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Aliza Syed

Aliza Syed


Roots Millennium , Peshawar


Aliza Syed

The Fake Stories

2012 Mar 21st 938 Views
As she shifted to her new home, she wanted a quick way to be famous at her new school. Soon Sally discovered that the home she had shifted was famous... read more
Zainab - NICE    Jan 29th
Manail - Shes not a shia :P    2016 Sep 14th
Amna - Cool story darling!    2014 Jun 1st
Aliza Syed

A humorous...

2012 Mar 21st 833 Views
Helping needy is a good but sometimes you need to be careful. I have a story to share with you. Hope you’ll enjoy. It was a chilly frosty night... read more
Manail - its just a story it didn't really happened    2016 Sep 14th
Taskeen - plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...    2013 Oct 22nd
Maarij Maqsood - good    2013 Jul 12th
Aliza Syed


2012 Mar 21st 863 Views
“Ms Taylor! We want you to go to house # 52, new street, for baby sitting in two hours.” The receptionist called.” Sure I got... read more
Tooba - nice creativity    2014 May 10th
Nuzhat - dreadfulll    2013 Nov 20th
Taskeen - your profile pic is sooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeee is it your real pic    2013 Oct 22nd
Aliza Syed

Cheating is bad

2012 Jan 31st 1086 Views
Her exams were started and Emma was having her biology paper. She worked hard all night because the paper was tough. After studying so hard, she made... read more
Zainab - hmm. your stories are good but very short but it's ok    Jan 29th
Tooba - gr8    2014 May 10th
Nuzhat - nice but 2 - 3 mistkes    2013 Nov 20th
Aliza Syed

Success at last

2012 Jan 29th 975 Views
Once there was a boy named Harry. He had no parents. To earn money, he worked in a restaurant. He loved to write stories but never tried to give it... read more
Zainab - GOOD 1    Jan 29th
Tooba - superb    2014 May 10th
Nuzhat - gr8    2013 Nov 20th
Aliza Syed

A horrible dream

2012 Jan 18th 2012 Views
One day our teacher was telling us about pollution. She told us how it had damage the ozone layer. She asked us to stop polluting our streets, she... read more
Nuzhat - its true that ozone layer has a hole in it and sun rays are coming directly on...    2013 Nov 20th
Anam - nice story and i agree with urooj    2013 Sep 21st
Raniah - nice    2012 Jul 25th
Aliza Syed

Nobody is small

2011 Jul 25th 2951 Views
Once there was a forest where everybody was living peacefully. They were always ready to do anything needy. But there were no schools there and they... read more
Zainab - nice1    Jan 29th
Nuzhat - awsme nice zuper duper    2013 Nov 20th
Maarij Maqsood - owsm    2013 Jul 12th
Aliza Syed

Little sister

August 2011 2011 Jul 24th 2051 Views
“Jasmine would you please hang these balloons on that wall, your little sis would love them, jasmine please clean the bed for your little sis... read more
Tooba - awesome    2014 May 10th
Tooba - awesome    2014 May 10th
Nuzhat - f9    2013 Nov 20th


Aliza Syed

The backbiters

2013 Feb 11th 1641 Views
I went outside for a walkAnd wondered what do people talkI passed by a groupWhich seemed like a troopHaving gruffly voice and scary eyesWhat they... read more
2 People Like this! - Ayesha AamirFatimah Latif

Berha - Meh    Jun 24th
Nuzhat - niicee    2013 Nov 20th
Irum - Good!    2013 Feb 13th
Aliza Syed

Blank mind

2013 Feb 11th 703 Views
I want to write a poemThat would be a gemBut I’ve no idea at allAbout topic: cat mouse or a ball?Tired of all those silly rhymesWant to write... read more
2 People Like this! - Ayesha AamirFatimah Latif

Nuzhat - its best poem and please accept my friend request eliza    2013 Nov 20th
1 Comment
Aliza Syed

Messy Room

February 2013 2013 Feb 9th 1406 Views
My mom always tells me to clean my room,As it’s like a temple of doom,Cloths and paint everywhere,Come inside if you dare.My mom came with my... read more
Manail - nice poem keep writing!!!    2015 Sep 17th
Tooba - bravo    2014 May 10th
Aliza - Actually I live in Pakistan    2013 Aug 13th
Aliza Syed

Winter is here!

2012 Dec 18th 716 Views
Don’t be rude, now say hi to winter,No need to worry it’s not so bitter,As it brings us gifts,Along with the snowy glitz,Almonds... read more
2 People Like this! - Ayesha AamirAliza Syed

Raniah - nice    2013 Feb 9th
1 Comment
Aliza Syed

My Last Day at School

2012 Mar 13th 5455 Views
There was a day when I met My sweet friends at sunset And having many regrets For teachers we couldn’t let My last day at school Every... read more
2 People Like this! - Ayesha AamirAliza Syed

Nuzhat - i have 6 or 7 years more to study my head is spinning with learning and i have...    2013 Nov 20th
Arouba - it's reminded me of my last day of my school!    2013 Apr 8th
Ismat - superb aliza.. you are a shining star    2012 Nov 29th


Aliza Syed

I can hear

2012 Mar 21st 847 Views
Man 1: After buying this new hearing aid, I am able to hear something two blocks away. Man 2: Cool, how much did it cost? Man 1: The time is three... read more
3 People Like this! - Ayesha AamirGul Noor ArsalanTooba Fatima

Nuzhat - not funny really and dont get hurted    2013 Nov 20th
Raniah - LOl    2012 Jul 16th
Zuhaa - nice hearing any way gud joke    2012 Jul 16th


Aliza Syed

Harry Styles

2014 Sep 17th 723 Views
Harry Styles

Fatima - I am a veeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrryy big fan of 1d    2017 Jun 8th
Duaa - very good    2015 Apr 4th
Anonymous - Oh No! It's Beautiful! U should keep Trying... U are Amazing!    2015 Jan 9th
Aliza Syed

Liam Payne

2014 Jul 18th 856 Views
Liam Payne

Fatima - Awesome. And I am a fan of fan of one direction    2017 Jun 6th
Duaa - awsome    2015 Jul 11th
Abeera - wow.....    2015 Jan 30th
Aliza Syed


2012 Dec 4th 745 Views
4 People Like this! - Amna JalilAfifah MaryamEeman AhmedFatima Uroos

Amna - plz add me as your friend Aliza baji    2013 Jun 15th
Amna - Amazing    2013 May 13th
Aliza Syed

Another DRAGON....

2012 Oct 26th 731 Views
Another DRAGON....

Asrar - bohooot niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.    2013 Aug 13th
Afifah - Awesome.    2013 Apr 7th
Javeria - nice!!!!!!!!!!    2013 Apr 5th
Aliza Syed


2012 Oct 25th 761 Views

Afifah - LOVELY TINY DRAGON..    2013 Apr 7th
Momina - your dragons are always awesome!!    2012 Nov 23rd
Eesha - haha! i love it. your drawing is cool!!!    2012 Nov 5th
Aliza Syed

Another manga designed...

