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Maria Gul

Maria Gul


Iiui Mardan Campus , Mardan

-1st Name: Maria- 2nd name: Gul- Talents : artist, writer, poet, designer, and working on songwriting- fav color: Blue/Black-...


Maria Gul

Farrago academy - part 6

2017 Jun 5th 289 Views
It was another beautiful summer morning, Ixora twirled towards the window to see the shining sun and as she went close to her window a cold breeze... read more
4 People Like this! - Sajahir RizwanAiza IqbalFatima TariqAden Seerat

Sajahir - please....................write the next part    2017 Sep 17th
Anna - I love your stories Maria. You are very intelligent.    2017 Aug 9th
Urooj - Awesome😁😁    2017 Jul 21st
Maria Gul

Farrago academy part 5

2017 May 24th 434 Views
Part 5 Scene – Ixora’s room Ixora was lying in her bed after exploring the whole academy she was getting bored, the sky looked... read more
Maheen - Awesome story 😍    2017 Aug 1st
Urooj - Gud 😊    2017 Jul 30th
Fatima - @Maria you are right    2017 Jun 15th
Maria Gul

Farrago academy Part 4:...

2017 May 14th 344 Views
Part 4: The new Building Another day, the sun was shining, clouds in the sky and birds on the wind. And the academy was moving to a new building, I... read more
Aden - Once again, Wonderful! I love hunger games too. But like harry potter more    2017 Jun 4th
Fatima - I hate the scene when Prim dies. Just bcz of Coin. Kateniss' only sibling died...    2017 May 31st
Berha - I luv hunger gamestoo! It is really great! I cant believe Snow was using Peeta!...    2017 May 27th
Maria Gul

Farrago academy Part - 3

2017 May 5th 227 Views
Okay so Ixora and Korrina were on their way to Paul’s house and suddenly they heard a familiar voice “Where are you both going by the... read more
3 People Like this! - Maheen IshtiaqMaria GulWania Tauqeer

Fatima - It is published twice Maria    2017 May 22nd
Abdul Ali - good    2017 May 17th
Maria Gul

Farrago Academy part 3

2017 Apr 27th 322 Views
Okay so Ixora and Korrina were on their way to Paul’s house and suddenly they heard a familiar voice “Where are you both going by the... read more
4 People Like this! - Fatima TariqMaria GulYashfeen IqbalWania Tauqeer

Irza - don't worry Maria. I won't miss it☺    2017 Jun 6th
Aden - Totally loved it Maria! One of the stories you cant stop reading    2017 Jun 4th
Maria - @syeda sure, i am ur friend and if u are too busy u can read my stories any...    2017 May 28th
Maria Gul

Farrago academy - part 2

2017 Mar 30th 352 Views
Louise is the principal of an academy. Even Ixora learns in that academy. She had a friend, a best friend, her name was Korrina Maven.Korrina was a... read more
Maheen - You are welcome dear. 😘    2017 Aug 3rd
Maria - Thanks maheen i am glad you like my story    2017 Aug 2nd
Maheen - Its awesome . Its funny and interesting and unlike some stories it is cheerful...    2017 Jul 31st
Maria Gul

Farrago academy

2017 Mar 27th 372 Views
Hi everyone I am writing a story about the life of a little girl named Ixora who thought her life was going to be an easy one but at each... read more
Sabeen - Good story Maria    2017 Jun 29th
Azka - Awesome Maria!    2017 Jun 15th
Aden - Really Nicely written Maria    2017 Jun 4th


Maria Gul

Quaid's Pakistan

2017 Jun 5th 246 Views
Quaid’s Pakistan The flag of green and white People with the past that wasn’t so bright It was the past that was darker... read more
3 People Like this! - Aiza IqbalYashfeen IqbalFatima Tariq

Nisha - I love Pakistan... And this is amazing    2017 Jun 26th
Fatima - No problem    2017 Jun 24th
Yashfeen - Oh I should have write it by mistake thanks Fatima for correcting my mistake.    2017 Jun 20th
Maria Gul

Terrorism effect on...

