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Samayya Shahzad

Samayya Shahzad


Dps , Lahore

I am a beautiful girl......I just enjoy my life in my way ......I wanna say that enjoy every moment of ur life and be happy...


Samayya Shahzad

Summer come back soon

2012 Sep 3rd 922 Views
SUMMER SUMMER Come back soon And bring back those sweet holidays... SUMMER SUMMER Come back soon And bring those mouth watering ice creams SUMMER... read more
Nimra - heyy wheree u lossttt yawrrr!!!!!!!?????? :/ i miss u!!! :/ :* longg timee we...    2014 Aug 7th
Nimra - oye kahan gayab ho? reply to karo... :(    2013 Jun 23rd
Nimra - ?? nai janti to bata do bhai main kuch kahon ge nai... :) :P ;)    2013 Jun 16th
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Full Name
Samayya Shahzad
Pakistan, punjab, Lahore

I am a beautiful girl......I just enjoy my life in my way ......I wanna say that enjoy every moment of ur life and be happy always I wanna make new friendzz ....

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