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Rihab Talha

Rihab Talha


As salamu alakum! my name is Rihab Talha.(ovo)/ Im 14 years old. Sooo.. i really like drawing,painting. More than anything else...


Rihab Talha

Nature's song

May 28th 208 Views
The wind whistling through the treesThe soft rustling of dead leavesStreams and rivers one does cravefor the lapping sound of a wave over waveBirds... read more
3 People Like this! - Aiza IqbalYashfeen IqbalWania Tauqeer

Yashfeen - Love it    Jun 17th
Berha - hehe, Rihab a dp is your profile picture, and u have a really good one!!    Jun 6th
Aden - Nice♡♥    Jun 6th


Rihab Talha


2015 Aug 1st 1092 Views
A donkeys head is facing west.Which way would the donkey’s tail face? read more
Berha - South    Jun 6th
Amna - Toward the ground    Jan 3rd
Aliza - hey rihab do you still use vshine or did you quitted    2016 Nov 30th


Rihab Talha


Jun 23rd 173 Views
2 People Like this! - Wania TauqeerMaria Gul

Berha - OMG he is sooooo cute    Jun 26th
Wania - Great!!!    Jun 26th
Azka - Awesome keep it up    Jun 25th
Rihab Talha

Sketch (serpent)

Jun 5th 177 Views
Sketch (serpent)
1 Person like this! - Wania Tauqeer

Aden - Nice    Jun 13th
Berha - Amazing    Jun 6th
Wania - Amazing    Jun 6th
Rihab Talha

Tree (doodle)

May 28th 259 Views
Tree (doodle)
4 People Like this! - Aden SeeratFatima TariqWania TauqeerMaria Gul

Fiza - Rehab I can't believe you have made it yourself.    Jun 14th
Sakifay Mary - Wow...can't praise much enough    Jun 9th
Noorish - Nicr    Jun 4th
Rihab Talha


May 24th 238 Views
3 People Like this! - Wania TauqeerFatima TariqMaria Gul

Maria - Oh, thanks for telling    Jun 22nd
Rihab - @ Maria I made it on the same as before, sketchpad 3.7. (its a site)    Jun 21st
Maria - what app did u made this on    Jun 17th
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Rihab Talha
United Arab Emirates

As salamu alakum! my name is Rihab Talha.(ovo)/ Im 14 years old. Sooo.. i really like drawing,painting. More than anything else, I love reading books. I enjoy playing games and baking too.( ^v^)>-- .....~ im a fan of the harry potter series well...that's all about me, have fun!

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