadija - Right!!!!    2013 Oct 25th
Ghumaisa Usmani

Belated apology

2013 Feb 9th 1334 Views
Once there lived a boy named Charlie. He was very intelligent and genius. His teacher really liked him and always encouraged him and wrote notes of... read more
Khadija - Goooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!    2013 Oct 25th
Minahil - i agree with muhammad saad.....................................    2013 Sep 20th
Minahil - i agree with muhammad saad.....................................    2013 Sep 20th
Ghumaisa Usmani

A “fishy”...

July 2011 2011 Jul 12th 1373 Views
Tini:    Hey! Mini I am feeling hungry and they are still sleepingMini:    See that man is waking upTini:  ... read more
Khadijah - I really love it...........    2013 Aug 22nd
Marwa - I totally agree with all the nice comments . It's really nice and full of...    2013 Jul 30th
Laibah - you know what, something smells fishy !!!!    2013 Jul 5th


Ghumaisa Usmani

World of peace

2012 Dec 8th 577 Views
We should live with peace and love.Like a pair of caring doveCaring, sharing, should be funHands in hand we should runAll we have to do is respect... read more
2 People Like this! - Rabita TariqGhumaisa Usmani

Khunsa - oh sis , its beautiful , keep it up sis.....good one    2013 Dec 31st
Ghumaisa - didn't you guys like    2013 Dec 31st
Ghumaisa Usmani


2011 Sep 30th 635 Views
When God created daughterHe took very special care             To find the precious... read more
1 Person like this! - Daniyal Toheed

Disenchanted. - Awesome    2013 Jul 12th
Ghumaisa - no no i am not her sister. by the way thanks for liking it.    2012 Dec 8th
Daniyal - ghumasia are u urooj,s sister nice poem by the way    2012 Aug 25th


Ghumaisa Usmani

I lost my friend

2013 Jan 14th 554 Views
I lost my friend

Qurratul - Oh so sad ! To lost her! But I'm realy very glad that you accept your...    2014 Mar 16th
Soha - Ghumaisa! I sent u friend request! Please open your screen and then mines!!!...    2013 Jan 24th
Syeda - which friend did you lost????????    2013 Jan 19th


Ghumaisa Usmani

Terrorism in Pakistan

2013 Feb 23rd 650 Views
In my point of view the height of terrorism in Pakistan is increasing day by day, especially in Karachi. Every day we hear that bomb blast took place... read more
Raniah - exactly , you are right . keep up the good work. :)    2013 Apr 23rd
Muhammad Saad - everyone should get united    2013 Mar 17th
Ayesha - I agree... We must have unity to save our country.... Now it is so important as...    2013 Mar 1st
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Full Name
Ghumaisa Usmani
Pakistan, Punjab, Okara
Beacon House Okara

hi there i am ghumaisa!!!

Net surfing
Writing stories
Collecting coins
The mystery of the coldblooded killer (part 3) Everyone gathered around Morris. They looked at the weapon. It was a pocket knife smeared... read more
Fear has a large shadow but… Mrs. Jacob was alone in her house because Mr. Jacob went to Malaysia for some work. It... read more
Terrorism in Pakistan In my point of view the height of terrorism in Pakistan is increasing day by day... read more
Why cat chases the mouse? Once there was a loin, he was sleeping, but was disturbed by some noise, he woke up and... read more
Belated apology Once there lived a boy named Charlie. He was very intelligent and genius. His teacher... read more
History of Badminton In the 5th century BC, the people in china then played a game called ti jian zi. A direct... read more
Enemies to Friends Once there was a girl name Kate who studied in class Six and was very nice and kind to... read more
Friendship To not let it weaken and fall.The new ones immediately growWhen the leaves shedThe... read more
Old house Once a teenager named Aisha decided to visit the old house. She went inside the gate; she... read more
Who is a teacher? I wrote this poem for my teachers of Vision Group of Colleges on the beautiful occasion... read more
A New Rising Sun Hurry up, Annie! Yelled mom who was making breakfast for Annie. Coming mom! Annie said... read more
The mystery of the coldblooded killer (part 3) Everyone gathered around Morris. They looked at the weapon. It was a pocket knife smeared... read more
The Difference The entire class of O-levels (part 3) stood up in the respect of their English professor... read more
Fear has a large shadow but… Mrs. Jacob was alone in her house because Mr. Jacob went to Malaysia for some work. It... read more
Why cat chases the mouse? Once there was a loin, he was sleeping, but was disturbed by some noise, he woke up and... read more
Belated apology Once there lived a boy named Charlie. He was very intelligent and genius. His teacher... read more
Ghumaisa Usmani
What we can do... 2012 Jun 22nd 3977 Views What we can do in these summer vacations?  read more

