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Nabeela Siddiqui

Nabeela Siddiqui


My name is Nabeela Adeel Siddiqui.I am 12 years old and I have many hobbies.I love baking cakes,cupcakes and brownies.I mostly...


Nabeela Siddiqui

The Greedy Dog

2014 Apr 23rd 760 Views
Once upon a time, there lived a dog. He was the richest dog in his village. But he was hard hearted and never gave to the poor and the needy. One... read more
2 People Like this! - Yashfeen IqbalMaikham Adil

Yashfeen - Good one!!    2017 Apr 7th
Shaheer - Ummm.. IF u dont mind hen may i ask how a dog can be rich? Is it a fable?    2015 Jun 1st
Tooba - nice    2014 May 12th
Nabeela Siddiqui

The Scary Night

2014 Apr 22nd 548 Views
One night, Molly's parents went to a party and left Molly home with her big dog Spike. When Molly was watching TV, there was news that a beast was... read more
1 Person like this! - Tooba Fatima

Zainab - too spooky    Jan 11th
Shaheer - "The news also said that it might come to your    2015 Jun 1st
Shaheer - "The news also said that it might come to your    2015 Jun 1st


Nabeela Siddiqui

Who Will Get The Salt?

2014 Apr 22nd 861 Views
One day three men were making food when they ran out of salt. They struck up an argument: who would get the salt from the market. One of them said... read more
Shaheer - hmmmm... heard this one but still :)    2015 Jun 1st
Shehram - Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! silly people they dont care about their...    2014 Aug 30th
Samra - how are you Aneesa?how is Mayanmar    2014 Aug 1st
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Full Name
Nabeela Siddiqui
Saudi Arabia

My name is Nabeela Adeel Siddiqui.I am 12 years old and I have many hobbies.I love baking cakes,cupcakes and brownies.I mostly like read books and magazines which are informative or adventurous.Most of all, I love to help all my family members in whatever they want me to do and usually spend my time with the friends who take care of me.I play badminton with my brother or my father.

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