2012 Aug 8th 814 Views
Another manga designed by me
1 Person like this! - Afifah Maryam

Sidra - C00L!    2012 Aug 9th
Laiba - Nyish......    2012 Aug 9th
Aliza Syed

My own manga character

2012 Aug 8th 875 Views
My own manga character
2 People Like this! - Fatima UroosSara Jamal

Fatima - good    2013 Feb 24th
Neha - nice drawing!    2012 Sep 2nd
Emaan - It's nice, Aliza Baaji :)    2012 Aug 10th
Aliza Syed

Cool guitarist

2012 Aug 3rd 784 Views
Cool guitarist
4 People Like this! - Afifah MaryamManal KhalidSara JamalSaher Fatima

Manal - such are an artist!!!    2013 Mar 29th
Aiman - nice    2012 Aug 6th
Laiba - Gr8......    2012 Aug 4th
Aliza Syed

Hasty run

2012 Aug 2nd 780 Views
Hasty run
1 Person like this! - Eisha Ahmed

Aliza - I will @rumaisa    2014 Jul 18th
яυмαιsα - KYAAAAA?????U DID NOT KNOW NARTO.....PLZ WATCH IT SYED ALIZA...plzzzzzz!!!    2013 Jul 13th
Laiba - Awsum.........    2012 Aug 4th
Aliza Syed


2012 Aug 2nd 790 Views
3 People Like this! - Afifah MaryamAmna FaiziAisha Abdul Quddus

Afifah - lovely    2013 Apr 9th
Aisha - Awesome.....    2012 Aug 4th
Aliza - well....there'z been a bit misunderstanding......i've made another graffiti...    2012 Aug 3rd
Aliza Syed


2012 Jul 31st 866 Views

Manahil - Really reaLLy AWEs0me woRk!!AmaZing. {^=^}    2015 Aug 26th
Sirena - I LOVE Bratz, and your drawing is awesome.    2013 Nov 27th
Aliza - YA.......! thatx y i've made their drawing...;)    2012 Aug 3rd
Aliza Syed

Cool Dog

2012 Jul 23rd 768 Views
Cool Dog
1 Person like this! - Afifah Maryam

Affan - Awsome........Vshine make him a winner    2013 Sep 30th
Fatima - nice!!!!!!!!!    2013 Jan 31st
Diyaan - Its looks like Snoopy good    2012 Jul 23rd
Aliza Syed

Night View

2012 Jul 13th 832 Views
Night View
2 People Like this! - Afifah MaryamShahamah Ahmed

Afifah - amazing idea    2013 Apr 9th
Syed Saad - gud 1    2012 Jul 18th
Aliza - thnx a lot    2012 Jul 13th
Aliza Syed


2012 Mar 25th 963 Views

Laiba - Nx...    2012 Apr 4th
Aliza - actually asma....i don't know why but v shine hasn't given my name and they've...    2012 Mar 30th
Asma - wow!!!! i dont know why is everybody guest?    2012 Mar 30th
Aliza Syed

Happy birthday to me (22...

2012 Mar 21st 852 Views
Happy birthday to me (22 March)

Aliza - thanx to u all    2012 Mar 24th
Hamza - I born on 17th march and u on 22dn mach so happy birthday    2012 Mar 23rd
Aliza Syed

Sea view

2011 Aug 29th 988 Views
Sea view

Aiman - GUD    2012 Jun 8th
Ayeza - nyc!!    2011 Nov 16th
Bint Waseem - nyc!    2011 Sep 6th
Aliza Syed

Cool igloo with warm...

2011 Aug 29th 929 Views
Cool igloo with warm colors

Rida - very nice    2012 Jan 18th
Maham - good    2011 Sep 5th
Zoya - interesting    2011 Sep 2nd
Aliza Syed

Kungfu Panda (by my sis...

2011 Aug 28th 853 Views
Kungfu Panda (by my sis age 5+)

Ayeza - it's very cute!!    2011 Nov 16th
Bint Waseem - gud!    2011 Sep 6th
Bakhita - its so nice!    2011 Aug 28th
Aliza Syed

Farm house

2011 Aug 26th 915 Views
Farm house

Ruqiat - lovely    2012 Apr 29th
Rida - love it :-)    2012 Jan 18th
Bint Waseem - nyc!!    2011 Sep 20th
Aliza Syed

Imaginary painting

2011 Aug 26th 850 Views
Imaginary painting

Afifah - oh this one is brilliant. truly....    2013 Apr 9th
Aliza - fatimah!! i havent said that its completly done by me....nd its visble that...    2012 Nov 29th
Fatimah - actually Aliza u have taken it from the internet and changed it a bit but its...    2012 Oct 19th
Aliza Syed

Eid Card

2011 Aug 15th 897 Views
Eid Card

Maryam - Nice.......    2015 Jun 17th
Ayeza - nyc one!!!    2011 Nov 16th
Dazzling - ooOOps...cOpied one ...!!    2011 Sep 20th
Aliza Syed

Eid Card

2011 Aug 13th 1000 Views
Eid Card

Disenchanted. - net work!!! but nice!!!    2011 Dec 22nd
Aisha - This one's copied. Menahil u r right, she have taken from net.    2011 Aug 20th
Bint Waseem - NYC1    2011 Aug 19th


Aliza Syed


2014 Aug 22nd 746 Views
BOOM! the building are falling, Surrounded by fire, You don't know where to go, you think about your family but the whole damn city is on fire and... read more
3 People Like this! - Aeman AdnanAyesha AamirAINA SHIREEN

Fatima - adresses the ever growing problem of terrorism perfectly. great job!    2014 Oct 8th
Aeman - Good..peace is important..    2014 Oct 2nd
Aliza Syed

My Beloved Country

2012 Aug 17th 985 Views
It was 14th august “the day of Pakistan independence”….. So I texted all my friends good wishes and received great response and... read more
Emaan - I agree with your article,Pakistan IS a smart cookie! And we have nuclear...    2012 Oct 6th
Shahamah - nice..u r preaching optimism    2012 Sep 21st
Muhammad Hassam - PAKISTAN!WE LOVE YOU..............    2012 Aug 20th
Aliza Syed

“How Independent Are...

2012 Aug 17th 786 Views
As the country hits its 65th year today, the spirits of our youth are seen lifted; living and breathing green. The stalls selling flags and badges on... read more
Afifah - amazing article    2013 Mar 8th
Mahnoor - good    2012 Oct 30th
Aliza - Aisha.....! thanx a lot......actually ..ya i copied but i wanted to share the...    2012 Aug 27th
Aliza Syed

Cheating Everywhere

2012 Mar 27th 855 Views
As we all know that cheating is bad but still people do this. Cheating in exams, cheating in interviews and in fact cheating for getting high... read more
1 Person like this! - Aliza Syed

Hafsa - TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2012 Jul 7th
Aimen - young lady you still have a long way to go.    2012 Apr 15th
Fatima - very nice point to raise! i like your way of writing!keep it up!i think your...    2012 Apr 1st
Aliza Syed

Is Education For Wisdom...