2017 Mar 28th 253 Views
Terrorism effect on Pakistan  Once, when there was happiness and peaceChildren studied hard and with ease Fearlessly stars went to... read more
Berha - Amazing!    2017 May 3rd
Nisha - Excellent    2017 Apr 11th
Wania - Spectacular!    2017 Apr 7th
Maria Gul

A Flower in a garden

2017 Mar 27th 235 Views
A Flower in a garden all aloneSinging his song in his own sad toneA sad story behind each petalBut its heart is stronger than any metalDoesn’t... read more
4 People Like this! - Zainab RizviYashfeen IqbalAiza IqbalWania Tauqeer

Wania - Awesome    2017 Apr 7th
Aiza - Nice    2017 Mar 29th
Asfand - i am not that much good in writing poems but you are a real poet!...    2017 Mar 28th
Maria Gul


2017 Mar 24th 226 Views
The best magazine of the world is V SHINEChoosing V SHINE was a decision of mineA magazine filled with light and knowledgeI will be reading it even... read more
Aiza - Good    2017 Jun 17th
Wania - Nice!    2017 Apr 7th
Maria Gul

A rose in the garden

2017 Mar 21st 214 Views
A Flower in a garden pure redit doesn't need a chair or a bedEven though it’s pretty, it’s not proudIt doesn't shouts about its beauty... read more
4 People Like this! - Yashfeen IqbalAiza IqbalWania TauqeerMaria Gul

Wania - Good    2017 Apr 7th
1 Comment
Maria Gul

A Rose in the garden

2017 Mar 6th 316 Views
But I will just stay here without making any noiseWhat proud people do is shout about their joyssNot a princess that everyone proposeI am a rose just... read more
Zainab - good    2017 Dec 23rd
Wania - Nice    2017 Apr 19th
Nisha - WowπŸ˜‰    2017 Apr 10th


Maria Gul

A mythical creature of...

2017 Nov 16th 196 Views
A mythical creature of my story (wolfree)
2 People Like this! - Fatima TariqYaseera Abid

Sakifay Mary - Wow    2017 Dec 13th
Anna - Nice one Maria.    2017 Dec 5th
Yashfeen - Good    2017 Nov 20th
Maria Gul

Jimmy and paul

2017 Nov 16th 226 Views
Jimmy and paul
2 People Like this! - Hafsa FatimaYaseera Abid

Hafsa - GREAT!! Are they siblings?    Jan 6th
Nisha - Awesome    Jan 5th
Yashfeen - Awesome    2017 Nov 20th
Maria Gul

A Pakistani cloth seller...

2017 Jul 20th 421 Views
A Pakistani cloth seller in his store

Fatima - I like it maria . keep it up    2017 Aug 25th
Irza - This is amazing Maria!! Keep it up!    2017 Aug 15th
Anna - This is.......beautiful, awesome and amazing. I love your drawing.    2017 Aug 9th
Maria Gul

Korrina has been replaced

2017 Jul 9th 495 Views
Korrina has been replaced

Maria - Yes those plots arent changed    2017 Oct 20th
Fatima - Okay. But will it be about the library and the book and powers? Reply soon    2017 Oct 19th
Maria - @fatima for instance yes but I do bring changes who knows what will happen, but...    2017 Sep 6th
Maria Gul


2017 Jun 24th 261 Views

Safa - feels you're an artist    2017 Jul 11th
Nisha - Wonderful    2017 Jul 6th
Wania - Amazing!    2017 Jun 26th
Maria Gul

Korrina (My story...

2017 Jun 23rd 222 Views
Korrina (My story Character)
3 People Like this! - Wania TauqeerAzka IqbalFatima Tariq

Safa - fantabulastic!!!!!!    2017 Jul 11th
Wania - Wowwww    2017 Jun 26th
Azka - WOW......!!!!!Great......!!!!!!    2017 Jun 25th
Maria Gul

Lonely bird in the...

2017 Jun 23rd 246 Views
Lonely bird in the midnight

Ayesha - Wow! And berha, Maria is right you can do better by practicing. I made so...    2017 Jul 17th
Urooj - Good1:)    2017 Jul 15th
Nisha - Oh yes berha. Well I do write my own poems but can't post here.    2017 Jul 6th
Maria Gul


2017 Jun 16th 270 Views

Nisha - Best one    2017 Jul 2nd
Azka - Interesting,thanks Maria InshaAllah those aims and dreams will surely come...    2017 Jun 27th
Azka - Interesting,thanks Maria InshaAllah those aims and dreams will surely come...    2017 Jun 27th
Maria Gul

Willow (Magical creature...

2017 May 31st 254 Views
willow (Magical creature from my story)
2 People Like this! - Wania TauqeerFatima Tariq

Berha - Lol I thought it was a girl until i found out from aliza's google + post o by...    2017 Jun 3rd
Aden - Oh so cute. I really like it! Only few people can design so good characters!    2017 Jun 3rd
Fatima - @Maria    2017 Jun 2nd
Maria Gul

Sweet korrina (Farrago...

2017 May 5th 331 Views
sweet korrina (Farrago academy) (Read the story on my profile)

Nisha - Bravo    2017 May 12th
Fatima - Amazing drawing Maria    2017 May 11th
Maria Gul

Not revealed characters...

