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Nubera Ahmed

Nubera Ahmed


Beacon House School System (jtc) , Lahore

I am nubera ahmed


Nubera Ahmed

Human encounter

2014 Sep 18th 661 Views
Human instincts have always undermined animal existence due to numerous reasons. A conflict or bonds of love between the wild creatures and the... read more
2 People Like this! - Fatima MehdiShehram Chaudhry

Fatima - very good vocab :)    2016 Mar 11th
1 Comment
Nubera Ahmed

The Lost

2014 Jun 27th 615 Views
Lost in the rainforest of Himalayas I woke up stranded in the middle of nowhere. Shivering, cold and numb, I had nothing to begin with. I figured I... read more
2 People Like this! - Areeba KhalidNoorul Ain

Khadija - can you accept my friend request?    2014 Sep 9th
Unaiza - good try and good vocabulary!!!! Keep it up    2014 Jul 4th
Zainab - nice.    2014 Jul 2nd
Nubera Ahmed

Good friends are precious

2014 Jun 27th 601 Views
It was a sunny evening in the forest of Africa and the sun shone through the tall trees. A cackle of hyenas lived there. One of them was Tony and his... read more
2 People Like this! - Noorul AinZahra Sohail

Musfira Sultana - Nice one!    2014 Jun 28th
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Nubera Ahmed

The gang robbery

2014 Jun 27th 748 Views
12:00 at midnight Jamie, Dan, Jennifer and tom covered in tattoos were planning to rob the bank and steal the billionaire’s safe, excitement... read more
3 People Like this! - Noorul AinZahra SohailZainab Siddiqui

Shaheer - FINE    2014 Aug 18th
Marwa - Nice :-)    2014 Jul 17th
Marwa - Nice :-)    2014 Jul 17th
Nubera Ahmed

Monkey and the loin

June 2014 2014 Jun 22nd 909 Views
Long ago there lived a kingdom of lions. They were free, living like kings, roaming in the grasslands of Kenya. One day they were very hungry and no... read more
Laiba - this story has a great lesson. good story    2017 Mar 15th
Afsa Amin - congrats    2014 Sep 2nd
Mohammad - Congratulation by the way.    2014 Aug 31st
Nubera Ahmed

Shadowy gaze

2014 Jun 19th 636 Views
The snowy night of December it was 12:00 at midnight. I was watching a horror thriller movie, when suddenly I heard the creaking of the door, the... read more
2 People Like this! - Noorul AinZainab Siddiqui

Nubera - wild imagination    2014 Jul 18th
Zainab - u'v written very well!    2014 Jul 2nd
Tooba - hahaha funny and is this real    2014 Jun 26th


Nubera Ahmed


2014 Jul 18th 823 Views
Mother is like a shining starShining brightly in those millions of them farShe is like an angel down on earthWith her presence love was given... read more
Alishba Junaid Ahemadani - Love it    2015 Jan 7th
Anonymous - Wow it's totally AWESOME    2014 Sep 28th
Ellina - very nice!!!:)    2014 Aug 12th
Nubera Ahmed

Blessings of nature

2014 Jun 27th 665 Views
Blue and black is the skyLooking up it is so highShining stars are his sistersTell him to give them twistersThick is the mist in the nightMaking... read more
Anonymous - Oh blimey! U are a great Poet... If U work hard I'm sure U can become a Poet!    2014 Sep 28th
Zainab - you can become a poet:)    2014 Jul 2nd
Nubera Ahmed

The lost ruby

2014 Jun 27th 624 Views
I want you in my every thoughtHiding behind of what you oughtRiding horses in the windShowing me your every hintWere you my friend? Or just a... read more
1 Person like this! - Noorul Ain

Nubera - thanks a lot.    2014 Jul 1st
Qurat - Ul - Ain - Great:)    2014 Jun 27th
Nubera Ahmed


2014 Jun 27th 640 Views
Father is like an umbrella in the rainJust like to an elderly man is a caneHis strength and power is unbeatableHis dedication is incompatibleHis day... read more
Zainab - exellent poetry nubera    2014 Jul 2nd
Nubera - thank u Qurat ul ain    2014 Jul 1st
Qurat - Ul - Ain - A great tribute to all fathers out there:)    2014 Jun 27th
Nubera Ahmed

Life is beautiful

2014 Jun 27th 652 Views
Life Is BeautifulLife is a journeyIt is so runnyEvery day is a new dayFull of joy and hurrayThe new fresh startYour aim is good with a dartFrom the... read more
3 People Like this! - Aiza IqbalNoorul AinQurat - Ul - Ain Aamir

Anonymous - Great... I'm speechless I love Ur stuff!    2014 Sep 28th
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Nubera Ahmed


2014 Jun 19th