2012 Mar 27th 797 Views
Why do we study in this school? I asked this question to my classmates and I got the answers “I study to be a doctor” “I study to... read more
Afifah - i study to learn, seriously.    2013 Mar 8th
(^_^) - gooood    2012 Nov 3rd
Disenchanted. - education is for wisdom cuz if u have enough wisdom u get your degree    2012 Jul 6th
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facebook Mostly people think that facebook is a waste of time and somehow it is correct. People... read more
summer! summer! Summer is a hot seasonhotness is the main reason,humidity is increasing day by dayall the... read more
A rainy day I was really bored. Holidays were going on and we had not gone out for any outing... read more
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Aliza Syed
Do you think children... 2012 May 16th 5134 Views A healthy breakfast is really important for us. It gives energy for whole day. Do you think children not having breakfast also can do well in school? read more

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Hadia Batool Hadia Batool Nov 22nd Yes breakfast is important for us.if we does"nt wants to eat break fast we will eat 2 dates and a glass of milk
fatima zahid fatima zahid Oct 20th Yup it is really important
Eshal Nadeem Eshal Nadeem Oct 20th Yes some can but it is so important and we should always have breakfast
Hamna Shahzil Hamna Shahzil Jul 26th We must should have breakfast for a freash and healthy day.Its a fundemental need
Zainab  Rizvi Zainab Rizvi 2017 Dec 1st We should do our breakfast
Muhammad Hassan Muhammad Hassan 2017 Nov 23rd If we don't have our breakfast our brain doesn't remain active The children not energetic and they they don't have energy to do well in school.
Tooba Naveed Tooba Naveed 2017 Aug 6th Obvesly it is really important and necessary if they don't want to take any thing so parents should give them a glass of milk or bread
Amna Zaheer Amna Zaheer 2017 Jul 11th Yeah its necessary for childrens
saira iftikhar saira iftikhar 2017 May 14th Breakfast is a very necessary element for kids growth. So everyone should have breakfast before leaving home.
Arhum Ahmad Arhum Ahmad 2017 Mar 27th Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It wakes us up and keeps our brains active during the day.
mariam shahwar mariam shahwar 2017 Mar 6th I think breakfast matters because it activates your brain which is good for learning and remembering things. if you do breakfast you wont feel lazy but become more energetic and will be able to do things in more proper way.
Aiza Iqbal Aiza Iqbal 2017 Jan 5th If we don't have our breakfast our brain doesn't remain active
jasmine bilal jasmine bilal 2016 Oct 30th It's not so good without breakfast because we can feel tired too quickly
yashal rashid yashal rashid 2016 Oct 21st And yea i recently heard that the children who just eat an apple or drink milk and then go to school can have ULCER in stomach!!!
Phoenix Flame Phoenix Flame 2016 Oct 21st True, breakfast is the most important meal of the day...
Berha Irfan Berha Irfan 2016 Oct 12th No way! Well, at least for me. I once went school without lunch, I was distracted all the till lunch. My english teacher was teaching us tenses but I couldn't understand. Then next day I had 2 bowls of cereal! That's how important breakfast, even if you don't have to go to school.
Urooshah Shahzad Urooshah Shahzad 2016 Aug 20th No. children should have breakfast because if they don`t it can cause them headache and tummy ache,which can distract their studies.
Hasanain Raza Hasanain Raza 2016 Aug 14th No, at least we should have a bowl of cereal or an apple. Breakfast is the main part of the day's meal.
Laiba  Fatima Laiba Fatima 2016 Jul 17th No you can't do well with out breakfast because after sleeping for about 8 hours your body requires nutrition which it receives when you eat breakfast.
Laiba  Fatima Laiba Fatima 2016 Jul 17th No you can't do well with out breakfast because after sleeping for about 8 hours your body requires nutrition which it receives when you eat breakfast.
LAIBA Nadeem LAIBA Nadeem 2016 Jun 12th I agree with MUNIBAH.
hamda rashid hamda rashid 2016 Jun 12th Children who just drink milk to school,can have vomiting, stomach,headache etc in school.Mostly bus user students.Summing up! Firstly they should have an on omelette,but if they can not have it, they should just have a toast or a rusk with milk. Hope my suggestion will help positively.
Areeba Nadeem Areeba Nadeem 2016 May 13th NO!!!!!! not at all.
Ramla Rehman Ramla Rehman 2016 Apr 18th In my opinion ,breakfast is important for every indiviual but as i am a school student, i don't take breakfast in morning and i do very well till the break time.
Afrah Kirmani Afrah Kirmani 2016 Mar 23rd No
Afrah Kirmani Afrah Kirmani 2016 Mar 20th No
Fatima Tariq Fatima Tariq 2016 Feb 26th No
asfia rizwan asfia rizwan 2016 Feb 23rd Interestingly , studies shows that the kids who skip breakfast are trady and absent from school more often than children who eat breakfast on regular basis. nutritious morning will probably save your time in long term run of the day. by recharging the brain and body ,you'll be more efficient in just about everything you do .
yashal rashid yashal rashid 2015 Jan 1st No
yashal rashid yashal rashid 2015 Jan 1st No!! in my view breakfast is important to perform well. The kids who don´t do breakfast feel fine for 2-3 hours but after that they feel weak and have stomachache!so everybody here plzz do your breakfast
mona zafar mona zafar 2015 Jan 1st Yes they can do well in school and if they drink one glass of milk they will be more energetic
Maheen  Waheed Ali Maheen Waheed Ali 2015 Nov 12th Breakfast is very important for children . It doesn't matter that you take light or heavy breakfast .If you will not take breakfast you will not fresh whole the day .Children must have to take breakfast whether it is a glass of milk of milk or bread with egg or a toast.I take breakfast of one paratha with egg and glass of milk .
Abdullah Khan Abdullah Khan 2015 Oct 2nd No
Mahnoor Azhar Mahnoor Azhar 2015 Sep 13th Nope!children should get breakfast in the morning so they remain energetic for the whole day.
jasmine bilal jasmine bilal 2015 Aug 6th We should eat breakfast so we can stay active and energetic not tired and weary
Aleena Sajid Aleena Sajid 2015 Aug 1st Maryam Naveed, I don't think that you have any right to say that! And yes, regarding the topic, I myself don't take breakfast before school because it just gives me a stomach ache. However, eating well at night can make you pass 3-4 periods (at school) till break. If you take a good lunch with you, it'll help!
Maryam Naveed Maryam Naveed 2015 Jul 12th Offf bht bkwas topic hai :)
M.Haider Khalid M.Haider Khalid 2015 Jun 30th Driking milk is a lazmi habbit.milk gives us calcium and calcium locks our bones
Mahrukh Durrani Mahrukh Durrani 2015 Jun 29th Children not having breakfast are lazy and weak
Nabiha Tariq Nabiha Tariq 2015 Jun 15th Break fast is an important thing because we start our day with breakfast. My friend (not in sls but in APS khuzdar branch) ayesha hadn't done her breakfast , when she was attending the assembly there was a lot of sunlight as well so she fainted and fell consciously on the ground.
Azka Syed Azka Syed 2015 Jun 13th I think having breakfast is really important as it gives energy for the whole day and besides our breakfast should be healthy.
mahnoor moosani mahnoor moosani 2015 May 30th No they dont nwe should take breakfast n if we dont take we will not be able to do well in school because we dont have energy
Batool Tahir Batool Tahir 2015 May 6th Not having breakfasts is extremely a great problem for that person, not having a good and healthy breakfast makes them lazy and they don't have enough energy so they dont give a good performance at school.
Habiba Rehman Habiba Rehman 2015 Apr 4th Children who are not having breakfast cannot do well at school.It gives them energy and vitamins.