177 Posts
Muhammad Hassan Mujtaba Soomro Muhammad Hassan Mujtaba Soomro Oct 27th For the vacation enjoy we should go for picnic at beautiful places and we should play games and use Vshine library.
Urooj Naveed Urooj Naveed Jul 12th And some studiess🤔🤔
Urooj Naveed Urooj Naveed Jul 12th Girls can do many things like crafts,drawing,sleepovere,different challenges and many things🤗🤗
Iqra Rani Iqra Rani Jul 12th We should try to make new discoveries as the world remember us even after us
Fatima Tariq Fatima Tariq Jun 8th We can to Lahore islamabad rather than playing vidoe games
Habiba Aamer Habiba Aamer Apr 20th We can always decorate our room if we have a boring room
Laiba  Fatima Laiba Fatima 2016 Jul 21st We can learn things like swimming We can read new books We can visit new places We can join summer camps
Amna  Imran Amna Imran 2016 Jun 16th We can play and study.
Areeba Nadeem Areeba Nadeem 2016 Jun 16th Summer vacations come every year and many students waste it , that's not a good thing we should keep our study in view as well as fun. So, enjoy your holidays with study 'n fun. Have good summer vacations :-)
Maryam Naveed Maryam Naveed 2016 Jun 6th Enjoy and stay free
 laiba Nadeem laiba Nadeem 2016 Jun 6th WE SHOULDN'T WASTE OUR VACATIONS BY watching tv ETC. WE CAN DO A PROJECT just like learning new LANGUAGE:-)
Berha Irfan Berha Irfan 2016 Mar 30th We should be with our family, watch less t.v go on outing. also complete summer work
Maida Amjad Maida Amjad 2016 Mar 20th We should have fun by playing, because it is the only chance in the whole year to enjoy such a long holidays
mona zafar mona zafar 2015 Jan 1st We should visit historical places learn things that you are interesting in like basket ball etc and don't ignore your studies and prepare for your exam but make sure that you mus make a timetable and join the summer club or health club and helps you parents in their work
Ali Ather Ali Ather 2015 Aug 17th We can visit new places,cities or countries.learn new things and sports.explore new things.Read more and collect information about wildlife or countries.try sports like swimming ,soccer,cricket,badminton,table tennis and more............
Aleena Sajid Aleena Sajid 2015 Jul 31st I am 13 and tell something according to my age. Maybe we can arrange sleepovers and slumber parties with friends(boy). Go out with family or stay at home reading books. Trying new dishes is a perfect idea too! Yay! Lol :P
deco ryuu deco ryuu 2015 Jun 30th We can set some goals for the summers like read more to get expose to new stuff plus we can pick up a new sport and enjoy learning about it and a lot more fun activities which can make our summer more productive
Mahrukh Durrani Mahrukh Durrani 2015 Jun 29th We can play or do our homework
Mohommad HARIS Mohommad HARIS 2015 Jun 29th We can buy vshine try cool experiments
Maidah Ilyas Maidah Ilyas 2015 May 29th We should go for outing with our family rather than watching TV. We could also do activities like; hopscotch, soccer, skating. We can try new things in order to entertain us. Have fun because No school, No worries.
Ayesha __ Ayesha __ 2015 May 23rd Um ... we should spend time with our family ... hangout with friends
ibraheem him ibraheem him 2015 May 10th I think we should do the activities which vshine have
Mohommad HARIS Mohommad HARIS 2015 May 3rd I think we should enjoy the things which Vshine gives us.
Fatima Tariq Fatima Tariq 2015 Apr 12th Well we could play with our friends or we Can go out for swimming
Ghania Mustaqeem Ghania Mustaqeem 2015 Apr 9th Have fun with your frnds and family members like playing game,activities like art&craft and go for a long drive
Habiba Rahman Habiba Rahman 2015 Apr 4th Hangout with friends and have sleepovers!
flowy flower flowy flower 2015 Feb 23rd You can play cricket football hockey
Saamiya Saqib Saamiya Saqib 2015 Jan 16th Did anyone mention reading,book writing? The answer is a big fat NO! Reading really is becoming very very rare!
uswa choudhry uswa choudhry 2015 Jan 9th Read books and play
muhymin imarn muhymin imarn 2014 Dec 18th I think we can learn many things like swimming and play football
Fatima Tariq Fatima Tariq 2014 Dec 3rd Can go out for swiming
irhum shizuka irhum shizuka 2014 Nov 28th I thought i was going to afantasy world
Mubashra Uchiha Mubashra Uchiha 2014 Nov 15th Can sleep and go any city or country for enjoyment.
Laiba Bashir Laiba Bashir 2014 Oct 28th Hey guys we can go for some swimming pools in these summer vacations or go to beautiful or historical place and learn all about them and then impress our teachers
Rabab vadivala Rabab vadivala 2014 Oct 16th I think do some studies but chill most of the time
munnazzar  shahzad munnazzar shahzad 2014 Oct 12th I agree with hibe swimming haha:-) :-) :-) :-)
khadija atif khadija atif 2014 Oct 9th Just keep yourself entertaint,perhaps go to beautiful places ,learn all kinds of new things,go for swimming in a pool .
tuba ejaz tuba ejaz 2014 Sep 25th Awwww... I wanna eat Maongos But I Am in Canada :( I just love Pakistani Mangoes :(
Fatima Rashid Fatima Rashid 2014 Jul 22nd Outdoor activities and studies............i mostly like to learn new food recipes
