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Simra Zahid

Simra Zahid


Hi I am Simra Zahid


Simra Zahid

Let’s plant a tree

2012 Mar 23rd 717 Views
Let’s plant a tree

Nimra - heya simra happy advanced eid mubarak 2 u..!! :) :P ;) :D so can u tell me...    2013 Aug 8th
Nimra - :) well will u be my best friend? :) i hope u will..!! :))    2013 Aug 6th
Simra - No problem Nimra :)    2013 Jul 23rd
Simra Zahid


2012 Mar 16th 783 Views

Yusra - nice one    2014 Dec 26th
Amna - Fabulous!!!    2012 Dec 21st
LyeBa - fantastic :))))    2012 Aug 30th
Simra Zahid

Group of cartoons

2012 Mar 13th 727 Views
Group of cartoons

Amna - Very Gud...    2012 Dec 21st
LyeBa - Simra your drawing is so fantastic :)))))    2012 Aug 30th
Izma - great!!!!!!    2012 Aug 14th
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Full Name
Simra Zahid

Hi I am Simra Zahid

Video games
Tv watching
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Positive Thinking A little girl was passing by a public building. She was very charming and bore a... read more
Heaven on Earth On May 24th 2012, I and my family started our journey to the marvellous cities of Shogran... read more
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