Hafsah Sajid Hafsah Sajid 2015 Mar 21st Yeah....!!!children are not taking breakfast nowadays bcz they think that they look cool or something like that well i have my frndz mostly none of them takes breakfast and they come at school feeling proud that we havent taken our breakfast well i think thats not a good thing because this is the most important meal .....!!!and it is said never work before breakfast,if u have to work before breakfast,eat ur breakfast first....!!!!:D :) :P
sara naeem naeem sara naeem naeem 2015 Jan 10th Breakfast is very important without breakfast we have energy
sara naeem naeem sara naeem naeem 2015 Jan 10th Breakfast is very important without breakfast we have energy
munibah sohail munibah sohail 2015 Jan 4th Breakfast is fuel for school
munibah sohail munibah sohail 2015 Jan 4th I think we should take a proper breakfast because it gives us energy for the whole day
Laiba Bashir Laiba Bashir 2015 Dec 30th A healthy breakfast really makes evveryone engertic children who dont do breakfsat probabaly will just be lazy and will be unconious in any time so everybody should take a healthy wealthy breakfast keep strong
Fizza Malik Fizza Malik 2014 Dec 20th I also do not like breakfast
Khadija  Usman Khadija Usman 2014 Dec 18th Breakfast is important but not for me. I am active and high achiever in school.
Khadija  Usman Khadija Usman 2014 Dec 18th Breakfast is important but not for me. I am active and high achiever in school.
hamna sajid hamna sajid 2014 Nov 17th Some children who don't have breakfast can sometimes do well and stay active but , most of us kids need breakfast to keep our brain fresh and active so if we don't take breakfast we become dull in our school. So i think that it is important for us to have our breakfast
Laiba Bashir Laiba Bashir 2014 Oct 28th Breakfast is very important for our body as well as our health so please everybody should take breakfast because it helps in mind increasing and helps learning things.The children who dont do breakfast they faint in classroooms
Rabab vadivala Rabab vadivala 2014 Sep 28th Of coarse i do
Amn Hassan Amn Hassan 2014 Sep 28th I don't take breakfast bt I still think it's important I can live without it imran for 1 day and I do take milk
Mohammad  Fahad Mohammad Fahad 2014 Sep 20th I cannot live with a light breakfast {I am not faaaaaaaat}.
ALVINA khan ALVINA khan 2014 Sep 13th I hate breakfast and I am good in studies and I think that breakfast is not important for me I only drink juice in the morning
anousha khalid anousha khalid 2014 Aug 30th Breakfast might be important 4 some children but its not 4 me i can't even eat breakfast at early morning!! i don't wanna boast but i do really well in studies WITHOUT breakfast
Masira Saman Masira Saman 2014 Aug 25th Breakfast is a very important meal and of course if you don't have breakfast you will not have energy to work.Ppeople who don't have time to have breakfast they can have a banana because banana is equaling to one whole meal.
Areesha  Fatima Areesha Fatima 2014 Jul 29th I agree with Ashna Hussain.
Areesha  Fatima Areesha Fatima 2014 Jul 29th I agree with Ashna Hussain.
Rida Fatimah Rida Fatimah 2014 Jul 15th I think it would effect there health
Rabia Abid Rabia Abid 2014 Jun 30th Childern not having a good breakfast are not attentive in school and it also affects their health.
abdul moiz abid abid abdul moiz abid abid 2014 Jun 29th Yes I do not do breakfast survive the whole day in school!
Shahmir Siddiqui Shahmir Siddiqui 2014 Jun 25th If we do not eat breakfast we will be distracted whole day and we will not be able to concentrate on studies.
Sahar Ahmad Sahar Ahmad 2014 Jun 12th I think breakfast is important as it gives you energy. In school it is really important. I see kids having stomach ache because they do not have breakfast. But from the past 5 years I stood first in my class and will I.A continue my position and I don not take a healthy breakfast and sometimes miss it. Depends on your personality!
Muhammad Zulkifl Muhammad Zulkifl 2014 Jun 12th I do breakfast and everyone should do it
eman kashif eman kashif 2014 Jun 10th No they can;t or they will be sleepy all day './///??/
Huzaifa Adnan Huzaifa Adnan 2014 Jun 9th Most of children do not take breakfast. But i think childrens should be take breakfast.
muhammad siddique zardari muhammad siddique zardari 2014 Jun 7th Yes, breakfast make mind fresh, without b.f mind will not work properly.
ayesha cheema ayesha cheema 2014 Jun 3rd No, because many students fainted.
shiraz larik shiraz larik 2014 May 12th We should eat breakfast because it gives us energy and makes our mind fresh and we can participate in anything without any difficulty
kanza baber kanza baber 2014 May 4th I can do well without break fast but most of the children faint and cannot pay attention in class
sakina shaikh sakina shaikh 2014 Apr 8th No, i dont think that they do well.********
ayesha khan ayesha khan 2014 Mar 29th No.I dont think that children who didnt take the breakfast will have a good tme period
qurratul ain qurratul ain 2014 Mar 13th No! Sometimes I donot eat my breakfast so I am not attentive in my class + My mother tolds me that we have to do breakfast like a king , Lunch like a knight , And dinner like a beggar.Reply must !
qurratul ain qurratul ain 2014 Mar 13th No! Sometimes I donot eat my breakfast so I am not attentive in my class + My mother tolds me that we have to do breakfast like a king , Lunch like a knight , And dinner like a beggar.Reply must !
princess  amna1 princess amna1 2014 Mar 10th No
Yawar Hayat Yawar Hayat 2014 Feb 28th Once i fainted because i did not ate my breakfast
insia jessani insia jessani 2014 Feb 24th Without a healthy breakfast you cannot do well at school as food gives us energy and if we do not eat breakfast we would not have enough energy to study.
Ayesha Awan Ayesha Awan 2014 Feb 22nd I can survive without breakfast,lunch and dinner
Hamza Habib Hamza Habib 2014 Feb 16th Yes breakfast is a important thing.if we will not eat breakfast we can not do any work the whole day.It gives the power to work.
KHAN AHMED KHAN AHMED 2014 Feb 9th Breakfast does not really help.You can survive without it and work well at school without it.If you feel hungry you can always eat a little snack at break time.
Nashit Pasha Nashit Pasha 2014 Feb 6th I think breakfast is very important and i know i can not do anything perfectly without breakfast.
pretty princexx pretty princexx 2014 Feb 4th No they will have a very bad impact on thier studies
Huzaifa Khalid Huzaifa Khalid 2014 Jan 23rd Breakfast is important for us because we get energy for the whole day and when we have breakfast in the morning at 6 a.m to 8 a.m we lose our weight because our digestive system works faster.
Umama Tanveer Umama Tanveer 2014 Jan 14th Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.If we don't have breakfast they can't do anything the whole day!
Kashan Ali Kalwar Kashan Ali Kalwar 2014 Jan 13th I dont think so....... without food they can not do very gives them ability to do something...with its energy
Ayesha Khalid Ayesha Khalid 2013 Dec 27th We should all try to do break fast because then we can get healthy
Amna fauad Amna fauad 2013 Dec 23rd It is very important to eat breakfast at morning .because when we eat a healthy breakfast we look very health ,And strong :) so our mind will be also strong :) so break fast is very important for us and it's keep our body strong :)
khizer qureshi khizer qureshi 2013 Dec 17th I can also survive
abeera farhan abeera farhan 2013 Dec 15th I never cheat okay? i just told my point of view. for your information, i have not read a single post .
Ellina Fatima Ellina Fatima 2013 Dec 14th Well Dua dont cheat others words plzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!:(
abeera farhan abeera farhan 2013 Dec 13th Children should have proper breakfast.I have seen many kids in school eating their lunch between lessons just because they feel hungry or weak.
Ashadiya Hafeez Ashadiya Hafeez 2013 Dec 10th Great topic to discuss but honestly i also don't do breakfast but my school day goes awesome as i eats in between the class :P however it is important. I will also try to do INSHALLAH :)