Hamna  Masood Ahmed Hamna Masood Ahmed 2014 Jul 16th I am also getting bored
KHAN AHMED KHAN AHMED 2014 Jun 25th Play Minecraft!(if you know what I am talking about) If you don"t know, go to
zubeera jafri zubeera jafri 2014 Jun 21st We can play outdoor games,do whatever you want but don't waste your time :)
princess anna princess anna 2014 Jun 16th Eat alot mangos ..... & eNjOy but u have to pay attention to ur study :)
Zaina  Rauf Zaina Rauf 2014 Jun 13th Take part in Summer Camps....Try a new sport...Be daring but be SAFE!
shehram chaudhry shehram chaudhry 2014 Jun 7th I totally agree with Mahoo Bee. I am only 10 but I liked photoshop so I have taken some photoshop classes from my fathers office. Its real fun. You can also go to different countries, places and enjoy summer holidays. Plus do what u like. But don't forget reading books.
Amna Shahid Amna Shahid 2014 Jun 1st There are many activities to do. Do whatever you want but don't waste your vacations.
ramshah rawal ali ramshah rawal ali 2014 May 26th I read all previous comments but guys the reality is that when ever we try to pay attention towards books and other such stuffs during summer vacations so it pretends as if we are sleeping so its better to learn from surroundings during vacations rather than looking at books and sleeping
Areej Zahid Areej Zahid 2014 May 11th Participate in the outdoor activities especially
Arij yaqoob Arij yaqoob 2014 May 7th You can do sports, or if you don't like sports then you can go to the beach, or over to your friend's house, swimming, and visit another country.
Ravieha  Haleem Ravieha Haleem 2014 May 1st Enjoy eating mango.......reading more
KHAN AHMED KHAN AHMED 2014 Apr 30th Browsing the web,visiting nice places,playing football or cricket and even playing video games!
Mohammad Hassan Mohammad Hassan 2014 Apr 27th Well u all right we should have not some so much fun.
eman kashif eman kashif 2014 Apr 25th We can go out and enjoy!
Shayan Nemat Shayan Nemat 2014 Apr 4th We should play
qurratul ain qurratul ain 2014 Mar 14th Firstly we should be thankful to Allah. we can go to a picnic, read stories,and we should be prepared for exams very nicely,complete our summer vications works or visit to some friend,keep party at our home e.t.c...
Maikham Adil Maikham Adil 2014 Feb 24th Write stories and sent them in v shine
Hamza Habib Hamza Habib 2014 Feb 15th We should play snooker,cricket,football,swimming and basketball.I love summer vacations.
Hamza Habib Hamza Habib 2014 Feb 13th We can play and study any time. Summer vacation are the best.
saim  kaleem saim kaleem 2014 Feb 8th We can learn some short surahs from the holy quran or we can improve tjweed or we can read simple translation and tfsir of holy quran as it is already the holy month of ramadan during our vacations
pretty princexx pretty princexx 2014 Feb 4th Tafree or what
Haneen Khan Haneen Khan 2014 Jan 20th We can read books,go to different places,do experiments by the help of VSHINE LAB and have much fun
moonis ahmed moonis ahmed 2014 Jan 8th We can read books and we can improve our reading and standard of english
InNoXent SheeXA InNoXent SheeXA 2014 Jan 6th We can go to water park in summer vacations.
Azka Saad Azka Saad 2014 Dec 30th Take summer camp or go sumwhere :)
Muhammad Syed Luqman Muhammad Syed Luqman 2013 Dec 26th We have to study in the summer vacation it is important. We also have to swimming,playind football and cricket.
Fatima Ahmad Fatima Ahmad 2013 Nov 21st It is for our fun
Ellina Fatima Ellina Fatima 2013 Nov 1st For girls:Crafts,Painting,Sleepovers and makeovers For boys:Football,Cricket,Books and A helper of mom
Manahil Ahmad Manahil Ahmad 2013 Oct 26th Do all kind of things including studying
Khadija Hassan Khadija Hassan 2013 Oct 25th We can write books!!!!!!!!1
suleman ali suleman ali 2013 Oct 21st Holidays are for fun. but on the other hand we should read books. its my hobby!!!!im not a book worm but i like to read stories. consentrate on your course book as well. but also do physical exrcise n pt games. n dont forget to have party with friends
manahil ghani manahil ghani 2013 Oct 10th Sleeping.......enjoy!!:D
S.M. AUN RAZI S.M. AUN RAZI 2013 Oct 5th We should practice our hobbies
Azka Saad Azka Saad 2013 Oct 2nd I would like to do any activity with ma cousins
Affan Faisal Affan Faisal 2013 Sep 29th Go to Bahamas
hiba shabbir hiba shabbir 2013 Sep 23rd I think swiming
Warda Tahira Warda Tahira 2013 Sep 19th We can improve our studies specially in which v r weak and v can also go for outing and even go for visiting other countries.
Rafia Ahmed Rafia Ahmed 2013 Sep 3rd HEY MARWA THNX 4 AGGREEIONG :)
Rafia Ahmed Rafia Ahmed 2013 Sep 3rd HEY MARWA thnx dear for aggreeing with me :):)
Shayan  Hasnain Shayan Hasnain 2013 Aug 29th We can play anything in summer like cricket,football and tennis.
hiba shabbir hiba shabbir 2013 Aug 19th I think swiming and playing football
hiba shabbir hiba shabbir 2013 Aug 19th We can learn many things like cricket swiming
Rameen Khan Rameen Khan 2013 Aug 11th For summer vacations craft and debates are good
Bismah Shakir Bismah Shakir 2013 Aug 8th In summer holidays we can study of our senior class once in which we are going
