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Namra Shahid

Namra Shahid


Government College For Women Model Town,lahore , Lahore

My name is Namra Shahid.My favourite colour is Pink.I love barbies.My hobbies are making drawing and story writing.Most of the...


Namra Shahid

Inferiority complex

2011 Jul 13th 1005 Views
Ramsha was a fifteen years old girl. She was a very bright student of her class. She always secured good marks. But she had a complex of her dark... read more
Tooba - nyc and namra ur profile picture is very cute    2014 May 3rd
Arooba - DONOT MENTION IT NAMRA    2014 Apr 18th
Namra - Thanks    2013 Aug 17th
Namra Shahid

In the Land of Giant

2011 Jun 14th 834 Views
One day I woke up, I took my breakfast and went for a walk in the park. After walk I was so tired and sleepy so I found a shady tree. I planned to... read more
Tooba - nice story love it    2014 May 3rd
Amna - Gud    2012 Dec 21st
Areeb - ok    2011 Oct 23rd
Namra Shahid

The Day I Shrank

2011 Jun 8th 5497 Views
One day I woke up and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I didn’t know at what tube I was brushing, when I looked at the tube it... read more
Tooba - cool    2014 May 3rd
Khadijah - Nice Story. I was looking for an essay 'The day I shrank'    2013 Sep 30th
Saba - u r welcum namra dear.............    2011 Aug 16th
Namra Shahid

I changed into the frog

2011 May 27th 792 Views
I suppose you are wondering how I was changed into this frog. The frog said to the fairy standing in front of him with open mouth. The fairy got... read more
Tooba - awesome    2014 May 3rd
Namra - Thanks warda    2013 Jan 22nd
WARDAH - nice    2013 Jan 19th
Namra Shahid

The day I started...

2011 Jan 17th 1713 Views
One day I woke up I went to the washroom to brush my teeth. I took my breakfast, and then I put on my clothes. I notice that my clothes were short. I... read more
Tooba - excellento    2014 May 3rd
Namra - Thanx    2011 Sep 2nd
Xerac - i really like ur story namra    2011 Sep 1st
Namra Shahid


2010 Sep 2nd 1058 Views
We were about to leave the house for picnic just then we found a little blue packet in our garage. My cousin held the packet. He opened it, and... read more
Tooba - gr8    2014 May 3rd
Arooba - WELCOME DEAR    2014 Apr 18th
Arooba - WELCOME DEAR    2014 Apr 18th


Namra Shahid


2011 Aug 9th 835 Views
Kid: I want to tell you something Father: Its Not Good to talk When Eating (After Eating) Father: Now Tell Me Kid: There was a Cockroach in your... read more
4 People Like this! - Azka SaadAmna AliUsaidkhan KhanBint Waseem Mughal

Gullasht - AOA you cpy cat it is copied on vshine my page i read it again here    2013 May 1st
Namra - Thanks dear!    2012 Feb 11th
Amna - GUD    2012 Feb 9th
Namra Shahid

Dialogue between a judge...

2011 Jul 8th 1093 Views
Judge: Have u you ever stolen?Prisoner: Now and then.Judge: From where have you stolen?Prisoner: Here and there.Judge: Officer! Lock him up.Prisoner:... read more
Amna - Lol    2012 Dec 21st
Saad - o-:    2011 Aug 21st
Namra - So sweet.You are a really so much innocent girl.Try it yourself again and try...    2011 Jul 21st
Namra Shahid

A Sign board at a Petrol...

2011 Jul 4th 1207 Views
A Sign board at a Petrol pump “Please... Don't smoke here”.Although Your Life is not important, But Petrol is very expensive. read more
Laibah - ahazahahahahahahaahhaha    2013 Jun 29th
Amna - Hahahah    2012 Dec 21st
Namra - Yup!you are right Shahamah    2011 Jul 20th


Namra Shahid

Blue Dragon

2013 Oct 2nd 696 Views
Blue Dragon
3 People Like this! - Mahnum AhmedUsman RehanMaha Zahid

Fatima - First of all. DBZ is not a cartoon it is a anime. I love DBZ so much and I...    2017 Jul 9th
Affan - agree with gul    2014 Jan 10th
Namra - Thanks minahil    2013 Oct 31st
Namra Shahid

Mickey Mouse

2013 Jul 14th 781 Views
Mickey Mouse

KHAN - 6.9/10    2014 Mar 14th
Nazish - our pleasure namra shweetie;-)    2013 Dec 29th
Namra - Thanks to all    2013 Oct 1st
Namra Shahid


2013 Jun 20th 592 Views
2 People Like this! - Hiba AhmedRafia Ahmed

Namra - Thanks    2013 Aug 6th
Ajwa - cuuuuute...    2013 Aug 5th
Emel - Nice try!    2013 Jul 5th
Namra Shahid