Fatima Ahmad Fatima Ahmad 2013 Nov 22nd It is importent.It help us to grow.
Asma Hashmi Asma Hashmi 2013 Nov 15th Breakfast is 1 of the important meals of the day and it must be taken.
marium faisal marium faisal 2013 Nov 14th I dont take breakfast bcz i have vomiting if i take breakfast in school days but in holidays it is ok........................................ :) :)
Shayan  Hasnain Shayan Hasnain 2013 Nov 7th Who does not eat breakfast they are also lazy.
palwasha afridi palwasha afridi 2013 Nov 6th Yes breakfast is really very important as there is a golden saying ' HAVE YOUR BREAKFAST LIKE A KING , LUNCH LIKE A PRINCE , AND DINNER LIKE A BEGGER ' so according to these golden words breakfast is very important
fazeela chachar fazeela chachar 2013 Nov 3rd Yes i think breakfast is as important as fuel for any vehicle in morning time we need some energy to do work whole day
Ellina Fatima Ellina Fatima 2013 Nov 1st My one friend fainted at school and the last time I found her in hospital well, NOW I agree that breakfast is important and I can remember her face was so yellow and pale looking so ill!I wish nothing like that happens again I agree with Munkashay Latif she is a positive girl Or maybe boy her name is so confusing!-__-
Khadija Hassan Khadija Hassan 2013 Nov 1st Who cares about breakfast??????????????????????
eya bhimani eya bhimani 2013 Oct 30th No break fast is the starting meal of day so it a day should be started by healthy food
Munkashay Hyuuga Munkashay Hyuuga 2013 Oct 27th No, and sometimes, kid's faint if they don't have breakfast.
Manahil Ahmad Manahil Ahmad 2013 Oct 23rd Nooooooo must eat breakfast
suhaib siddiqui suhaib siddiqui 2013 Oct 18th If the child does not eat breakfast then he should drink milk.
ammar Alvi ammar Alvi 2013 Oct 17th Yeah! you sure won't act correctly in school without any good breakfast. My Physics teacher advised me and my class that children of the age of adolescence without taking healthy breakfast get slow or perform badly in the class
Amna Shahid Amna Shahid 2013 Sep 27th Right right right u are I have often Seen many Childre fainting 'cause they donot Have proper breakfast.
Zainab Saleem Toor Zainab Saleem Toor 2013 Sep 23rd Having breakfast is very important you can get stomach aches without eating it.
Eruj Ahmed Eruj Ahmed 2013 Sep 12th My friend also doesn't have breakfast and she doesn't do well in school.
Shayan  Hasnain Shayan Hasnain 2013 Aug 24th Breakfast is very important . You should do breakfast
abdullah  ali abdullah ali 2013 Aug 17th Yeah i also not do breakfast........!!!!!!
Laiba Bashir Laiba Bashir 2013 Aug 8th Children who do not eat breakfast often feel dizzy or powerless when they are attending the important lectures.they even cant understand what there teachers are saying and often get vomating due to dizzyness.we should eat breakfast for our health and be attentive in the class so we can do well in in studies as well as exams.breakfast is also blessing of ALLAH so we should not waste it.keep fresh.
hafsa Rahmat hafsa Rahmat 2013 Aug 6th i think if the school days r on then this is must that we should do the breakfast and i can not survive without it.
Bassam Khan Bassam Khan 2013 Aug 6th If we will not eat brake fast we will be so weak and all the boys will think you are ill so please do break fast before you are going to school.
Bismah Shakir Bismah Shakir 2013 Aug 5th It is necessary and good to eat breakfast as it gives energy and make us attentive and active at school so we can get good positions in class. if they will not eat breakfast so they will be not active at school and loose their marks. in this condition they can also be sick. So i recommend that all children specially must eat breakfast.
malaika imran malaika imran 2013 Jul 30th Yes they should
Sidra Mumtaz Sidra Mumtaz 2013 Jul 29th Children's should eat breakfast to be active and attentive at school.
mahnoor khalid mahnoor khalid 2013 Jul 14th It is pretty important. They might do good in school without breakfast but in the long run they will have problems as their body and mind will not not be fresh because of less nutrients in the body.
Najeeullah Shaikh Najeeullah Shaikh 2013 Jul 14th I think its not good and for a healthy body we should do breakfast...
areesha zainab areesha zainab 2013 Jul 11th It is very important for us to eat breakfast before going to school because then we will have energy and we can jog or walk in p.e period
Marwa  Nasir Marwa Nasir 2013 Jul 11th @Maha Haroon the first commenter. I should say thats impossible because if u dont have breakfast it wont make ur body cells which help u the most with movement and with brain even. I am also my class topper because i have a very healthy breakfast. I always heard my teachers saying me this.
Maha Haroon Maha Haroon 2013 Jul 4th I don't think its a big deal I mean Breakfast.Seriously I don't eat it and I am The Class Topper!
princess  amna1 princess amna1 2013 Jul 2nd No ,they cannot.perhaps they like junk food
Najeeullah Shaikh Najeeullah Shaikh 2013 Jun 29th If they are not taking Breakfast Of course they will have some problems regarding Health so i think they better have good and healthy breakfast everyday
faiz rasool faiz rasool 2013 Jun 25th My mother always asks me to have breakfast because of the same reasons.
lujain muhammad lujain muhammad 2013 Jun 23rd The best breakfast is fruits and milk
Sabreena Ahmer Sabreena Ahmer 2013 Jun 22nd If v don't have breakfast r mind doesn't remain alert and v won't have the strength to perform even simple tasks.thus it's very important for us to start the day with a healthy breakfast
Asma Hashmi Asma Hashmi 2013 Jun 19th Every one is different 4m each other....some can perform well by having breakfast but some can't..But I think the better one is to have breakfast!1 must be inhabit of it........Skipping meals is nt gud 4 health nd breakfast is the first meal of the day.......!
munnazzar  shahzad munnazzar shahzad 2013 Jun 9th We should take a healthy meal its important for us and our balanced diet without breakfast we must be incomplete
faryal faisal faryal faisal 2013 Jun 7th Eating breakast keeps a man healthy and smart.and by the way it is included in balanced diet.
zoha azeem zoha azeem 2013 Jun 4th Breakfast might not just be the most important meal of childs day, it might be one of most important meal of their life. The childrens not having breakfast properly this cause weekness in them and this weekness effect on their studies so all the people including infants,young,old,adult must take proper breakfast daily
Sana Raheel Sana Raheel 2013 Jun 3rd Without breakfast ppl can b very lazy and unattentive in class bt sum ppl can survive without it
Shehryar Larik Shehryar Larik 2013 Jun 2nd It is the most vital meal of the day which gives you the energy to be active throughout the day
Ajwa Arsalan Ajwa Arsalan 2013 Jun 2nd We need to have breakfast as its fuel for school
Unaiza Ijaz Akhtar Unaiza Ijaz Akhtar 2013 May 30th It keeps us the nutrients of the day!!!
Hiba  Ahmed Hiba Ahmed 2013 May 29th Breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day.
Momina Nadeem Momina Nadeem 2013 May 26th They are dull in their studies and can't do their work on time properly.
haiqa aziz haiqa aziz 2013 May 22nd Children not having breakfast are dull and lazy....!!!
Amna Jalil Amna Jalil 2013 May 18th No They can't do good at school
faiz rasool faiz rasool 2013 May 12th it is good to have breakfast!!!
saaniya fatima saaniya fatima 2013 May 12th I dont like breakfast
Minahil Bakhtawar Minahil Bakhtawar 2013 May 9th I think break fast is necessary.HAVE BREAKFAST LIKE KING ,LUNCH LIKE PRINCE AND DINNER LIKE BEGGAR>
fatima noor fatima noor 2013 May 4th I eat breakfast everyday.
fatima noor fatima noor 2013 May 4th I eat breakfast everyday.
khadija aqeel khadija aqeel 2013 May 4th Yes its right with outbreak fast we will not be fresh especially in school
rabia shahid rabia shahid 2013 Apr 12th No no one can be fresh she or he will be looking tired not active etc so we should take a proper breakfast and food should be healthy