Laiba Bashir Laiba Bashir 2013 Aug 8th In summer vacations we should daily read Namaz and recite for 2 hours and then play with your friends or buy story books and read.
Bassam Khan Bassam Khan 2013 Aug 6th In summer vication you can play outdoor games and lots more you can read some books like vshine and then also you can send them a story which they like so they will put the story in my page then you can read your story and other people can read too so they can like your story and they give good comment if they like your story but favourite webside is vshine
wafa waheed wafa waheed 2013 Aug 5th Gr8 ideas of both kids
Marwa  Nasir Marwa Nasir 2013 Aug 1st Sorry, I just mean about what she said that we should have improvement in what we aren't good :P
Azka Saad Azka Saad 2013 Jul 30th Not at all
Marwa  Nasir Marwa Nasir 2013 Jul 27th I even totally agree with the Rafia Ahmed
Marwa  Nasir Marwa Nasir 2013 Jul 23rd We can take several types of courses such as sewing and lots more interesting things . Other than in today's technological world we can even have gadgets . Even summer camps work a lot for us either they are educational or somehow like for games . And certainly that's an excellent topic to discuss . Loved it :)
Rafia Ahmed Rafia Ahmed 2013 Jul 23rd If there would b pakistan cricket matches so watch them they r really nyc...otherwise improve urself in the things in which u are not much good:)
areesha zainab areesha zainab 2013 Jul 2nd We can go to summer camp ,visit countries and read books
Hafsa Fatima Hafsa Fatima 2013 Jul 1st I think we can lern many thing like swimming tennis
Ayesh Shaikh Ayesh Shaikh 2013 Jun 30th We can do our fav stuff like reading, swimming and traveling. Plus we can improve our weaknesses these hols.
saaniya fatima saaniya fatima 2013 Jun 29th We can learn many things from nature
shiraz larik shiraz larik 2013 Jun 24th We would work hard for sucess
Abeera Viqar Abeera Viqar 2013 Jun 24th We can go in summer activities held in many cities of any country and we can recite Quran-e-Pak with full religious devotion!
princess naina princess naina 2013 Jun 23rd We can visit forun countries
Asma Hashmi Asma Hashmi 2013 Jun 19th we should recite Holy Quran then our first priority must go towards incereasing our skills ..........!
LyeBa khan LyeBa khan 2013 Jun 16th In summer vications we can learn many things like swimming,playing badminton,football etc.
faryal faisal faryal faisal 2013 Jun 8th In these summer vacation we can join summer camp
Usman Rehan Usman Rehan 2013 Jun 7th I think we should read VShine and play lots of games.
Shehryar Larik Shehryar Larik 2013 Jun 4th Other than just having fun,we should contribute to the society as well eg:by collecting charity from neighbours and helping the poor. Or by creating a library of your old books and issue it to the poor children in your vicinity who are eager to gain knowledge. Or cleaning enviroment. Growing trees etc.
Ajwa Arsalan Ajwa Arsalan 2013 Jun 2nd Just chill........
Hamza Waqas Waheed Hamza Waqas Waheed 2013 May 25th Assalamoualaikum I think that we can try to make V shine a better website and improve it well also.
Minahil Bakhtawar Minahil Bakhtawar 2013 May 16th Write, play, learn, sleep chill and relax
khadija aqeel khadija aqeel 2013 May 8th Read v shine
fatima noor fatima noor 2013 May 4th We can write, pray for Allah and quran
fahmeetha shahin fahmeetha shahin 2013 Apr 21st WE CAN READ NOVELS,THEN OUTING,CHANGE OUR BAD BEHAVIOUR,WATHCHING MOVIES....
areej ahmed areej ahmed 2013 Apr 19th In summer vication we should not study & visit to many places
rabia shahid rabia shahid 2013 Apr 12th In summers we can do many activities however we should enjoys ourselves doing everything
Maarij Maqsood khan Maarij Maqsood khan 2013 Apr 2nd I think we should take part in games.In which we can develop better physically and mentally
afifah maryam afifah maryam 2013 Apr 1st WE CAN READ BOOKS AND DO OTHER STUFFS.
Gullasht Fatima Gullasht Fatima 2013 Mar 28th Preparation 4 college and so, much fun n masti
Smaher Iftikhar Smaher Iftikhar 2013 Mar 25th From my point of view we can play the games, we can visit our relatives and we can learn more and achieve higher position and we can make our country and parents proud.....
Anonymous Writer Anonymous Writer 2013 Mar 11th We can play diffrent games like cricket,tennis,badminton,football etc
isha asim isha asim 2013 Jan 31st Learn new things and try to change our bad habits.
mishaal abbas mishaal abbas 2013 Jan 25th I think we should read v shine and eat ice-cream!!!!:)
maria taj maria taj 2013 Jan 22nd I think we should go to another country to enjoy our summer vacation or if somebody want to learn something he/she should join summer camp !!!! :)
Syeda Huda Zaheer Syeda Huda Zaheer 2013 Jan 20th 1 We can go to a beach with our friends!!!! 2 We can do our holiday homework.....
Rabita Tariq Rabita Tariq 2013 Jan 17th Join summer camp or see art programs and try it at home
