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Rafia Ch

Rafia Ch


The Bahria Town School , Lahore

Hey every body . I would be thankful of you if you like my page and be my friend.


Rafia Ch

My mom

2013 Jun 22nd 742 Views
Your hands are openWhen I needed a hugyour heart understandwhen I had a problemyour love is always to meand enough for me togive me wings to fly. read more
RAFIA - thanks zarmala    2014 Nov 3rd
Zarmala - CUTE POEM!    2014 Oct 10th
Hamna - very nice poem.    2014 Jul 16th
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- Karachi
Full Name
Rafia Ch
Pakistan, Punjab, Lahore
The Bahria Town School

Hey every body . I would be thankful of you if you like my page and be my friend.

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