fatima noor fatima noor 2013 Apr 6th We must eat breakfast
Bisma sara Bisma sara 2013 Apr 5th You are absolutely right..! we all should do a healthy breakfast
Dure nayab Azeemi Dure nayab Azeemi 2013 Apr 1st Yeah i can be survive !!!!!!!
hijab mazhar hijab mazhar 2013 Mar 19th We do not eat breakfast we not attention on school so daily eat breakfast best breakfast is egg,bread,milk..........................................
munnazzar  shahzad munnazzar shahzad 2013 Mar 11th Children need break fast and they do not eat junk food because it is not healthy for us just like me i am not healthy thanks to tell me aliza i love u u r the best now i will be heathly
EMAAN  MIRZA EMAAN MIRZA 2013 Mar 4th No i think they will be very tired
rabia ahmed rabia ahmed 2013 Feb 28th No, if someone can survive then at that time it`s also bad because breakfst is very very important
eriman glam girl eriman glam girl 2013 Feb 27th YEAH ITS INPORTANT BUT NO ONE AGREE TO THIS AND NOT FOLLOW THIS
HAFSA  IRFAN HAFSA IRFAN 2013 Feb 26th People can survive but our bones get weak and we get sickk..
Laibah Basham Laibah Basham 2013 Feb 19th Its OK . I dont hv breakfast but still hv a double hat-trick of comin 1st in class
Lovely  me Lovely me 2013 Feb 18th Its really important I have mines everyday ^_^
Princess Laiba Princess Laiba 2013 Feb 14th If kidxx dont hve breakfast they will sleepy in class and when they have breakfast then they r healthy and activ and fresh
Binte Adam Binte Adam 2013 Feb 14th Yeah the person can survive but he cannot do well in anything
mujtaba  malik mujtaba malik 2013 Feb 14th Going to school without breakfast is not at all advisable.
Ismail Malik Ismail Malik 2013 Feb 14th Not at all. For healthy and fresh minds we got to have healthy bodies
Azka Syed Azka Syed 2013 Jan 27th No, i dont think kids not having breakfast can do well in school and sports. Because breakfast gives them requird energy to do well both in school and sports.
Sarah Arif Sarah Arif 2013 Jan 27th One of my friends skip breakfast almost daily and then complain about having headaches. She claims that it isn't the breakfast matter, but something else. She doesn't understand the importance of having breakfast in the morning.
Rabita Tariq Rabita Tariq 2013 Jan 25th You will be weak and can't understand espesially math
mishaal abbas mishaal abbas 2013 Jan 23rd I think that not doing breakfast for a few days is fine..but ALWAYS???no way!!!
Abdullah Suhail Abdullah Suhail 2013 Jan 21st No. They don't do well and feel dizzy dizzy. Don't you agree?
Tooba Zia Tooba Zia 2013 Jan 5th Aliza such gud topic u hav chosen.its vry ,vry important! so v take it
hijab mazhar hijab mazhar 2012 Dec 29th Yeah i can survive without breakfast and do well also!!! and breakfast is very important as one remain hungry for whole of the night!!
huma zahid huma zahid 2012 Dec 27th Yes breakfast is very important............for students especially.....when they go to school without taking breakfast they become dull and lazy in thier studies and can't take lecture carefullly
Lovely  me Lovely me 2012 Dec 27th Yes,I do agree that a breakfast is very important and breakfast also means break the fast which you slept through night Breakfast does not take much time all you can do is pour milk in a glass and drink or take a slice of bread and spread jam also you can make cereal or eat a fruit either one of them can energize you and they may even take less than 2 mins If you do not have your breakfast you may fell unconscious and fall on the ground that is because of less blood supply So I say that break fast is very important as it is the first meal of the day too.
syeda yusra muntasim syeda yusra muntasim 2012 Dec 24th Yes it is true
Fatima Uroos Fatima Uroos 2012 Dec 18th Yes, its true
Sukaina Najm Sukaina Najm 2012 Dec 15th Breakfast is very important! it speeds up our metabolic system and also we dont feel very hungry all day long
Disenchanted. xx Disenchanted. xx 2012 Dec 15th I don't like eating takes too much time
waliha shahid waliha shahid 2012 Dec 11th Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if we'll not have it we'll feel sleepy and lazy for the rest of the day.
sunshine blue sunshine blue 2012 Nov 26th Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,and children not having breakfast cannot do really well in school.
afra obaid afra obaid 2012 Nov 25th I think we should take proper breakfast because it is necessary for every person from younger to elder.If we doesn't take it so deficiency of nutrients make us weak and causes bad affecton our growth.
dfg dfggf dfg dfggf 2012 Nov 23rd I also don't like to have breakfast!!!!!!!!!!!!
Iman Shahid Iman Shahid 2012 Nov 18th My opinion about children who don't have breakfast is that they don't do well. Your stomach will start aching so badly and you will have major headaches. The worst thing is that you will get so dizzy, that you might even faint. So it is very important to have breakfast in the morning.
M.Ali Haider  Raja M.Ali Haider Raja 2012 Nov 17th Having breakfast is important for all human beings
rija  zainab rija zainab 2012 Oct 24th U R RIGHT NEHA CHILDRENS WHOm do not take their b.f they w8 for break and non-energetic children also fall down in assembly ground.sooo they sshould take their bf
fareeha noman fareeha noman 2012 Oct 24th Yeah whenever i sit my freinds or realitives a new question has said have u done brake fast???? actually me and my brother eat during school days but during holids no breakfast only juice is enough till dawn but during school breakfast is important for a child caz r not energetic .................
fizzah kafeel fizzah kafeel 2012 Oct 18th In my opinion children not having breakfast can not do well in school. their all attention is on lunch brake so they can eat their lunch. they do not pay attention on their studies and show bad result in exams. their parents make pay for their studies and only they do not take breakfast. they waste their parents money used in their studies.
Aimen Ashar Aimen Ashar 2012 Oct 7th Ummm yes! I agree that we should go to school with breakfast but still i go without breakfast.
Amna Faizi Amna Faizi 2012 Sep 28th breakfast is most important,Eman has given an example
Izza waheed Izza waheed 2012 Sep 26th Assalam o Alaikum! Topic has been chosen wisely b/c these days....I've observed whenever we people sit together with fellows....mostly the discussion is "Do you do breakfast?" & arguments on it..... this kind of topic is Argumentative... & I think VSHINE TEAM & VSHINE members support these kind of topics for forum... Good n well.....Keep it up....we're with u...! ok....I'm for both sides....b/c I have experiences regarding both..............................................................................................................................It depends upon your mood dude.....! do what ur mood allows u.....1 bt don't forget ...if ur parents insist what they say...! ALLAH HAFIZ...!
Mairah Ahmed Mairah Ahmed 2012 Sep 23rd No one can do well without having breakfast cuz its necessary for us to work hard entire day and by this we cannot get tired so quickly
Salwa Imtiaz Salwa Imtiaz 2012 Sep 8th Having breakfast must be compulsory for a child or an elder ..we all need energy after a long night sleep to face the whole tiring day...!!
ARSHAH WASEEM ARSHAH WASEEM 2012 Sep 8th Yes indeed,breakfast is an important meal of the day which one should take.But nowadays majority of the children do not take breakfast which is not good as they will not be able to perform their best at school.
Saba  Mahfooz Saba Mahfooz 2012 Aug 27th Yes its very imp but i still go to skol without havin break fast & i go well may b i used tooooooooo
Minahil Hasan Minahil Hasan 2012 Aug 23rd No they can't for my belief is that we can't read or do anything except breakfast
Izma Khan Izma Khan 2012 Aug 16th Breakfast is the basic need to go to school or do any work if we will not eat breakfast we will not be healthy and we will be suffering from different diseases very frequently
