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Mubashra Ayub

Mubashra Ayub


National Model Higher Secondary School Sheikhupura , Sheikhupura

Love cricket,football and Novels.......... :)


Mubashra Ayub

My Greatest Fear

2015 Jan 6th 715 Views
When I was a young child, I hated to do bathing. It was because the bucket and tub full of water causes a queer feeling inside me and i would get... read more
Zainab - nice 1.    Feb 3rd
Zainab - nice 1.    Feb 3rd
Urooj - Really nice😁    2017 Jul 21st
Mubashra Ayub

The Prince and the Eagle

2013 Jun 22nd 2179 Views
Once upon a time there was a king who had no sons. One day the king was sitting in his room and said to him ''Now I am going older and I have no... read more
Urooj - Gudd 😏    2017 Jul 21st
Fatima - I love your every story.There great.FANTASTIC GOD...    2016 Apr 19th
Fatima - I love your every story.There great.FANTASTIC GOD...    2016 Apr 19th


Mubashra Ayub

Little Rain Drops

2015 Apr 20th 529 Views
In my ears, came a sweet sound,Just as if it was very fresh aroundShiny pearls everywhere I found,When the little rain drops touched the groundIt... read more
3 People Like this! - Wania TauqeerDuaa AmerFatima Tariq

Duaa - nice and gud one    2015 Jul 26th
Admin - Check the My Page winners here    2015 May 29th
Mubashra Ayub

Painful Punishment

2015 Apr 20th 463 Views
The sun’s now gone,The moon’s now come,The star’s now blinking,But in a far away sea,There is a boat sinking,It looks like the boat... read more

Admin - Check the My Page winners here    2015 May 29th
1 Comment
Mubashra Ayub

Don't mess with Messi

2015 Apr 20th 529 Views
Don’t mess with Messi, Because he is so tricky He attacks opponent’s goal, And has an attacking soul Football players... read more

Maida - oh well gr8 you are messi's fan hmmm    2016 Apr 3rd
Admin - Check the My Page winners here    2015 May 29th
Mubashra Ayub

Children are full of fun

2015 Apr 20th 446 Views
Children are full of fun,They play in hot sun,They throw snowballs in winter,And enjoy rain full of thunderIn autumns, they get bored,Because at that... read more
Mubashra Ayub


2015 Mar 30th 436 Views
When you face the dark way, When you see no bright day, Only then one light you can see, Which you think can make you free, But you can't reach this... read more
2 People Like this! - Wania TauqeerAyesha Kiani

Wania - Awesome    2015 Sep 26th
Mubashra - thanks again fatima :)    2015 Apr 15th
Fatima - And your welcome.But I am saying that your poems are more great than great and...    2015 Apr 14th
Mubashra Ayub

Little Rain Drops

October 2014 2015 Mar 1st 871 Views
In my ears, came a sweet sound,Just as if it was very fresh aroundShiny pearls everywhere I found,When the little rain drops touched the groundIt... read more
Maida - awesome+dashing poem congrates to be a winner    2016 Apr 3rd
Rabab - do these poems get published in the magazine? and are u publishing ur work in...    2015 May 23rd
Rabab - yes great but stll vshine didnt send u the gift hamper so u should contact them    2015 May 23rd
Mubashra Ayub

Beautiful Nature

2015 Feb 9th 525 Views
Oh how beautiful is nature,Everywhere are incredible creaturesBeautiful is the sky,When pretty birds flyNights are so loving,With sweet moonlight... read more
1 Person like this! - Ayesha Kiani

Abeera - it is gud......    2015 Mar 2nd
Sofia - nice    2015 Feb 26th
Fatima - Thanks alot Mubashra    2015 Feb 21st
Mubashra Ayub

Books are friends

2015 Feb 9th 475 Views
Books are friends,They never get out of trendStudents take them to their college,To increase their knowledgeBooks help us in every trouble,And... read more
2 People Like this! - Dua NamdarAyesha Kiani

