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Kanza Baber

Kanza Baber


Pakistan International School Jeddah , Jeddah

i am kanza baber. i study in class 10 and i like to have alot of friends ,i like avril lavigne ,big time rush and pitbull so...


Kanza Baber

An unexpected day

2014 Apr 30th 898 Views
The climate of Jeddah is really unpredictable. On a very sunny day i came back from school and slept for 5 hours. When i woke up the whole climate... read more
Omama Mazhar - Sorry kanza. for accepting this request too late. Can you believe it. I opened...    2017 Apr 15th
Hajira - horrible day i was :O    2015 May 25th
Khadijah - Me too....    2015 Feb 27th


Kanza Baber

My 10th class

2014 Apr 30th 725 Views
The year of my 10th class was greatwell nothing went straightWe teased our teachersand had no fearwe had so funwhile having the summer vacation... read more
2 People Like this! - LAIBA NadeemKanza Baber

Rida - its okay you can do much better next time    2014 Jun 25th
Kanza - listen rida i never invited you to read my poem and secondly this is my very...    2014 Jun 23rd
Rida - boring. boring. boring and boring. you are in grade 10th and no rhymes in the...    2014 Jun 23rd
Kanza Baber


2014 Apr 30th 630 Views
True friends are rareBut i don’t have any fear,cuz thats all i wantedand now I’ve got itFriends support youthey never blame youthey help... read more
2 People Like this! - LAIBA NadeemKanza Baber

Abeera - loved it!    2015 Mar 23rd
Rida - i loved your poem this time. amazing kanza    2014 Jun 23rd
Kanza - thanx ada    2014 Jun 1st


Kanza Baber


2014 Sep 23rd 992 Views

Hiba - very nice    2015 Sep 4th
Amna - Masha'Allah :)    2015 Apr 11th
Abdullah - fantastic!    2015 Mar 12th
Kanza Baber

Aurora borealis

2014 Jun 12th 831 Views
aurora borealis

Fatima - Wow    2017 Jun 8th
Hiba - oh my god????    2015 Sep 4th
Rihab - awsum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2015 Jun 18th
Kanza Baber


2014 May 18th 861 Views

Fatima - Wow    2017 Jun 8th
Hiba - unbeliveable    2015 Sep 4th
Aneesa - amazing    2015 Dec 31st
Kanza Baber

My cartoon

2014 May 8th 803 Views
my cartoon

Aden - Cute    2014 Aug 22nd
Hamna - kanza add me i want afriend    2014 Jul 16th
Naima - soooooooooooooooooooo beautiful    2014 Jul 8th
Kanza Baber

My first oil painting

2014 Apr 30th 817 Views
my first oil painting

Fatima - Wow    2017 Jun 8th
Fatima - Wow    2017 Jun 8th
Fatima - wow    2014 Nov 18th
Kanza Baber

Fun painting at school

2014 Apr 22nd 826 Views
fun painting at school

Noorul - WELLLL DRAWING    2014 Jun 23rd
Kanza - oh sorry and thanks guys    2014 May 11th
Shiza - Kanza Baji M.A means Masha Allah.    2014 May 11th
Kanza Baber

Oil painting on wall by...

2014 Apr 22nd 852 Views
oil painting on wall by me

Ayesha - speechless    2015 May 27th
Kanza - awwwwww thank u so much    2014 Nov 2nd
Shehram - OOOO!! cool kanza baji its awesome ur a very good painter and i artist i think...    2014 Aug 21st


Kanza Baber

Holy Makkah

2014 Apr 30th 761 Views
Makkah is one of the greatest cities of the world. It is the city that never sleeps. Masjid al Haram is the largest masjid of the world, which is... read more
3 People Like this! - LAIBA NadeemKanza BaberTooba Fatima

Shehram - Hmmmm!!! Your right. Btw i am in makkah :) .    2014 Aug 21st
Kanza - thanx guys    2014 May 6th
Tooba - loooooove it    2014 May 6th
Kanza Baber


2014 Apr 25th 769 Views
Waiting is a word that is frequently used in our lives. We hear it every day. We have to use it even if we don’t want to. Some people think... read more
MARYAM - Nice...    2014 Jun 1st
Kanza - thanx    2014 Apr 27th
Ashra - superb..................................    2014 Apr 27th

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Full Name
Kanza Baber
Saudi Arabia, Jeddah
Pakistan International School Jeddah

i am kanza baber. i study in class 10 and i like to have alot of friends ,i like avril lavigne ,big time rush and pitbull so much.i looooooooooove katyperry

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