Laiba Ejaz Laiba Ejaz 2012 Aug 15th No, no one can survive in school without having breakfast. Here is a hint on having a healthy breakfast: Have corn flakes with milk or drink half cup of milk with one slice of bread with jam or cream.
Abdur Rafay Khan Abdur Rafay Khan 2012 Jul 21st No we must eat our breakfast especially when u have a sporting event held.If u don't eat ur breakfast,then u'll have 2 suffer the consequences I eat my breakfast but not on exam days instead I eat almonds( almonds unlocks my ability 2 remember the revised topic)
syed saad iqbal syed saad iqbal 2012 Jul 18th I cannot stand without breakfast because i feel very weak
syeda tahira iqbal syeda tahira iqbal 2012 Jul 18th First two days without breakfast wont be a big deal yes but if it keeeps continueing then they will be weak wont be able to concentrate but it wont affect your studies that much but will definately affect your health
eisha ajmal eisha ajmal 2012 Jul 12th Some people can survive the day without eating breakfast (so can i) but its really hard for some kids too. for example; one time during our school assembly a fat girl fainted and when she was asked why, she said she skipped breakfast. but breakfast is important especially for those who want to loose weight cuz if you eat an egg or a glass of milk at breakfast you wont stay so hungry the rest of the day and not eat much. :)
Diyaan Nauman Diyaan Nauman 2012 Jul 9th Hmmm..well its true that breakfast is too good 4 our health ....but i feel very upset when my mom says breakfast is ready:(:(..but still i have to drink atleast one glass of milk.
Urooj Usmani Urooj Usmani 2012 Jul 4th I cant study without a mum always says breakfast is the petrol of our body...and without fuel car doesnt move...s0 its really important t0 have a nourishing food ....
Maryam Tariq Maryam Tariq 2012 Jul 3rd I can't eat breakfast early in the morning that's why i keep my breakfast(juice and busicuits) along with me to school and eat before assmbly =P
dfg dfggf dfg dfggf 2012 Jul 3rd I think the children must be lazy in school because they must not having breakfast from which they get the energy for the whole day. Some children are powerful and they don't need more energy, but i would like to say to all children to take there breakfast..................
Neha Ayaz Neha Ayaz 2012 Jul 3rd Std feel sleepy and w8 4 break time.
areeba pervaiz areeba pervaiz 2012 Jun 28th The children who are not eating breakfast are not energetic and they they don't have energy to do well in school
hina ihsan hina ihsan 2012 Jun 27th Its absolutely essntialll........eating full day but not havng breakfast is a symbol of syconess lolxxxxxxx its damn true guyxxxxxxxx
Sarah Khan Sarah Khan 2012 Jun 24th Ofcourse it is essential to have breakfast not just for students but for everyone... no chance of arguing...
Undesirable No. 1 -- Undesirable No. 1 -- 2012 Jun 22nd's necessary to take breakfast even if it does not help but there are many reasons to take proper breakfast!!!!!!
Anza Shahid Anza Shahid 2012 Jun 13th Yes,breakfast is really very important ........children who do not take breakfast can not be attentive in class and they are usually having pain in their heads.......
Ashna Ahmed Ashna Ahmed 2012 Jun 12th I reckon it all depends on a person's body. SOme people find themselves going through their day perfectly normal without breakfast and thus don't really find the need to have brekkie. But others need to have breakfast if they want to last the day. I'm just used to not having breakfast coz my body doesn't cope with it.....if i do have any then i end up chucking up.
AISHA ABID AISHA ABID 2012 Jun 12th Oh! my! god! i cant beleive who can do that i cant even walk with out eating breakfast i am geting uo brushing my teeth and sitting on the chair how much hour i can sit till i dont get my break fast.................!
HAMNA  baqai HAMNA baqai 2012 Jun 7th It is true but i dont like to take it
Rida Fatima Rida Fatima 2012 Jun 7th I think that we should have breakfast before going to school as it gives us energy and we stay energetic and attentive in our school.sooooo.......... it is better to have breakfast
Marya Ansari Marya Ansari 2012 Jun 7th Uhmm.........breakfast must be given ultimate importance .......we know its a quote of early days to have king like rich n healthy breakfast.i do agree .......for the reason its a better start for ur king like rich n healthy day. chidren who don't take morning meal decide to drive their day like a prisoner not a king.......cux a king is always sharp n active n present minded compared to a weak prisoner who doesnt enjoy fresh wind and mostly his day is least or nill prosperopus.ooooooo :p
Emaan  Farhan Emaan Farhan 2012 Jun 6th I agree.Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.Think of this:Can a car run properly with very less fuel?
Qadr Arslan Qadr Arslan 2012 Jun 2nd I don't think so because i become hungry & my mind does not work properly..
Summiya Abid Summiya Abid 2012 May 29th Without the breakfast i cannot survive.Once i didn't do my breakfast which keep me all day tired in my school and from that day i take my breakfast daily b/c breakfast is very necessary
Ali Raza Ali Raza 2012 May 29th Breakfast is very important and it is the healthiest meal of the day
eminem gus eminem gus 2012 May 27th No when achild dont take breakfast only drink milk is not helpful because many of the sutents in our school fall in the asembly because they didnt take breakfast the drink milk who say that milk is helpfull for study so they are right but in breakfast no milk my friends
Shahamah Ahmed Shahamah Ahmed 2012 May 27th Breakfast is very important as one remain hungry for whole of the night!!
shaista  khan shaista khan 2012 May 25th No,we even can not work for more than two hours without having breakfast. It is really well said; that All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.(John Gunther). Because we can feel the difference between those students who have their breakfast as compare to those who don't have.It make as ready to combat with the tiring activities of the whole day.
Directioner Forever Assawer T. Directioner Forever Assawer T. 2012 May 25th Well breakfast is so important because I can't imagine myself going to school without it.. WELL sometimes when I am not feeling like eating a heavy & healthy breakfast my mom just makes me something light like pancakes or something even though she's a professional & in this statement there is a little tip for those who wanna follow.. Standing in the assembly in school under the sun & P.T is not possible without breakfast & neither would students be attentive in a class , they will be sitting in a corner simply snoring.. I dunno what others think but that's my point of view..
meng san meng san 2012 May 23rd Actually breakfast is really important for us humans!!! we should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a normal being n dinner like a poor in order to live a good n healthy life!! cheers!!! :)
Mahno0r $aeed Mahno0r $aeed 2012 May 23rd In my point of view nd as my own experience children not having done breakfast can go on wel in personal experience!!
Tehzeem Hassan Tehzeem Hassan 2012 May 19th Breakfast s an important to take for a student otherwise they cannot study more... some doesn't like to take break fast in early morning like me.... lols
tazeen hina tazeen hina 2012 May 17th Oh my godness i cant survive without the is true that it give enrgy for whole day
Ashna Ahmed Ashna Ahmed 2012 May 17th All i have for breakfast is a small glass of milk which doesn't affect my ability to do well in school. Most kids don't eat brekkie coz they feel sick when they eat something early in the me ^_^
Tehreem Maqsood Tehreem Maqsood 2012 May 17th Nope! no way you r distracted all day
Ahmed Alam Ahmed Alam 2012 May 16th Yeah i can survive without breakfast and do well also!!!
Aliza Syed
Most of the students... 2012 Feb 9th 4311 Views Most of the students cheat in exams rather than preparing well to get good marks. Do you agree, and why? read more