mohsin khan mohsin khan 2013 Jan 14th I think we can learn many things like swimming and play football.we can learn many things and enjoy by visiting zoo,circus etc.But not by keeping books aside we should be in touch with our books.Thats all!.I think we should learn something by going to summer camp like swimming,skating and a lot but we should not waste our time sitting at home.I think we should learn different things that we r interested in.For example am learning how to knit. Since I was interested in this field I am having pretty much fun.You can ask your parents to take you to historical places.Write an artical on your journey and publish it on MY PAGE.I'll be waiting for your artical.I'll suggest that you join some kind of summer camp.Doing all this you should try to finish your homework as soon as possible so you could have plenty of time to do extra activities.Have FUN......:):)THANKS ALOT..........................
hijab mazhar hijab mazhar 2013 Dec 31st I think we can learn many things like swimming , cycling, badminton, and cricket:-
syeda yusra muntasim syeda yusra muntasim 2012 Dec 24th Do my hobbies
 яυмαιsα  αнтsнαм яυмαιsα αнтsнαм 2012 Dec 20th Basically most people go to visit new places or to their relatives, but i think we should do some creative work or other fun work(which i never did actuallt,hehe) at home like experiments, keep a pet, or even do gardening..................or if you really like to go somewhere than go to historical places or camp out or go to a forest with a notebook and safety.
Mahoo bee Mahoo bee 2012 Dec 13th I think we all should download photoshop on our computers or laptops and learn to draw ANIME!!
Abdullah Saqlain Abdullah Saqlain 2012 Dec 10th I will play with my pet cat and I will read stories and play cricket.
manahil ghani manahil ghani 2012 Dec 2nd Do my hobbies
manahil ghani manahil ghani 2012 Dec 2nd Success which have no destination. :)
fareeha noman fareeha noman 2012 Nov 6th Swimming in fiesta water park.........................
Emaan  Farhan Emaan Farhan 2012 Oct 29th Do Bird Watching, swim, observe nature, get a new perspective and WRITE!!!!!
barirah rehan barirah rehan 2012 Oct 25th We should make a list of what we can do like painting ,drawing ,cooking one recipe writing a poem or a creative writing and then mark each after doing and by this we can spend good vacations.
mahnoor azhar mahnoor azhar 2012 Oct 24th We should have fun we should explore for inventions we should know about other things we should work hard for exams.. we should learn our books..............................................
rija  zainab rija zainab 2012 Oct 24th We should do fun and join the swimming that we can also know how to swim.i think u guys know that swimming is a game of holy prophet p.b.u.h.thanXX
Rumaisa Afzal Rumaisa Afzal 2012 Oct 13th Just chill babe,Do rest as time as u like..........ooh
safia asghar safia asghar 2012 Oct 6th We can learn many things get fresh ideas,which we can utilize in our daily life.
Amna Faizi Amna Faizi 2012 Sep 28th We should join a summer camp.
hania baqai hania baqai 2012 Sep 27th We should have fun by going to new places.
mohsin khan mohsin khan 2012 Sep 20th HEY....We enjoy in this S.V.We do alot of fun.and study very much...We go to islamabad and we enjoyed very much.... THANKS.....
fizzah kafeel fizzah kafeel 2012 Aug 20th We can join library or join a horse ridding club!
fizzah kafeel fizzah kafeel 2012 Aug 20th We can join a library
Laiba Ejaz Laiba Ejaz 2012 Aug 15th Join a summer camp at the beach or join a health club
Shahamah Ahmed Shahamah Ahmed 2012 Aug 5th Learn a short surah every week
Directioner Forever Assawer T. Directioner Forever Assawer T. 2012 Aug 2nd Hi there is lots of things waiting out there to be done during holidays.... I mean we can recite Quraan daily , offer all prayers , finish our home works, help our parents and lots of other stuff...
Khaula Sher Khaula Sher 2012 Aug 2nd Well I think that some sport,reading,picnics and hanging out would do a lot difference
Tehzeem Hassan Tehzeem Hassan 2012 Jul 26th Their must be activities for students, so that they (students) can enjoy. Students must not be given summer vacation homework.
Muhammad Hassam uddin Farooqi Muhammad Hassam uddin Farooqi 2012 Jul 19th Hey guys! WHATS UP................... In this summer we should get knowledge of different scintific things we should practice of Islamic values and we should make different projects.More over,In this summer we can improve our English language by reading Vshine magazine.
syeda tahira iqbal syeda tahira iqbal 2012 Jul 18th Summer vacation being a fun holiday can also become a real bore to which we can change by joining in some summer camps health clubs gathering with friends to movies convincing your parents to go to other countries and ofcourse lots of picnics and 1 to 2 hours of studying wont hurt anyone .
Azka Sohail Azka Sohail 2012 Jul 16th Anything that pleases us!! :) haha...okay apart from jokes...mmm...well, we can do something that is of our interest... :) like, i am interested in space and time so i usually search things related to it and stuff... its kind of a little research of my own... then, reading novels is a very good thing! and other than that, u can do something creative like writing stories or prose, even can do poetry... its really interesting,,, ummm....u should also write diary, its not necessary to write it daily but.... its fun, really... :)
