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Mairah Ahmed

Mairah Ahmed


Bahria College , Islamabad

i m mairah ahmed. i study in grade 9 in o levels in bahria college islamabad. i wanna improve my english by reading vshine.


Mairah Ahmed

The princess and the...

2011 Jul 21st 940 Views
‘‘Mirror, mirror, magic mirror...who is the most beautiful girl in the world?'' asked Princess Hazel. ‘‘Every girl in this... read more
Khadija - Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2013 Oct 26th
Laiba - mairah - do u live in de naval complex? i m just thinking about leaving fazaia...    2013 Oct 19th
Mairah - khair mubarak    2013 Aug 17th


Mairah Ahmed

My chicks!!!

2011 Aug 5th 680 Views
I had two chicks!One orange and one pink!I had chosen pink for myselfAnd orange for my younger brotherPink was more powerful than the orangeI loved... read more
4 People Like this! - Wafa WaheedGullasht FatimaMaria SubhanWania Syed

Maria - nice!!!!! & funny (hahahaha)    2012 Sep 20th
Aamna - Nice Poem    2011 Sep 17th
Wania - nice....    2011 Aug 21st
Mairah Ahmed

Tough Decisions

2011 Jun 14th 777 Views
Yeah! There are some tough decisions in your life,And you can take wrong decisions.But never look back at the wrong you've doneBecause that wrong you... read more
3 People Like this! - Wafa WaheedAzka SohailMairah Ahmed

Mairah - thanx azka    2012 Sep 22nd
Azka - Absolutely right! it's reeeeeeeally nice. i can't imagine why only 2 people...    2011 Oct 6th


Mairah Ahmed


2011 Jul 15th 659 Views
A child went to the school on his first day.  When he returned, his mother asked him,'' What is your class teacher name? He told ''excuse me''... read more
1 Person like this! - Wafa Waheed

Farha - not soo good:-(    2011 Jul 20th
Alina - Boring........    2011 Jul 20th
Mairah Ahmed

It's hot

2011 Apr 11th 957 Views
A man was lying near a grave. Then, suddenly, another man came and asked him; what are you doing here? The man who was lying near the grave said that... read more
4 People Like this! - Wafa WaheedLaibah BashamAzka SohailHuzaifah Fouad

Gullasht - AOA oooOh!.... Dear Laiba plz!..... read in (about me) then you will know it.    2013 Jun 10th
Laibah - agreed with Dr.Gullasht. by the way, why did you write doctor in front of your...    2013 Jun 9th
Gullasht - AOA AsStatfir'ullah!...........    2013 May 20th
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Full Name
Mairah Ahmed
Pakistan, PUNJAB, Islamabad
Bahria College
grade 9

i m mairah ahmed. i study in grade 9 in o levels in bahria college islamabad. i wanna improve my english by reading vshine.

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Collecting coins
Tough Decisions Yeah! There are some tough decisions in your life,And you can take wrong decisions.But... read more
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Tough Decisions Yeah! There are some tough decisions in your life,And you can take wrong decisions.But... read more
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