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 Sadia Malik

Sadia Malik


, Rawalpindi Or Tabuk



 Sadia Malik

Just Do It

2015 Jan 6th 631 Views
`Oh no! Here we go again' i though as I saw the group of bullies coming towards me. As usual Sam the leader came forward and said “Here is... read more
3 People Like this! - Sajahir RizwanFatimah LatifJasmine Bilal

Jasmine - Impressive;)    2015 Jan 11th
Shaheer - Yaaa!!!    2015 Jan 10th
Sarah - Good. Except that there are a few errors. Other than that its gr8.    2015 Jan 10th
 Sadia Malik

In my memories

2014 Feb 2nd 577 Views
Looking at the sky, birds flyingBushy trees dancing, Winds BlowingLooking at the ground, my feet freezingShadowy figures of leaves lyingMy mind full... read more
2 People Like this! - Aiza Iqbal Shiza Javed

Shiza - Good!    2014 May 14th
Mubashra - nyc :)    2014 May 11th
Sadia - thanks    2014 Apr 9th
 Sadia Malik

Time waits for no one

2013 Sep 29th 689 Views
Yesterday morning I woke up late, when I realized it I ran fast to have a bath, brushed my teeth and then changed clothes. I knew I was late and had... read more
Shiza - NiCe.    2014 May 14th
Hibba - NYC story    2014 Jan 24th
Sadia - thank you rabbia and tooba :)    2014 Jan 18th
 Sadia Malik


2013 Mar 20th 1039 Views
I was riding my bike back to home from my friend Sarah's home. Near my aunt Steffi’s House I heard that she was saying I don't know. By the... read more
Sadia - syeda fatima maybe i can teach you    2013 Oct 18th
Arwa - sadia yar ap ye bata skti ho k ap ne website k say banai ha?????????? plz    2013 Sep 10th
Sadia - Kingdom of Saudia Arabia    2013 Aug 30th
 Sadia Malik

Don’t think you are...

2012 Nov 8th 1006 Views
Do not think you are the greatest and in elite class so poor and old men must respect you. Here is the story for a lesson for a man. Once upon a time... read more
Sadia - thanks    2013 Dec 7th
Abid - nice    2013 Dec 4th
Sadia - thanX    2013 May 31st


 Sadia Malik

I walked a mile

2014 Jan 18th 549 Views
I walked a mile with pleasureBut she made fun of itShe wanted to spend with me her leisureBut she never cared a bitI walked a mile with sorrowBut she... read more
1 Person like this! - Nazish Ilyas

Nazish - welcome.    2014 Jan 23rd
Sadia - thanks alot Nazish    2014 Jan 21st
Nazish - oh my gosh wht a heart touching poem yaar!    2014 Jan 19th
 Sadia Malik

Left alone

2013 Nov 4th 663 Views
In schoolOn a hot dayThinking of myself foolAs I mayStanding in cafeteriaIn a long lineWith all those bacteriaI was kind and fineMy hair blowing... read more
4 People Like this! - Ashadiya HafeezHadia AtherKHAN AHMEDNazish Ilyas

Sadia - Ashadiya thanks, Eman yeah IK    2014 Jan 18th
Ashadiya - oooh!! thatz nyc :):):)    2013 Dec 10th
Eman - it is not amazing it is okay i dont think its bad    2013 Dec 1st
 Sadia Malik

Magic Stick

2013 Sep 25th 844 Views
I wish I could have a magic stickso my dreams would be no longer sickThousands of ice-creams i would picknew new fashions i would pickall questions... read more
3 People Like this! - Nazish IlyasAffan FaisalAisha Abdul Quddus

Sadia - thanks    2014 Jan 18th
Nazish - excellent poem with rhyming words.    2013 Dec 1st
Sadia - thanx    2013 Oct 18th
 Sadia Malik


2013 Sep 24th 598 Views
Mother is a the most precious thingShe is like an angel without wingAt night for me when she singsand give me a soft  swingand touch her soft... read more
3 People Like this! - Nazish IlyasAisha Abdul QuddusRafia Ahmed

Sadia - yeah i can write well now that was long ago when i was a kid    2013 Dec 7th
Nazish - itz only ok but nt 2 gud:-(    2013 Dec 1st
Sadia - Thanx alot    2013 Sep 28th
 Sadia Malik


2013 Sep 24th 599 Views
I wish there could be peace in this world one daywhole world  would sing together happily and playNo one would differentiate, together they... read more
2 People Like this! - Nazish IlyasRafia Ahmed

Zainab - amazing yaar!!!!! ur a great writer and I hope ur wish comes true    2013 Dec 18th
Nazish - me 2 wish.    2013 Dec 1st
Rafia - welcome :)    2013 Oct 27th
 Sadia Malik


2013 Apr 23rd 662 Views
Don't fight because it is not rightDon't fight, don't fightIf you'll do itIt may cause from day to night pain, pain and painAnd nothing you will... read more
3 People Like this! - Nazish IlyasDua Riaz Sadia Malik

Soha - You're welcome :)    2013 Aug 13th
Safa - gooooooooooood...........:)    2013 Jul 28th
Dua -     2013 May 23rd
 Sadia Malik