Ashna Ahmed Ashna Ahmed 2012 Jul 13th I love summer vacation!!! Since i don't have summer vacations right now (its winter where i live)....i'll suggest to u guys that u have all the fun u can. Coz once skool starts there is no such thing as fun....but u should still study atleast 2 hours per day. Just take up a new hobby.....swimming is the best in summer (plus it lots of fun:)
Zainab Tausif Zainab Tausif 2012 Jul 13th We can read read good books and write reviews on them.
Emaan  Farhan Emaan Farhan 2012 Jul 12th Good you asked! I have so many ideas. You can read many books, and write reviews on them for your upcoming class teacher, make paper mache models,learn arts, understand the Quran, do yoga (That I do) and swim or play sports. TAA-DAA!
Directioner Forever Assawer T. Directioner Forever Assawer T. 2012 Jul 11th Start with the name of the most merciful Allah ...just get a good habit like writing stories.. reading translation of Quran-e-kareem.... join a club or something...
Rubab Fahim Rubab Fahim 2012 Jul 6th In vacations we should visit beautiful places of Pakistan
Ali Raza Ali Raza 2012 Jul 6th We can read books and go to summer camp and have lots of fun guyxxxxx
Urooj Usmani Urooj Usmani 2012 Jul 4th Can read new books...movies...everything f0r fun but dun ignore studies...v can utilize it f0r xtra studies...... have fun guyXxxzz
hadiya aqeel hadiya aqeel 2012 Jul 3rd We should do swimming and haj or umrah
Neha Ayaz Neha Ayaz 2012 Jul 3rd We should have fun..u know studing 4 more than a half year,so now be relaxed........ah.ah
dfg dfggf dfg dfggf 2012 Jul 2nd We should have fun by going to new places but not to leave studies.
Sidra Abdul Rauf Sidra Abdul Rauf 2012 Jul 2nd You should study about 2 hours a day and I think that the rest of the time should also not be wasted,you can learn something new-like making tea to serve to guest or any kinds of sports... I HOPE YOU ALL ARE ENJOYING YOUR SUMMER VACATIONS! :)
sarah zakir sarah zakir 2012 Jul 2nd Haha !! summer vacation homework
Zoya Shiraz Zoya Shiraz 2012 Jul 2nd I think we should learn different things that we r interested in.For example am learning how to knit. Since I was interested in this field I am having pretty much fun.You can ask your parents to take you to historical places.Write an artical on your journey and publish it on MY PAGE.I'll be waiting for your artical.I'll suggest that you join some kind of summer camp.Doing all this you should try to finish your homework as soon as possible so you could have plenty of time to do extra activities.Have FUN........................................!
Ayman Mansoor Khan Ayman Mansoor Khan 2012 Jun 29th I think we should have fun as wel shouldnt ignOre Our studies,,,, HAPPY VACATIONXxx
Fatima Raheel Fatima Raheel 2012 Jun 29th I think we should study but not too much because its holidays.
sara jamal sara jamal 2012 Jun 29th First of all HAPPY RAMADAN in advance ! we should do chores & help mother so that she feels good . then we should complete home work & then take some interest in other activities like summer camps . games , outing etc .
areeba pervaiz areeba pervaiz 2012 Jun 28th I think we should summercamp and be in touch with books and give importance to our language skill!!!!
hina ihsan hina ihsan 2012 Jun 27th Summervacation is the 2nd name of fun.......just finish your summer vacation task in 1st month and then join some fields in which u r gud sports etc,,,,,as the minds are fresh in vacations so this is the golden time to gain extra knowledge and increase our vocabulary so read as many boooks as u can......with v-shine hahahhahahah
anas saad anas saad 2012 Jun 27th We can't neglect studies.we should studies two hours daily.
shiza Rana shiza Rana 2012 Jun 24th You should make a timetabel of every day and you should play games,join summercamps where u can learn many things,you should try to learn all those things in which u r not good and the most inportant thing u should also study atleast two hours every day.
Sarah Khan Sarah Khan 2012 Jun 24th As a girl, i suggest we girls should take interest in home chores rather than divulging our attention somewhere else.. as Ramadan is pretty close too...
Summiya Abid Summiya Abid 2012 Jun 23rd I think we should go to summer camp to learn many things which benefits us. we should not waste our time just sitting at home,
Ali Raza Ali Raza 2012 Jun 22nd I think we should learn something by going to summer camp like swimming,skating and a lot but we should not waste our time sitting at home
 wareesha sajid wareesha sajid 2012 Jun 22nd We can learn many things and enjoy by visiting zoo,circus etc.But not by keeping books aside we should be in touch with our books.Thats all!
samayya Shahzad samayya Shahzad 2012 Jun 22nd Work hard for exams but should not become a bookworm
Ahmed Alam Ahmed Alam 2012 Jun 22nd I think we can learn many things like swimming and play football
Ghumaisa Usmani
Should sports be... 2011 Dec 12th 2854 Views Should sports be compulsory in school? read more

