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Ghumaisa Usmani

Ghumaisa Usmani


Beacon House Okara , Okara

hi there i am ghumaisa!!!


Ghumaisa Usmani


2014 Apr 22nd 756 Views
To not let it weaken and fall.The new ones immediately growWhen the leaves shedThe stronger and bigger it goesThe older it growsFriendship is like a... read more
2 People Like this! - LAIBA NadeemAmna Shahid

Ghumaisa - thanku.. :)    2014 Oct 6th
Soha - gud :)    2014 Aug 14th
Amna - Nice! I really like it.    2014 May 31st
Ghumaisa Usmani

Enemies to Friends

2014 Apr 22nd 780 Views
Once there was a girl name Kate who studied in class Six and was very nice and kind to everyone and everybody liked her. The teachers liked her as... read more
2 People Like this! - LAIBA NadeemTooba Fatima

Ghumaisa - :)..... thanks dear    2014 Oct 6th
Tooba - good    2014 Apr 23rd
Ghumaisa Usmani

Old house

April 2014 2014 Apr 17th 1215 Views
Once a teenager named Aisha decided to visit the old house. She went inside the gate; she greeted the old man who was sitting on the bench. She... read more
Hamza Waqas - nice one    2014 Sep 20th
Ghumaisa - Thanku all..... Allhamdulillah.. This all happened by the grace of that...    2014 Aug 24th
Abdul Moiz Abid - Good try.    2014 Jul 28th
Ghumaisa Usmani

Why cat chases the mouse?

2013 Feb 23rd 921 Views
Once there was a loin, he was sleeping, but was disturbed by some noise, he woke up and saw that the cat was chasing little mouse. He was very angry... read more
Qurratul - I like this story,BUT,the spelling of "LION"is not correct,check it!    2014 Mar 20th
KHAN - YOU ARE RIGHT!    2014 Feb 7th
Khadija - Right!!!!    2013 Oct 25th
Ghumaisa Usmani

Belated apology

2013 Feb 9th 1546 Views
Once there lived a boy named Charlie. He was very intelligent and genius. His teacher really liked him and always encouraged him and wrote notes of... read more
Khadija - Goooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!    2013 Oct 25th
Minahil - i agree with muhammad saad.....................................    2013 Sep 20th
Minahil - i agree with muhammad saad.....................................    2013 Sep 20th
Ghumaisa Usmani

A “fishy”...

July 2011 2011 Jul 12th 1577 Views
Tini:    Hey! Mini I am feeling hungry and they are still sleepingMini:    See that man is waking upTini:  ... read more
Khadijah - I really love it...........    2013 Aug 22nd
Marwa - I totally agree with all the nice comments . It's really nice and full of...    2013 Jul 30th
Laibah - you know what, something smells fishy !!!!    2013 Jul 5th


Ghumaisa Usmani

World of peace

2012 Dec 8th 838 Views
We should live with peace and love.Like a pair of caring doveCaring, sharing, should be funHands in hand we should runAll we have to do is respect... read more
2 People Like this! - Rabita TariqGhumaisa Usmani

Khunsa - oh sis , its beautiful , keep it up sis.....good one    2013 Dec 31st
Ghumaisa - didn't you guys like    2013 Dec 31st
Ghumaisa Usmani


2011 Sep 30th 765 Views
When God created daughterHe took very special care             To find the precious... read more
1 Person like this! - Daniyal Toheed

Disenchanted. - Awesome    2013 Jul 12th
Ghumaisa - no no i am not her sister. by the way thanks for liking it.    2012 Dec 8th
Daniyal - ghumasia are u urooj,s sister nice poem by the way    2012 Aug 25th


Ghumaisa Usmani

I lost my friend

2013 Jan 14th 747 Views
I lost my friend

Qurratul - Oh so sad ! To lost her! But I'm realy very glad that you accept your...    2014 Mar 16th
Soha - Ghumaisa! I sent u friend request! Please open your screen and then mines!!!...    2013 Jan 24th
Syeda - which friend did you lost????????    2013 Jan 19th


Ghumaisa Usmani

Terrorism in Pakistan

2013 Feb 23rd 856 Views
In my point of view the height of terrorism in Pakistan is increasing day by day, especially in Karachi. Every day we hear that bomb blast took place... read more