2017 May 5th 261 Views
Not revealed characters of my story (Farrago Academy) Stay tuned
3 People Like this! - Maria GulFatima TariqWania Tauqeer

Fatima - @Ayesha not wifred... Ita wolfree    2017 Aug 9th
Ayesha - The girl is Wilfred right? Anyways good!    2017 Jul 21st
Maria - The girl will have her appeal soon    2017 May 13th
Maria Gul

Ixora in a cute outfit (...

2017 May 4th 268 Views
Ixora in a cute outfit ( you can read the story on my screen )
3 People Like this! - Fatima TariqWania TauqeerAliza Aamir

Berha - Oh.. I watch dub    2017 Jun 13th
Fatima - Amazing and I watched inzuma eleven with my sister when I was six and I really...    2017 May 12th
Maria - I am a Japanese fan so a I watch sub    2017 May 10th
Maria Gul

Farrago academy

2017 May 4th 258 Views
farrago academy

Fatima - Okay    2017 Jun 22nd
Maria - U guys shouldn't think abour rinjin, so much he will not appear in the story...    2017 Jun 13th
Berha - No fatima the red hair guy is Rinjin (I think thats the spelling) they r...    2017 Jun 13th
Maria Gul

My story character Ixora...

2017 Apr 2nd 302 Views
My story character Ixora  (My digital art)

Noorish - yeah how do you guys do it......................... totally inspired by you and...    2017 Apr 27th
Wania - How do you all do it?? Its totally amazing    2017 Apr 19th
Fatima - Amazing+ pls comment on my stories aswell I hope you like one of them that is...    2017 Apr 17th
Maria Gul

My story character Ixora...

January 2017 2017 Apr 2nd 460 Views
My story character Ixora looking at the sky (My digital art)

Fatima - You are more then amazing artist    2017 Jun 14th
Berha - Congrats U really r an amazing artists!!    2017 Jun 6th
Yashfeen - Congrats Maria    2017 Jun 6th
Maria Gul

Myself getting ready for...

2017 Mar 28th 285 Views
Myself getting ready for school
4 People Like this! - Aiza IqbalWania TauqeerYashfeen IqbalMaria Gul

Fatima - Amazing and u draw it on Mspaint wasn't that hard to make it on it????????    2017 May 12th
Noorish - aliza amir and maria i am your fan.......................    2017 Apr 27th
Maria - @Wania on MSpaint    2017 Apr 22nd
Maria Gul

Miraculous marina

2017 Mar 28th 244 Views
miraculous marina
1 Person like this! - Wania Tauqeer

Irza - Love itβ™₯β™₯β™₯    2017 May 12th
Fatima - You are an amazing and great artist    2017 May 12th
Maria - @irza not exactly ladybug but it is my edit of miraculous    2017 May 9th
Maria Gul

My digital art

2017 Mar 27th 230 Views
My digital art

Fatima - on paint??? then it would have been very hard to draw it on computer Mspaint...    2017 May 18th
Noorish - splendid!    2017 Apr 29th
Wania - Awesome    2017 Apr 19th
Maria Gul


2016 Nov 22nd 367 Views

Fatima - Well done    2017 May 12th
Wania - Lolzz    2017 Jan 8th
Wajeeha Masood - cooooool    2016 Dec 25th
Maria Gul

My OC's super form

2016 Nov 22nd 341 Views
My OC's super form
4 People Like this! - Fatima TariqNisha QaziWania TauqeerMaria Gul

Fatima - 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😢 It is sooooo prettttttyyyy    2017 May 18th
Wania - Pretty!    2017 Jan 8th
Wajeeha Masood - nyc    2016 Dec 25th
Maria Gul


2016 Aug 20th 494 Views

Wania - Welcome    2017 Apr 21st
Yashfeen - Awesome    2017 Mar 31st
Wajeeha Masood - i like it    2016 Dec 25th
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Full Name
Maria Gul
Pakistan, Kpk, Mardan
Iiui Mardan Campus
Grade 9

-1st Name: Maria- 2nd name: Gul- Talents : artist, writer, poet, designer, and working on songwriting- fav color: Blue/Black- Date of birth:28 may, 2003- Zodiac: Gemini- Fav singer: Harris J- Fav fruit: Apple- Fav actor: Usman khalid butt- Fav actress: Ayesha Khan- Fav language: Arabic- Fav movie: Hunger games- Fav country: Pakistan- Fav anime: Inazuma eleven

Video games
Tv watching
Indoor games
Net surfing
Writing stories
Collecting coins
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