66 Posts
Urooj Naveed Urooj Naveed Aug 6th Obviously sports should be compulsory . Sports make us perfect.
Berha Irfan Berha Irfan 2016 May 12th What kind of question is that. Absolutely a 100 pecent of course yess!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Shiza Javed Shiza Javed 2014 Feb 18th Of course! sports keep us healthy and fit.
Shayan  Hasnain Shayan Hasnain 2013 Nov 7th Yep sports keeps us fit and healthy
aasiya usman aasiya usman 2013 Mar 11th Yah.........!sport is very imp to keep da chilren fit.healthy and active!
Soha Suhail Soha Suhail 2013 Jan 24th Yeah!!!!!!! Why not??
Emaan  Farhan Emaan Farhan 2012 Nov 8th Yeah, of course they are. At this age, we NEED sprt and running to be strong and fit in adulthood. Try swimming, it's beneficial in SO many ways.
aqsa hussain aqsa hussain 2012 Jun 7th Yes ofcourse
Salwa Imtiaz Salwa Imtiaz 2012 May 8th SPORTS should be compulsory with studies...!!
Ali Raza Ali Raza 2012 May 7th Yes sports is compulsory for children because it makes childs mind active and makes child fit
Sehar shahzad Sehar shahzad 2012 May 1st Of course ! why not
Huda Owais Huda Owais 2012 Apr 20th Exercise is important for a healthy lifestyle. For many children, the only exercise that they get is in school. It is vital that exercise is promoted at a young age so that good habits can be continued through to adulthood. Also if you do a sport at a younger age you will aquire new skills, be happier and universitys and jobs would also rather take on a person who can work in a team and is commited to what they do than a person who sits playing video games all day or on the computer You will develop lifetime skills such as endurance flexibilty and team work role. Sports make kids involved in teamwork and strategic thinking exercising both their body and mind.
Mohammed Hamdan Mohammed Hamdan 2012 Mar 24th I think sports is quite necessary to develop a healthy body and mind.Sports keep us fit.We all should play one or the other sports.Some people like indoor sports other like outdoor sports.My favourite sports is cricket.I play cricket with my younger brother and friends.
Darman Khan Darman Khan 2012 Mar 23rd Yes it should be compulsory because apart from mental training and studies physical studies are also very important for a healthy growth. Mostly children especially girls do not get the chance to engage in sports activities apart from school, hence if a chance will be provided for them at school it will give them a way to go ahead in the field of sports.
HAMNA  baqai HAMNA baqai 2012 Mar 19th Sports is important 4 our health eg. exercise, badminton,cycling etc..They all help us to be fit and healthy.They also sharpens our brain and we are able to study better..
shameer shahzad shameer shahzad 2012 Feb 27th I think that sports should be compulsary in school it keep us fit.sorry very fit.
Minhil Bukhari Minhil Bukhari 2012 Feb 16th A big YES....children should stay active and fresh and sports should be there to give students some freedom tooooo
Ibrahim Malik Ibrahim Malik 2012 Feb 9th Yes yess... Sports and extra circular actives are compulsory for a child or any one.. Sport is a thing which keeps you fit and healty so it should be played every where...
Parihan Khattak Parihan Khattak 2012 Feb 1st YUp! i AgReE
Dua Nadeem Dua Nadeem 2012 Jan 30th I agree with you .. Sports are compulsory in schools ..
aimun hussam aimun hussam 2012 Jan 29th I agree with Muhammad ASAID
l .T l .T 2012 Jan 16th Yes,because school is not only for studies its for activities also....And we are now also having sports gala and i am taking part in three-legged race and skipping race....
ammar rizwan ammar rizwan 2012 Jan 15th I strongly believe that school sport should not be compulsory for the following reasons. Firstly, doing school sport can cause serve damage to the child. Both emotionally and physically. Also, it takes up well need time for our more important, core subjects, maths, english and science. Lastly, doing school sport will discourage the child to do sport outside school. School sport should not be compulsory because it restricts the child’s choice of what he or she would like to do.
Ayesha Eman Ayesha Eman 2012 Jan 15th Yep! Sports should be compulsory.the parents and teachers should give attention in sports to children and students........Its very amazing..!!
Aliza Syed Aliza Syed 2012 Jan 14th Yep...they should be
javeria anis javeria anis 2012 Jan 11th Yeah sure sports are part of our life and without it we will be just dull and lazy!
muhammad asad muhammad asad 2012 Jan 9th Yes,because sports keep children very healthy
Innocent Amara Innocent Amara 2012 Jan 9th Yup !!!!! Sports are very necessary for childrens
areeba pervaiz areeba pervaiz 2012 Jan 7th Sure!It is a part of are life
javaria baig javaria baig 2012 Jan 7th Yah definately!
Maryam  Tarmuhammad Maryam Tarmuhammad 2012 Jan 7th Of course its good for our health and a good activity too!! we should always participate in it ......
Ghumaisa Usmani Ghumaisa Usmani 2012 Jan 6th THANKS to all to answer my question
Salwa Imtiaz Salwa Imtiaz 2012 Jan 5th Yess..!!of course...!! a sport makes a person healthy and active which is too good for our health..
Ayeza asim Ayeza asim 2012 Jan 5th Yeah! OF COURSE because ''healthy body has healthy mind" Sports play an important role in the development of human personality.They have no less importance than food and water. IN SHORT,It should be made compulsory in school.
Maheen Rizwan Maheen Rizwan 2012 Jan 3rd Sports provide a positive learning experience that will enhance your child's ability to develop self confidence, good sportsmanship and teamwork skills. Sports also teach all of us to work hard and have a little fun at the same time.In sports, children are challenged both mentally and physically. Coaches teach the roles of the game, strategy to win, and how to work together. The child will also build skills, endurance, and strength.
rabia salman rabia salman 2012 Jan 3rd Yes, sports should be compulsory in schools because student who participate in sports attend school more and it keep student active, healthy and smart.
syed  iqra syed iqra 2012 Jan 2nd Sports should be compulsory in school because it keeps the students fit and healthy physically as well as metally
ayesha waheed ayesha waheed 2011 Dec 31st Sports are a means of exercise and exercise is compulsory for our well being and health. if a person does not exercise regularly then in this case he must take part in sports.people should involve themselves in playing sports to make them fit, strong, healthy and to sharpen their brains.
