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Raniah  Farooq

Raniah Farooq


Bright Future Pakistani International School , Doha

im raniah .


Raniah  Farooq

Three friends and a bag...

2012 Jul 26th 27278 Views
One day, three friends set out a journey. When they were passing through a forest, they saw a bag lying on the ground. They picked it up and were... read more
Mohammad Aashir - You have cheated    2014 Feb 7th
Ali - LOVE IT RANIAH.    2013 Sep 9th
Afifah - this story is in books from two class, you have just changed it's wording    2013 Jul 27th
Raniah  Farooq

Haste makes waste

2012 Jul 14th 7469 Views
Once there was a hunter. He had a beautiful hound. One day the hunter went for hunting. He had not taken the hound with him. It was left home with... read more
Aiza - This story is exactly same as in my grammar book.First you cheated and then...    2017 Jun 30th
Berha - thanks for SHARING i have read it bt u r not a cheater u r actually vry amazing...    2017 Jun 2nd
Mohammad Aashir - i...think you are the biggest cheater in the whole world    2014 Feb 7th


Raniah  Farooq


2012 Jul 29th 883 Views
Patient: doctor, give me a medicine which will change my mood to an angry mood. Doctor: you don’t need any medicine. One of my slaps... read more
3 People Like this! - Dfg DfggfLaiba FarhatRaniah Farooq

Fatima - Hahahahahaha    2013 Jan 10th
Raniah - no i just once heard about them . . . . .    2012 Dec 14th
Directioner Forever - coooollllllllliiiiooooo p.s. do you know about one direction?    2012 Dec 12th
Raniah  Farooq

Medicine shop

2012 Jul 29th 1017 Views
Buyer: do you sell this medicine? Seller: yes. Buyer: it’s fake and poisonous. seller: but nobody complained about it before. buyer: how can... read more
4 People Like this! - Saba MahfoozDfg DfggfLaiba FarhatRaniah Farooq

Mohammad Aashir - This is boring.....i don't like this    2014 Feb 7th
Maham - boring heard this a lot    2013 Dec 24th
Maham - boring heard this a lot    2013 Dec 24th
Raniah  Farooq

Doctor and patient

2012 Jul 14th 973 Views
Patient come to a doctor: whenever I touch anything it hurts. Doctor: “What do you mean by? Patient:  if I touch my leg it will hurt, if I... read more
4 People Like this! - Afifah MaryamFatima UroosArooj MalikRaniah Farooq

Afifah - hahaha amazing:)    2013 Jul 27th
Neha - umm..good!    2012 Aug 25th
Dfg - nice but copied!!!!!!!!    2012 Aug 3rd


Raniah  Farooq

Happy b-day to my...

2012 Jul 30th 903 Views