Fatima - Mubashra do not need to say thanks I have to say thanks to you.And I am to glad...    2015 Feb 28th
Dua - nice poem    2015 Feb 28th
Sofia - very good    2015 Feb 27th
Mubashra Ayub

Islam is the best way

2015 Feb 9th 478 Views
Islam means peace,It doesn’t allow anybody to teaseIslam is the best way,With shining and bright raysIslam orders us to be honest,Because... read more
1 Person like this! - Ayesha Kiani

Ayesha - (MASHALLAH) amazing very true!!!!!!!!!!!!!...    2015 Apr 9th
Aeman - Noce    2015 Apr 1st
Fatima - Mubashra you are just like my sister.But No only you all boys and girls are...    2015 Mar 21st
Mubashra Ayub

The Punch Gift

2015 Feb 9th 469 Views
I am giving you a gift,Which is a smart trickIt sounds like a crunch,Because in it is a huge red punchGrab your box and open it,You will get a... read more
1 Person like this! - Ayesha Kiani

Fatima - Mubashra please do not say thanks to me.But your poems are cOOl    2015 Mar 21st
Mubashra - thank u fatima    2015 Feb 11th
Fatima - Wondeful    2015 Feb 10th
Mubashra Ayub

My Little White Diary

2015 Feb 5th 465 Views
My little white diary,You are like a fairy,In which I can write anything,And nobody else can see anythingYou have kept my all feeling,And saved my... read more
2 People Like this! - Ayesha KianiJasmine Bilal

SyEdA BuShRa - NICE....I LIKE IT..    2015 Mar 10th
Jasmine - Nyc keep it up    2015 Mar 2nd
Aeman - That's an awesome poem    2015 Mar 1st
Mubashra Ayub

Independence of my land

2015 Feb 2nd 478 Views
Splashes of bloodNight of Laila-tul-QadrEfforts for freedomDreams of independenceSacrifices for a landMigration of MuslimsWith their patience and... read more
1 Person like this! - Ayesha Kiani

Aeman - It's really nice    2015 Mar 1st
Mubashra - thanks    2015 Feb 5th
Umair - thats really nice    2015 Feb 5th
Mubashra Ayub

V SHINE is the best

2013 Jun 22nd 741 Views
What is V SHINE?it is wonderful,it is colourful,it is marvellous,it is fabulous,Andit is an interesting encyclopaedia. read more
Mubashra - yes dua in my next poem i will try :) thanks for your advice :)    2015 Feb 5th
Abeera - its nice n true.....but if it had some rhymes it would have been great (do not...    2015 Feb 4th
Rabab - you have done a great job please accept my friend request and answer me soon    2014 Nov 22nd


Mubashra Ayub


2015 Apr 20th 570 Views
2 People Like this! - Zoya IrfanDuaa Amer

Fatima - And u were saying that mine drawings are better than yours    2017 May 12th
Fatima - Wow    2016 Mar 1st
MUSFIRAH - GOOD    2016 Feb 6th
Mubashra Ayub


2015 Apr 20th 596 Views

Fatima - So cute wee don't anyone dare to say that it is bad    2017 May 12th
MUSFIRAH - good.    2016 Feb 6th
Mubashra Ayub


2014 Sep 18th 655 Views

Ayesha - goood    2015 Apr 12th
Rabab - how much time    2015 Mar 31st
Mubashra - rabab it took some time :)    2015 Feb 4th
Mubashra Ayub


2013 Jun 20th 1079 Views

Mubashra - no no ayesha they are not rejected but they need time for approval don't lose...    2015 Apr 25th
Ayesha - good but I don't know why my poems, stories and articles are rejected by the...    2015 Apr 16th
Abeera - lol....    2015 Feb 7th
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Full Name
Mubashra Ayub
Pakistan, punjab, Sheikhupura
National Model Higher Secondary School Sheikhupura

Love cricket,football and Novels.......... :)

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