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Abir Talha

Abir Talha


I am Abir Talha


Abir Talha

Monster Flies

2013 Sep 11th 805 Views
Slapping filthy fliesCuase they make me hypnotizedIt’s going to be such a hard job to doCuase the number of flies is more than twoSuddenly... read more
Anam - best and the best    2013 Sep 24th
Zainab - alright nice job    2013 Sep 21st
Rehan - Keep it up    2013 Sep 18th


Abir Talha

Not My Poem

2013 Dec 19th 804 Views
Dear Editor,I will be very grateful if you can clear that the poem "Monster Flies" was posted by my sister and not me, as she is younger and has been... read more
KHAN - nothing here    2014 Feb 1st
HAFSA - hellloo i didnt understand??????    2014 Jan 22nd
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Abir Talha
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I am Abir Talha

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