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Sadaf Tausif

Sadaf Tausif


Ems High School , Islamabad

Hi i am sadaf


Sadaf Tausif

Bright Sunny Day

2011 Mar 22nd 875 Views
It’s a bright sunny day In the merry month of May The weather is jolly gay Just the day to go out and play A picnic would be fun Over the hills... read more
2 People Like this! - Naima KhalidZainab Khan

Naima - good    2011 Sep 21st
Naima - Beautiful poem    2011 Sep 20th
Zainab - hi sadaf!the story is nyc!!!!!i've sent you a friend request please accept it.    2011 Aug 6th
Sadaf Tausif

Say No To Valentine's Day

2011 Jan 17th 776 Views
Why should we show love only this day Why can’t we show love every single day Friends give cards to others And children flowers to their... read more
2 People Like this! - Zainab KhanARSHAH WASEEM
Sadaf Tausif

I Wish

2010 Apr 15th 888 Views
I wish I had a jet packAnd could fly to the moonI wish I could meet T-RexAnd stay alive till noonI wish I were an explorerAnd dive into a volcanoI... read more
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Sadaf Tausif

Good Manners

February 2011 2011 Feb 16th 1101 Views
Manners are something we hear about every day. “Where are your manners?” “Haven’t you learned any manners?” “Good... read more
2 People Like this! - Bint Waseem MughalAyesha Qasim

Muhammed - nice i appriceate it!    2011 Mar 20th
Zernab - Hey Ayesha!!!!! My sister got it on 19th of that month & it doesn't...    2011 Mar 18th
Ayesha - hey how many days did ur sis got it??and it includes vshine...    2011 Mar 18th

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Full Name
Sadaf Tausif
Pakistan, Islamabad
Ems High School

Hi i am sadaf

Writing stories
I Wish I wish I had a jet packAnd could fly to the moonI wish I could meet T-RexAnd stay alive... read more
A Scrumptious Burger Chicken or cheese Burger I will eat  With mayo, sauces and veggies indeedI love... read more
Mubashir Salman
Don’t Play With Your Food Don’t mush all your peas up. Don’t dig in your taters. Don’t bubble... read more
Surely,A Touching Story A story is told about a soldier who was finally coming home after having fought ina... read more

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