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Hogwarts: School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry , Mecca

Hey muggles! I am a witch, living in hogwarts, while I visit half-blood camp every summer vaccations, and go deep in the closet...


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The Perfect Worker!

2011 Jun 30th 1341 Views
1.       BOB SMITH, my assistant programmer, can always be found   2.       hard at... read more
Sakifay Mary - Wow    2017 Oct 29th
Sajahir - very funny not boring    2017 Aug 12th
Urooj - And its boring😷    2017 Jul 16th
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What is broken!

2011 Jun 23rd 894 Views
Once a man went to a doctor and said him that where ever he touched in his body, it would pain.The doctor was astonished, he took x-ray of the full... read more
Abeera - gud..hahahaha    2015 Mar 10th - good1    2014 Jun 6th
Emaan - Okay I think Yamna's version is a bit funnier,but it was your idea and it was...    2012 Sep 14th
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Robber or Husband!

2011 Jun 23rd 917 Views
Two women were talking, first woman said; "You r too brave, u killed a robber.”Then the second woman said;"The real thing is that I did not... read more
Fatima - Lol    2017 Jul 25th
Aliza - haahhahhahahahahh    2016 Jan 8th
Rihab - lol    2015 Jun 10th
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Who pushed me!

2011 Jun 8th 1008 Views
Once a boat was sailing in the river, suddenly a boy fell down from the boat. His mother started crying and said, "Can anybody save him." A man... read more
Munkashay - Mushaim?!    2013 Dec 10th
Wafa - good one    2013 Oct 14th
Mushaim - nawt so gud    2013 Sep 15th


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Into the woods!

2015 Apr 3rd 892 Views
Into the woods!

яυмαιsα - Thanks a lot everyone for your lovely comments! Nope, it isn't the forbidden...    2015 Oct 2nd
Abdul Wasay - its wowwwwwwwww! its amaaaaaaazing! its greatttttttttttttttttttt    2015 Jun 13th
 яυмαιsα  αнтsнαм


2015 Mar 30th 824 Views

Hiba - please Rumaisa,you have not drawn it.    2017 Oct 9th
Yashal - A cool one    2015 Jan 1st
яυмαιsα - Thanks everyone, I seriously adore you all. Also I don't do this on a site, I...    2015 Oct 2nd
 яυмαιsα  αнтsнαм

Random Anime Girl

2015 Mar 25th 666 Views
Random Anime Girl

Fatima - Why Vshine admin you dont make this drawing the winner    2017 May 13th
Fatima - I know its done by you I was just asking and I agree aden why aren't you the...    2015 Nov 11th
Aliza - OMG! and i thought i am the only girl interested in Anime. :D :D :D    2015 Oct 29th
 яυмαιsα  αнтsнαм


2015 Mar 25th 560 Views
3 People Like this! - Duaa AmerAlishba ShahzadFatimah Latif

Fatima - Wow I amzed You should be the winner Fantastic fabulous welldone DIGITAL ARTIST    2015 Nov 11th
Aliza - COOL but how do you do this i mean how i could also do digital arts did you...    2015 Oct 29th
Admin - Check the My Page winners here    2015 May 29th
 яυмαιsα  αнтsнαм

Anime girl!

2015 Mar 17th 635 Views
Anime girl!
3 People Like this! - Fatima TariqDuaa AmerFatimah Latif

Fatima - 😇😇😣😇😇😇😇😣😇😇😇    2017 May 13th
яυмαιsα - Thanks Ayesha :)    2015 Oct 2nd
Admin - Check the My Page winners here    2015 May 29th
 яυмαιsα  αнтsнαм

Shikamaru Nara [Naruto]

2015 Mar 5th 695 Views
Shikamaru Nara [Naruto]

яυмαιsα - And I'm a fan of Naruto too ♡    2015 Oct 2nd
Nabiha - oh yep amazing! (i am a great fan of naruto)    2015 Jun 13th
Abeera - rumaisa n fatima. anata no ryoho ga subarashidesu    2015 Apr 5th
 яυмαιsα  αнтsнαм

The World I Held

2015 Feb 20th 694 Views
The World I Held

Fatima - Cool    2015 Nov 11th
яυмαιsα - Ahaha Dua thanks for such enthusiastic compliment♥    2015 Mar 21st
Duaa - greattttttttttttttttttttttttttttt awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...    2015 Mar 19th
 яυмαιsα  αнтsнαм

Nate River (Death note)

2015 Feb 9th 726 Views
Nate River (Death note)

Aliza - omg sooo awesome    2016 May 7th
Fatima - But you have done it your self Gr8    2015 Nov 11th
Ayesha - superb.... no words to explain !!    2015 May 27th
 яυмαιsα  αнтsнαм

Blue eyes

2015 Jan 11th 626 Views
Blue eyes

Fatima - I am speechlaess    2017 Jun 22nd
Aliza - reminds me of MY TALKING ANGELA OUTFIT 7 which i recently uninstalled.    2015 Oct 29th
яυмαιsα - I know its haraam. So please stop telling me that.    2015 Oct 2nd
 яυмαιsα  αнтsнαм

Green Eyes

2015 Jan 10th 689 Views
Green Eyes

Fatima - Fantastic    2017 Jun 22nd
Irza - Is it on paper or computer? It one of the best drawings i've seen...    2017 May 25th
Qurratul - Wonderful..........that are my eyes..........(*just joking*);) Well!!! they are...    2016 May 22nd
 яυмαιsα  αнтsнαм

Levi Ackerman from...

2015 Dec 31st 771 Views
Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan

Nabiha - amazing    2015 Jun 13th
Munkashay - *drools* *fangirls*    2015 Mar 6th
яυмαιsα - Thanksss♥    2015 Feb 9th
 яυмαιsα  αнтsнαм

Touka Kirishima from...

2015 Dec 30th 674 Views
Touka Kirishima from Tokyo Ghouls

Fatima - Wow    2017 Jun 22nd
Aliza - i love it.    2015 Oct 29th
яυмαιsα - :D Thanks    2015 Oct 2nd
 яυмαιsα  αнтsнαм

Cherry Blossom Tree!

2012 Dec 23rd 708 Views
Cherry Blossom Tree!

Fatima - Wonderful!!...    2017 Jun 22nd
яυмαιsα - XD THANKS¤♡¤    2015 Jan 15th
Anonymous - It's so Lovely!    2015 Jan 15th
 яυмαιsα  αнтsнαм


2012 Jun 22nd 706 Views

Fatima - Cute    2017 Jun 22nd
яυмαιsα - Haha I know it sucks but thanks!¤♡¤    2015 Jan 15th
Anonymous - Cute!    2015 Jan 15th
 яυмαιsα  αнтsнαм

MY Friend!

June 2012 2012 Jun 19th 882 Views
MY Friend!

Fatima - Wow! Comgrats    2017 Jun 22nd
яυмαιsα - It was a stationary set! And thanks dearie♡    2015 Jan 15th
Anonymous - Wow Beautiful!!! Can I ask what was Ur Gift please?    2015 Jan 15th
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Full Name
яυмαιsα αнтsнαм
Saudi Arabia, Makkah, Mecca
Hogwarts: School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry
5th year

Hey muggles! I am a witch, living in hogwarts, while I visit half-blood camp every summer vaccations, and go deep in the closet, to visit Narnia(and see my beloved, Edmund), on every 25th November. A.k.a the day I came into this dreadingly, boring world! I am an introverted pervert-but never mind that! Also, A smile can get you past the most difficult situations so keep smiling. :D Au Revoir, Lovelies♥

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