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Momina Bhatty

Momina Bhatty


Hurlingham And Chelsea Secondary School , Central London

I study at Hurlingham and Chelsea Secondary school. I was born in Abbottabad. My birthday is on 2nd October 2001. I have been to...


Momina Bhatty

A true horror story

2013 Mar 19th 1267 Views
True story, don't laugh. One day, me and my elder cousins and my younger sister, Eman, were home alone in my house, at Gujranwala. We were sipping... read more
Zainab - good ...    2017 Dec 18th
Noorish - scacry    2017 Apr 12th
HAFSA - it was amazing    2016 Aug 9th
Momina Bhatty

The Mystery

2012 Apr 24th 1142 Views
Hi! My name is Catherine Grayer, and I am 20 years old. Today, I will share with you, a mystery. I will write the answer at the bottom of the page... read more
Manail - momina are you from peshawar? you study in beaconhouse right? is there any...    2016 Aug 29th
Jasmine - i know its not real but wasn't there anyone else at the cafe who saw the waiter...    2015 Aug 15th
Momina Bhatty

Kindness is repaid

2011 Jul 23rd 2022 Views
Once upon a time there was a little bunny rabbit. His mother and father had to go out one day. His father told him, "Don't open the door to anybody... read more
Zainab - gud    2018 Feb 1st
Manail - nyccc!    2016 Aug 29th
Amna - Gud 1..    2014 Dec 22nd


Momina Bhatty

Wild Rabbit

2012 Oct 29th 727 Views
Once I saw a rabbit Sitting in a bush Eating leaves Turning them to mush His brown eyes Stared into mine As if to say, "I do hope you are fine?" Then... read more
4 People Like this! - Qurratul AinFatimah LatifSoha SuhailAmna Faizi

Soha - Hehe WELCOME!!!!    2013 May 12th
Momina - thanks soha and other dudes and dudettes!!!    2013 May 4th
Soha - Momina, I visited yor blog! It was splendrific!    2013 Apr 26th
Momina Bhatty

My Brother

2012 Jul 26th 769 Views
My brother's name is Salar, He can ran very far, He is six years old, And acts very bold, He has fat cheeks (Which I enjoy pulling!) That makes look... read more
Mushaim - huh maham ur just a kid and dont no slang ehh!!! one finger on meh four on yuh...    2014 May 31st
Mushaim - huh maham ur just a kid and dont no slang ehh!!! one finger on meh four on yuh...    2014 May 31st
Momina - Mushaim, you can't even spell English, for God's sake. Stop giving me lectures.    2013 Oct 19th
Momina Bhatty

Miss Pussy Cat

2011 Oct 14th 181408 Views
Old Miss Pussy Cat, Was a mean fussy cat, Who liked to scare rats, And on her head, She wore an ugly grey hat, She scared all the little boys’... read more
Soha - Welcome    2013 May 12th
Momina - thanks guyz!!!!    2013 May 4th
Soha - Momina, I visited yor blog! It was splendrific!    2013 Apr 26th
Momina Bhatty

The faces you make

2011 Oct 14th 967 Views
When you make a happy face, world turns bright,  When you make a sad face the world turns dull, When you make an angry face the world looks red... read more
Manail - its actually really good!    2016 Sep 20th
Amna - Nyc:):)    2014 Dec 22nd
Soha - my pleasure :)    2013 May 12th


Momina Bhatty

The Doctor And His...

2011 Aug 18th 1080 Views
Doctor: Have you taken my advice and slept with the window open?Patient: YesDoctor: So your asthma disappeared completely?Patient: No, but my watch... read more
Irza - LOL! GUD1    2017 May 8th
Tooba - amazing joke    2014 May 17th
Tooba - amazing joke    2014 May 17th
Momina Bhatty

The Ghost In The House

2011 Aug 17th 1103 Views
There were two kids passing an old house. The first friend said, "I've heard that a ghost lives in this house." The second friend said, "Why don't we... read more
HAFSA - hahahahahahahahahahahahaha    2016 Aug 30th
Tooba - hahahahaha lol    2014 May 17th
Gul Noor - HaHaHa!!!!!!    2013 Aug 23rd
Momina Bhatty

Clever Man

2011 Aug 16th 1103 Views
There was once a man who was so clever. So once he rented a theater and put a banner HE IS COMING. People got excited and got lots of tickets. So... read more
Irza - LOLZZ    2016 Aug 1st
Tooba - lol very funny    2014 May 17th
Nuzhat - i dont understand    2013 Nov 26th


Momina Bhatty