Tom and Jerry

2013 Jun 16th 642 Views
Tom and Jerry
2 People Like this! - Rafia AhmedLaiba Khan

Namra - Thanks!    2013 Jul 7th
Emel - Good!    2013 Jul 5th
Rafia - ur welcome dear.......!!!!!!:)    2013 Jul 5th
Namra Shahid

Tom and Jerry

2013 Jun 7th 686 Views
Tom and Jerry
2 People Like this! - Taibah AhsonLaiba Khan

Namra - Thanks and my name is namra not nimra    2013 Aug 17th
Arooba - Drawing is good nimra    2013 Aug 7th
Namra Shahid


2013 Jan 18th 638 Views

Qurratul - Try to do nice colouring!But the pict. is very nice    2014 Mar 16th
Elsa - Nice efforts but the pic is unproper colored    2013 Feb 24th
Namra - Thanks maria    2013 Jan 24th
Namra Shahid

Ed,Edd n Eddy

2012 Jul 12th 728 Views
Ed,Edd n Eddy
1 Person like this! - Shahamah Ahmed

Abdur Rafay - not drawn nycly:( ed edd n eddy r looking so wobbly they're like jelly!! the...    2012 Jul 21st
Namra - Thanks to those who liked my drawing    2012 Jul 20th
Syed Saad - i think this cartoon is dumb but i think your drawing is nice    2012 Jul 18th
Namra Shahid

Pink Panther

2012 Jun 19th 706 Views
Pink Panther
1 Person like this! - Shahamah Ahmed

Namra - Thanks Elsa    2013 Mar 6th
Elsa - Wow, it is really nice Namra.........    2013 Feb 12th
Namra - Thanks    2012 Jul 8th
Namra Shahid

Power Puff...

2011 Sep 30th 794 Views
Power Puff Girls.............!
2 People Like this! - Momina BhattyLaiba Farhat

Namra - Thanks    2013 Aug 17th
Arooba - Seriously amazing    2013 Aug 7th
Namra - Thanks    2013 Mar 6th
Namra Shahid

Blue Dragon

2011 Aug 15th 690 Views
Blue Dragon
3 People Like this! - Namra ShahidBint Waseem MughalNoreen Khalily

Namra - Thanx    2011 Sep 9th
Bint Waseem - gud!    2011 Sep 6th
Namra - Thanks laiba    2011 Aug 18th
Namra Shahid

Scooby Doo

2011 Aug 10th 687 Views
Scooby Doo
3 People Like this! - WARDAH IBRAHIMBint Waseem MughalNamra Shahid

Namra - Thanks    2013 Jan 22nd
WARDAH - so beatiful    2013 Jan 19th
Saba - can u plz let me knw hw u paste ??????    2011 Aug 18th
Namra Shahid


2011 Jul 25th 794 Views

Namra - Thanks!    2011 Jul 31st
Saba - gr8888 & v . nice    2011 Jul 30th
Namra - oh i see n thanks    2011 Jul 27th
Namra Shahid

Mickey n Donald...

2011 Jul 23rd 862 Views
Mickey n Donald Adventure with Family

Nimra - Amazing.    2013 Aug 24th
Namra - Thanks!    2011 Sep 1st
Ghumaisa - wow!    2011 Aug 22nd
Namra Shahid

Pokémon-battle frontier

2011 Jul 9th 674 Views
Pokémon-battle frontier
1 Person like this! - Namra Shahid

Noor - great effort!!    2011 Jul 10th
1 Comment
Namra Shahid

Barbie Bells

2011 Jul 4th 704 Views
Barbie Bells
2 People Like this! - Namra ShahidSamia Shams

Aisha - cute drawing    2011 Jul 14th
Namra - If you guys like my drawing then please comment on my drawing    2011 Jul 10th
Namra Shahid

Sabrina-The Animated...

2011 Jun 10th 876 Views
Sabrina-The Animated Series
2 People Like this! - Namra ShahidSubha Mujtaba

Laiba - lovve sabrina and u tooo    2011 Jul 8th
Yamna - nyc.........    2011 Jun 21st
Namra - Thanks!    2011 Jun 19th
Namra Shahid

Mix Master

2011 Jun 2nd 819 Views
Mix Master
2 People Like this! - Namra ShahidM@ry@m Khurshid

M@ry@m - nice    2011 Jun 3rd
Aleena - nyc    2011 Jun 3rd
Namra Shahid

Strawberry Shortcake

2011 Jun 2nd 798 Views
Strawberry Shortcake

Fatima - Great!    2017 Jul 3rd
Namra - I like strawberry Shortcake too:)    2013 Jan 24th
Namra - Thanks    2013 Jan 22nd
Namra Shahid