2013 Feb 16th 571 Views
Books are our real friendsThey show us new trendsBy reading books what do we gain?More knowledge inside our brainBy reading books we are in good... read more
1 Person like this! - Anonymous Writer

Sadia - ThanX    2013 Sep 28th
Soha - Nice one...    2013 Aug 13th
 Sadia Malik


2013 Feb 16th 574 Views
Birds, birds here and their Birds birds every where without birds there is no morning's taste without their sweet songs the morning is waste birds... read more
3 People Like this! - Soha Suhail Sadia MalikAnonymous Writer

Sadia - no Problem    2013 May 31st
Soha - I saw ur mail..    2013 May 29th
Soha - mine is hotmail    2013 May 29th
 Sadia Malik


2012 Aug 2nd 583 Views
Yesterday I saw one bee was flying on my knee Just little shorter by my key She fought at me I was screamed but why did you now! Because I was bitten... read more
1 Person like this! - Anonymous Writer
 Sadia Malik

Ill Poem!

2012 Mar 23rd 661 Views
I feel so ill I need a pill Some say its swine flu i knew that isn’t rue You see I’m a little faker Who hides behind a newspaper  I... read more
Sadia - bcz i have written them and i am feeling them nice thats why fatima    2013 Apr 20th
Tooba - Why do u write nice in ur own stories & poems    2012 Nov 14th
Bint Waseem - GUD!!!!!!!!    2012 Mar 29th
 Sadia Malik

Fruits and Vegetables

2012 Mar 21st 691 Views
Oranges grow from the tree Now and again I like a pear. Cauliflower is so fluffy and white Apples are shiny red and bright Pumpkins are for Halloween... read more
2 People Like this! - Anonymous Writer Sadia Malik

Sadia - thank YOu    2013 May 12th
Soha - Nice and i loved ur site :)    2013 May 12th
Bint Waseem - GUD!    2012 Mar 29th


 Sadia Malik


2012 Mar 23rd 1070 Views
Man: doctor this medicine is not available at any medical store. Doctor: oh sorry, I forget to write the medicine. That was my signature. read more
Sadia - thanks nazish    2013 Dec 7th
Nazish - so funny luv...    2013 Dec 1st
Sadia - InshAllah    2013 Jun 22nd


 Sadia Malik

Watercolor painting

2015 May 27th 702 Views
Watercolor painting

Wania - Marvelous    2017 Jan 8th
Yashal - nice    2016 Mar 18th
Irza - hey hey (I think its fake)    2015 Oct 28th
 Sadia Malik

In a wonderland

April 2015 2015 May 25th 1541 Views
In a wonderland

Hadia - beautiful!!!!    2017 Jul 13th
Wania - Congratulations!    2017 Jan 8th
Pretty - great    2016 Jun 8th
 Sadia Malik

Luke Hemmings

2015 Jan 30th 668 Views
Luke Hemmings

Berha - no idea rihab    2017 Jun 26th
Simra - ccccccoooooooooollllllll....    2015 Jun 18th
Rihab - who is luke hemmings    2015 Jun 18th
 Sadia Malik

Doodle Art

2014 Oct 20th 769 Views
Doodle Art

Sabeen - So beautiful. I want to learn it too.    2017 Jun 12th
Afnan - Awsme    2016 Sep 26th
Tabinda - awesome    2015 Aug 9th
 Sadia Malik

A girl in beauty saloon

2013 Jul 6th 681 Views
A girl in beauty saloon
4 People Like this! - Azka SaadAfifah MaryamDua RiazAyesha Rizvi

Dua - awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsome    2014 Mar 7th
Azka - Ofcoarse    2013 Sep 11th
Sadia - thanx    2013 Aug 30th
 Sadia Malik


2013 Mar 25th 559 Views

Sadia - thanX    2013 May 31st
Soha - agree ajwa    2013 May 29th
Sadia - Thanks !!!    2013 May 12th
 Sadia Malik


2012 Nov 12th 629 Views

Qurratul - Wonderful !    2014 Aug 19th
Laiza - i cant find your website    2014 Apr 12th
Sadia - o come on it the cover of my magazine ajwa and thanx everyone    2013 Aug 30th


 Sadia Malik

The true meaning of...

2013 Apr 21st 739 Views
Out of 100% 99% love science and it’s their Favourite subject like its mine. As we know there are three main branches of Science they are... read more
3 People Like this! - Emel MinalHafsa NadeemGullasht Fatima

Sadia - thanx    2013 Jul 17th
Sadia - thanx    2013 Jul 17th
Emel - Nice    2013 Jul 2nd
 Sadia Malik

If I become invisible

2013 Feb 16th 661 Views
First of all I will help the poor it doesn't matter that how I will help by punishing those who are not giving them their rights or those who were... read more
Nazish - itz only ok.    2013 Dec 1st
Soha - Welcome    2013 Aug 13th
Sadia - ThanX    2013 May 31st

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Full Name
Sadia Malik
Pakistan, Punjab or tabuk ksa, Rawalpindi Or Tabuk


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Little Rain Drops In my ears, came a sweet sound,Just as if it was very fresh aroundShiny pearls everywhere... read more
In my memories Looking at the sky, birds flyingBushy trees dancing, Winds BlowingLooking at the ground... read more
I walked a mile I walked a mile with pleasureBut she made fun of itShe wanted to spend with me her... read more
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