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Abeera Farhan

Abeera Farhan


Sadequain Grammar School , Karachi

I am a Muslim. I love to write stories and poems.I like paintings. I love to read.I am always dreaming.I am very friendly so...


Abeera Farhan

A lesson I learned

2015 Mar 9th 862 Views
In the month of Ramadan, I was lying down on the couch and was bored. When suddenly it struck to me, why not cook something? So I went to my room and... read more
Amna - I didn't gave it to her😂😂 anyways cool thing we're again together :);)    2016 Jul 23rd
Abeera - lol u too n i cant believe u gave this account to your sis oh well best of luck...    2016 Mar 31st
Amna - Hi Dui! How r u? How is everyone at home? I just wanna say that I miss u and...    2016 Feb 9th
Abeera Farhan

The Overnight Trip

2014 Jun 19th 845 Views
Our cousin’s marriage was in Sahiwal but monsoon season was at its peak. So we set off with lots of precautions and Good Lucks, but these... read more
Sajahir - can't stop laughing    2016 Nov 26th
Habiba - I Love it    2015 Apr 30th
Tooba - oh my gosh cant stop laughing nice    2015 Mar 24th


Abeera Farhan

Something weird at the...

2015 Mar 9th 605 Views
I entered the zooWith excitement I screamed "woohoo"Then I saw something weirdBecause the tiger I once fearedWas sitting on the bench nearEating... read more
3 People Like this! - LAIBA NadeemAmna ShahidHabiba Rehman

Habiba - nice    2015 Apr 30th
Tooba - great i also feel the feeling of u    2015 Mar 24th
Abeera - plz comment!    2015 Mar 23rd
Abeera Farhan

At the fair

2015 Jan 23rd 617 Views
One day I went to the fairJust to have some fun over thereBut then I met a little boyCrying because he lost his toyI decided to help him outSo that... read more
3 People Like this! - LAIBA NadeemAmna ShahidHabiba Rehman

Habiba - nice    2015 Apr 30th
Tooba - cool poem+stuff    2015 Mar 24th
Abeera - sofia i would really like to see u try. sorry to be rude but finding rhyming...    2015 Mar 6th
Abeera Farhan

In autumn

August 2014 2015 Jan 8th 785 Views
In autumn,all leaves fallmaking the treesfeel like an empty hallin autumn,ice cream is not lickedcause if you doyou will feel sickin autumn,have hot... read more
2 People Like this! - LAIBA NadeemAmna Shahid

Rabab - oh please    2015 May 6th
Habiba - congraglations    2015 Apr 30th
Rabab - plz tell me    2015 Apr 19th
Abeera Farhan

Crazy thoughts

2014 Apr 22nd 710 Views
Why do birds not swimand why do fish not flywhy don't we tryto build our houses highall above the skywhy do dogs not lieand how come tom and jerry... read more
Tooba - nice    2015 Mar 24th
Anonymous - Bye-Bye... :) Great Poem!!!    2015 Jan 9th
Amna - I am crazy but you like it Waka Waka Loca!    2014 May 11th
Abeera Farhan

Best friends

2013 Sep 25th 1031 Views
Best friends, me and you,Friendship that has been always true,We are friends that were born to care,Secrets that we always share,Moments that we... read more
Tooba - nyc    2015 Mar 24th
Abeera - tooooooo many b.f.fs to every single friend :)    2015 Jan 23rd
Anonymous - WOW!!! Adorable! But Who is Ur Best FRIEND?    2015 Jan 9th
Abeera Farhan

Want my best friend back

2013 Mar 19th 1066 Views
I might seem like I hate you,But I love you with all my heart,I may appear seriously angry,But I want you back, says a part,I pretend that I don't... read more
Tooba - gud    2015 Mar 24th
Anonymous - Did U get Ur BFF Back? Well nice Poem!    2015 Jan 9th
Munkashay - OK!    2014 Jul 17th


Abeera Farhan

Play on names

2013 Mar 19th 1027 Views
Luke had it first. Paul had it last. Boys never have it. Girls have it, but only once. Miss Polly had it twice in the same place, but when she... read more
Berha - L    2017 Apr 28th
Tooba - the leter l    2015 Mar 24th
Amna - so?    2013 Nov 2nd
Abeera Farhan

Can you answer?

2013 Mar 19th 970 Views
Can you answer this? 1. A skin I have, More eyes than one. I can be very nice when I am done. What am I?2. Shoot at me a thousand times and I... read more
Amna - Fine    2013 Oct 4th
Emel - Nice!    2013 Jul 28th
Marwa - ANSWERS are things    2013 May 5th
Abeera Farhan


2011 Dec 2nd 961 Views
What always runs but never walks, often murmurs, never talks, has a bed but never sleeps, has a mouth but never eats?  read more
Tooba - river    2015 Mar 24th
Qurratul - Hahahahahahahahaha!    2014 Jul 4th
Amna - Kay?    2013 Oct 4th


Abeera Farhan


2015 Jan 9th 788 Views

яυмαιsα - OMG this is quite good! The shadows and the contrast! You have the potential to...    2015 Apr 5th
Tooba - speechless    2015 Mar 24th
Abeera - thanks mubashra....    2015 Mar 23rd
Abeera Farhan

Long live Pakistan

2015 Jan 9th 789 Views
long live Pakistan
3 People Like this! - LAIBA NadeemAmna ShahidHabiba Rehman

Abeera - hahaha.....gud 1 tooba    2015 Mar 26th
Tooba - pakistan zindabad india murdabad    2015 Mar 24th
Abeera - thanku.....    2015 Feb 7th
Abeera Farhan


2015 Jan 9th 761 Views

Simra - nice......what is your age?????....    2015 Jun 18th
Abeera - thanku....    2015 Mar 26th
Tooba - creative and nyc    2015 Mar 24th
Abeera Farhan


2014 Aug 22nd 844 Views

Fatima - Fine    2017 Jun 8th
Abdullah - I am not hungry and i hate ketchup    2015 Apr 3rd
Abeera - hahaha......seems like you r hungry:D    2015 Mar 23rd
Abeera Farhan


2014 Aug 22nd 854 Views

Aliza - nice but i think it indulges in illuminate    2016 Apr 28th
Fatima - I Love it    2016 Feb 25th