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Aeman Adnan

Aeman Adnan


Lahore Grammar School,lahore , Lahore

I am AEMAN ADNAN . I have a lot of hobbies. I love swimming the most. I love my parents more than anything but most of all I love...


Aeman Adnan

A story about a sad bird

2015 Mar 5th 679 Views
Wake up!!!!Screamed the red bird. You should die so one day I have a good sleep, crazy bird waking me up in the morning, said the green bird. You... read more

Aeman - The green bird cried a lot as he was regretting all his mistakes. Thanks berha...    2015 Mar 11th
Berha - wow    2015 Mar 5th
MARYAM - did the green bird cry or the red bird? Good try and nice lesson    2015 Mar 5th
Aeman Adnan

Communities love

2014 Jun 28th 908 Views
Once there was a woman who lived in a foreign country. One day some kidnappers came to her house took everything, killed her and put her in the boot... read more
Aliza - good    2016 May 9th
Aeman - Can you stop taking out everyones mistake... If nobody else does even you...    2015 Feb 26th
Aeman - Shehram Thanks for sorting out my mistakes Hi noorulain I am fine what abt you    2015 Feb 25th


Aeman Adnan

Since the day you arrived

2013 Dec 19th 867 Views
Since the day you arrivedi have been busy day and night.Changing you , washing youbathng you and what not .Waking up with you all night.You were due... read more
Safa - yup....and that in fact is me....btw lovely poem aeman!    2016 Jan 30th
Aeman - Tooba why are you asking for so much details about me and by the way her name...    2014 Dec 10th
Tooba - u all have the rhyming names Aeman Aman and Eeman wow cool names whats is ur...    2014 Nov 29th


Aeman Adnan

Life surrounded by deaths

2015 Sep 3rd 817 Views
This might happen with other people as’s getting too much with these last days i have been seeing toooooooo many... read more
2 People Like this! - Wania TauqeerMaryam Naveed

Irza - May their souls rest in peace.I am very sorry to hear this.Have faith in Allah...    2017 Mar 25th
Pariwish - May ALLAH rest their souls in peace.Be brave dear and don,t think so because...    2017 Jan 20th
Wafa - ameen    2016 Sep 28th
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Full Name
Aeman Adnan
Pakistan, punjab, Lahore
Lahore Grammar School,lahore

I am AEMAN ADNAN . I have a lot of hobbies. I love swimming the most. I love my parents more than anything but most of all I love Allah . MAY ALLAH GIVE ALL OF US A LONG LIFE...........AMEEN.

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