Strawberry Short cake

2011 May 27th 736 Views
Strawberry Short cake
2 People Like this! - WARDAH IBRAHIMNamra Shahid

Namra - Thanks Areej dear    2011 Aug 3rd
Areej - cool!    2011 Aug 2nd
Pivak - how cute... :)    2011 May 27th
Namra Shahid

CBeebies Cartoon

2011 May 18th 914 Views
CBeebies Cartoon
2 People Like this! - Namra ShahidM@ry@m Khurshid

Namra - Thanks to all    2011 Jul 31st
Saba - nyc :0    2011 Jul 30th
Menahil - Cool    2011 May 19th
Namra Shahid


2011 Feb 9th 831 Views

Manal - :-D lovely...    2011 May 2nd
Ahmed - now its nice    2011 Mar 30th
Bint Waseem - nyc!    2011 Mar 29th
Namra Shahid


2011 Feb 9th 845 Views

M@ry@m - well done no othre words!!    2011 May 27th
Ahmed - good drawin.hisbody u drawed is gud but his face lok like hes a monkey.    2011 Mar 30th
ROcKiNgUrL MInA - this is truely fake    2011 Mar 21st


Namra Shahid


2011 Sep 30th 639 Views
Fish said to water:"You cannot see my tears because I am in water"Water said:"But I can feel your tears because you are in me"THAT'SFRIENDSHIP!!! :-) read more
4 People Like this! - Azka SaadBint MahfoozSahar SaleemHadia Kashif

Soha - Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! Very Wise One!!    2013 Jan 4th
Saba - ohh u r welcuuuuuuuuum namra :) :) :)    2011 Oct 25th
Namra - Thankxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    2011 Oct 23rd
Namra Shahid

Avoid negative...

2011 Aug 13th 747 Views
"One tree makes a million matchsticks..But one matchstick can burn a million trees.So,One negative thought can burn all positive thoughts."So try to... read more
4 People Like this! - Azka SaadNamra ShahidHadia KashifHuma Zahid

Bint Waseem - EXACTLY|!    2011 Sep 29th
Namra - Thanx!    2011 Sep 20th
Aamna - Nice Article    2011 Sep 17th
Namra Shahid

Mind game!

2011 Aug 10th 3997 Views
Solve if you are smart enough.................!Every question has 10 marks, passing marks are 60........!CORRECT THE SPELLING.Q.1 Anlkaar(a city)Q.2... read more
Ayeshah - 1.Lanka rabia 2.Yemen 3.Peon 4.forehead 5.Daffodil 6.Panther...    2017 May 24th
Rainbow - 1.larkana 2.yemen 3.poen 4.forehead    2017 May 8th
Rainbow - Larkana    2017 May 8th
Namra Shahid

Costly Water of the...

2011 Jul 25th 700 Views
"Do you know which is the most costly water of the world?"           ANS: "TEAR" Because it is made of; 1% of WATER... read more
2 People Like this! - Azka SaadNamra Shahid

Hafsa - amazing.........    2012 Jul 11th
Namra - Thanksssssssssssssssssssss    2011 Aug 16th
Maryam - nice one!    2011 Aug 16th
Namra Shahid

Wonders takes more time!

2011 Jul 8th 645 Views
Never worry about the delay in success because construction of WONDERS takes more time than ordinary buildings........ read more
2 People Like this! - Azka SaadNamra Shahid

Namra - Thanks!    2011 Jul 13th
Armeen - nyc!!!    2011 Jul 8th
Namra Shahid

Difference between truth...

2011 Jul 5th 720 Views
Difference between truth and lie:"Truth is a debit card.Pay first and enjoy later" While "Life is a credit card.Enjoy first and pay later"... read more
4 People Like this! - Azka SaadNamra ShahidSahar SaleemAshna Ahmed

Namra - Ayesha dear It is the word lie not life.I think it's misprinted.May be it is...    2011 Jul 8th
Aisha - it life or lie. topic is truth and lie and there is no word lie here.    2011 Jul 7th
Armeen - nyc!    2011 Jul 6th
Namra Shahid

An Interesting Journey

2011 May 27th 4684 Views
I have travelled through many cities of Pakistan and by many means of transport. The most memorable and interesting journey was from Lahore to... read more
3 People Like this! - Azka SaadRamsha ShafiqNamra Shahid
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Full Name
Namra Shahid
Pakistan, Punjab, Lahore
Government College For Women Model Town,lahore
2nd Year

My name is Namra Shahid.My favourite colour is Pink.I love barbies.My hobbies are making drawing and story writing.Most of the time I give attention towards art like handmade things.My birthday is on 10 April.My Friends are Aleena,Mavra,Mahnoor,Asma,Mubashra,Numera,Ayesha And Kiran.In all these,my bestest friends are Aleena,Kiran and Mavra.But I consider that they all are my best friend.They are all dear to me.They all are equal in front me.

Tv watching
Board games
Indoor games
Writing stories
Sfz Zehra
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