charming girl charming girl 2011 Dec 31st Sports are compulsory for as long as education is compulsory. Every year, more and more parents complain to their children’s schools about PE; they believe that their children shouldn’t have to participate in physical activity if they don’t want to. Proponents of PE, however, believe that it is a crucial element of all-round schooling – and our society’s well-being.
Maryam Sohail Maryam Sohail 2011 Dec 29th Yes,sports should be compulsory in school because everytime when you need mental practice you also need physical practice.Sports is a physical practice so it should be compulsory!
Rida  Arif Rida Arif 2011 Dec 29th Sports should be a student we are mentally active but we should also be physically active which we will be from will prevent dullness and lazyness
Zainab Vyajkora Zainab Vyajkora 2011 Dec 29th Oh yeah !! indeed ,sports is not cumpulsory ... it is important 4 every person in order to keep their bodies and minds fit for other life activities .... and it also keeps us healthy !!
Innocent Amara Innocent Amara 2011 Dec 27th Of Course !!!!! Sports should be compulsory for a couple of reasons. Firstly, more students and other people are obese and students tend to not have exercises. Having sports at school should at least lose hundred's of calories. Secondly, this helps students to study other subjects since sports keeps them healthy and active. Lastly, it slows down or stops of having other diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.
@pple candy* @pple candy* 2011 Dec 26th Yes! I do think that sports are compulsory because being mently active is not the only thing but physically active is also the thing it makes our health and be us active i think that sports and other activities should be there in our daily routine.
iman fatima iman fatima 2011 Dec 26th Yes,sports are very important in schools as they keep children healthy,fit and active.And they are enjoyfull.Now children wont find excuses for not coming to school.=)!!!!!
simi queen simi queen 2011 Dec 26th Yes sports are very important these are the part of exercise as you all know exercise keeps your body fit but its main purpose is to mix your food with the blood and if you will not eat food at the proper time you will not take balance diet these sports can be harm full.and my fallows you should not disturbe your studies for your sports
mohammad ammar mohammad ammar 2011 Dec 23rd Yes,sports is a very good way to keep yourself active.Those children who are active stay healthy.Still many children think that playiNG PS or PSP makes us active.But these are only for time passing.
Khushbukht Javid Khushbukht Javid 2011 Dec 23rd OF COURSE!! IT IS VERY GOOD FOR OUR HEALTH
Samrah  Amin Samrah Amin 2011 Dec 22nd Unfortunately,because it is a very useful way to keep the students active,fit and it is also a mean of exercise...It should be cumpulsory in all the schools..
Marya Ansari Marya Ansari 2011 Dec 21st Undoubtfully sports ought to be an obligatory thing along with our studies. Both things need to be managed side by side. Infact healthy mind is a fruit of healthy exercises.
Hadia Kashif Hadia Kashif 2011 Dec 20th Of course sports should be compulsory in every school bcoz the sports are the gud way of remaining fit and active.
syeda midhat syeda midhat 2011 Dec 20th Sports should be compulsory for a couple of reasons. Firstly, more students and other people are obese and students tend to not have exercises. Having sports at school should at least lose hundred's of calories. Secondly, this helps students to study other subjects since sports keeps them healthy and active. Lastly, it slows down or stops of having other diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.
Mishal Mazhar Mishal Mazhar 2011 Dec 20th Yes sports are important because firstly they keep the students fit and healthy and secondly they are enjoyable for the children.
Nimrah Rana Nimrah Rana 2011 Dec 20th Thats right
Laiba  Farhat Laiba Farhat 2011 Dec 17th Of-course sports should be compulsory, kids playing sports-games make them fit and children also enjoy playing.
Samina MahWiSh Samina MahWiSh 2011 Dec 17th YA :-)
nafisa butt nafisa butt 2011 Dec 16th Yeah spots are compulsory in school sports are very important for kids........
Ali Aleem Ali Aleem 2011 Dec 16th They should be as important to your life as you think is your food and water. Because, when you do not play any sports, your muscles will start to get hard so you will have pain in many parts of your body.
Ahmed Mansoor Nami Ahmed Mansoor Nami 2011 Dec 15th See I'm in a hurry thats why nikjf
Zainab  Khan Zainab Khan 2011 Dec 15th Of course sports and games are important and necessary for health.
Aiman Mughal Aiman Mughal 2011 Dec 14th Sports are important in school so it can keep us fit.students will also began to take interest in these sports.
Arshia Tahir Arshia Tahir 2011 Dec 12th Kids should need to involve themselves in playing sports to make them fit, strong, healthy and to sharpen their brains.
Syed Zohan Sajid Syed Zohan Sajid 2011 Dec 12th Yes offcourse but in some school only sports will be there so thats not good we don't have to play only but study also first thing is study,second another activities.Some boy will say that do you see that school only playing is there and our school stupit only study,study,study........So it is not good.parents also should have to see the teachers,school,boys before admit there childs don't see fee if parents will do like so it means that they want to waste there money for what we are going school for study if study will not then nothing will be there.Childrens should also co_prate with there parents and teacher then only there heart will get rest other vise they will be in confution only.Some students are good who can understand these things some one is getting first position by cheating.Thats not good if you will do this type of things till 10 standerd no body will know that you cheated instead of ALLAH you cannot scape from ALLAH.and when you will give bord paper you cannot cheat.At that time nothing will be there in your mind.then you will feel shame when you get result.
xerac akhtar xerac akhtar 2011 Dec 12th Certainly sports are importnt 'cause nowadays the only 2 or 3 things children want to do are browsing , video games , watching movies and stuff which not at all have any physical activities.AND most imortant children or smtims even elders bcom lazy and dull......!!
Owais paracha Owais paracha 2011 Dec 12th Indeed sports should be compulsory. some kids don't take interest in sports and keep absent on sports day. they should be forced to participate otherwise detect their marks!