151 Posts
Zainab  Rizvi Zainab Rizvi Jan 4th Yes and some pupil said that I was just helping her/him.
Urooj Naveed Urooj Naveed 2017 Jul 16th Yess cheating is very popular. And I think little bit cheating is allowed 😉 but not too much .
Nisha Qazi Nisha Qazi 2017 Feb 27th Cheating now a days is very popular because students are getting dunce in studies day by day...Cheating should be prohibited.
rameen khan rameen khan 2016 Jun 19th Cheating is a shameful act i saw even in my class students easily cheat and say that''a little bit does not matter.and classmates help each other to cheat
Areeba Nadeem Areeba Nadeem 2016 Jun 6th Many students do not prepare well for exams and just say that we will cheat from someone else. This is really a bad habit. I am against the students who cheat. When I ask my class fellows that my attitude is good or not good? They reply, " Your attitude is good but you never let anyone to cheat or help anyone during exam in cheating " So that's simple you should never cheat!!!
Areeba Nadeem Areeba Nadeem 2016 Jun 6th Many students do not prepare well for exams and just say that we will cheat from someone else. This is really a bad habit. I am against the students who cheat. When I ask my class fellows that my attitude is good or not good? They reply, " Your attitude is good but you never let anyone to cheat or help anyone during exam in cheating " So that's simple you should never cheat!!!
Berha Irfan Berha Irfan 2016 May 12th Cheating is a very bad habit and most school children have it. Reasons may be they are not attentive and don't understand a single word their teacher says for everyday, maybe cause they go home and play and forget they ever had to go to school. also you may want to read this. When you cheat from your friend secretly you get 10 out of 10 marks. those are the marks which are dishonestly and invaluable but when you get 3 marks because you didn't cheat those are the marks of honesty and more valuable then the cheating marks.
Beenish Saeed Beenish Saeed 2016 Mar 16th Some children do not prepare well for exams so they cheat.
Abdul Ali Sheikh Abdul Ali Sheikh 2014 Mar 13th Cheating is a very bad habit. The Prophet of Allah Peace be upon Him said about cheating " The one who cheats, is not of us." The students who are aware of the consequences of cheating, and even then they cheat, then they will have a more severe punishment on the day of judgement because of cheating purposely.
 Shiza Javed Shiza Javed 2014 Feb 18th Yeah its true many students do not work hard and then they cheat their seat mates
Tooba Hussain Tooba Hussain 2014 Feb 7th Yeah, true, students cheat, in fact, students cheat A LOT. This problem can be controlled by educating the students that even if the teacher is not watching them, Allah is watching them all the time and they will be punished in the HereAfter for their evil deed. Apart from this, strict, law-obeying teachers and invigilators must be appointed, the cheaters should be given severe punishment and all students must promise themselves not to let anyone cheat from their paper. After all, a person who helps a person in cheating, even if he tells one small MCQ or something like that, still he has helped the cheater and therefore he will also be answerable to Allah on the Day of Judgement.
Tooba Hussain Tooba Hussain 2014 Feb 7th A person must always have in mind that even if the teacher is watching him or not, ALLAH is watching him all the time and if he cheats, he will be answerable to ALLAH on the Day of Judgement. This thought is enough to change a regular cheater into a good and devoted student and Muslim.
Laiba Bashir Laiba Bashir 2013 Oct 23rd Well i agree to this statement because i have also seen students cheating and i think children who cheat never succeed in their other activities because GOD doesnt like cheating and by the way cheating gives us great deal of damage so always work hard.
shumila malik shumila malik 2013 Oct 1st Cheating is only for clumsy and irresponsible students who don't want to work hard. They just want to find a short cut to learning and that's why they cheat. I have observed that many students cheat but they are the ones who don't take studies seriously. However, there are some good students, even the first and second position holders who help other students cheat in exams in the name of friendship. They believe they are helping their friends but they are actually spoiling them and making them more lazy.
Rafia Ahmed Rafia Ahmed 2013 Sep 4th I agree ..... the reason can maybe that internet is replacing studies so at the exam time students cheat!!!!!!!!!!!
nazish ilyas nazish ilyas 2013 Jul 19th You know what cheating is extremely bad for your future.if one cheats and gets goods marks but is not really intelligent and have no knowledge.i always got mashallah 1st position in my class since beginners so whenever its the time for test our exams everyone asks me.and i sometimes also get nervous that if one will cheat and get good marks than me.when ever someone cheats i get very angry at the teachers that why don't they do anything or cancel ones test or paper.i don't like cheating.
Nimra Hanif Nimra Hanif 2013 Jul 13th Yeah i agree areeqa and ahmed alam.. :)
Uswah Rasool Uswah Rasool 2013 Jul 13th HEY i think that children do cheat and as i have just finished grade 6 i can say pupils cheat at a high rate and it is not only destroying us, the children, but also the image of Pakistan like the papers of O-level (islamiyat and pak studies was leaked) it was not something to be proud of!!!!!!!!! If we want to study and if we study heartily than Allah will help us and according to me STUDYING IS NOT BURDEN IT IS FUN!!!!!! do you agreeeeee?????????/
areeqa hayee areeqa hayee 2013 Apr 29th Ya i agree....and if someone is cheating mine paper ....maybe ive done it wrong....and this can be a great loss in the future bcoz we can get full marks by cheating n we dont study cautiously bt if we get no chance of cheating then??? is it possible to pass in exam without studyng ???
Gullasht Nadeem Gullasht Nadeem 2013 Apr 17th AOA i think you only don't say anything on students check out our allover education department as our education department give students their rights even i don't cheat in exams but when my result come out so, my marks is lessthan my friend who cheat in exams so what can we do tell me ?
Anonymous Writer Anonymous Writer 2013 Mar 25th Hmmm! they do not have to cheat and even if they are prepared for it and it is also good and having fun by doing paper by your selve
munnazzar  shahzad munnazzar shahzad 2013 Mar 11th CHEATING IS A BAD HABIT BUT SOME TIMES PEOPLE CHEAT AND AND TELL LIE that they donot cheat in my class three students cheat but two of them donot cheat and 1 whos name is haseeb he cheats and say that he didnot
Minahil Hasan Minahil Hasan 2013 Jan 27th Its a bad habit to cheat people should prepare well.its a fact that when we cheat we get does marks but miss other marks.cheating is a form of stealing as well
Soha Suhail Soha Suhail 2013 Jan 24th I don't think it is a good idea to cheat rather than prepearing well!!! We shouldn't cheat!! Always be HONEST!!!!!!!!! Message from me to you guys..)
hijab mazhar hijab mazhar 2013 Jan 5th Yes correct we do not cheat by exams and tests because of this my confidence is over but we should don't cheat:)
Tehzeem Hassan Tehzeem Hassan 2012 Nov 20th Yah mishi...u r right.. It's correct..
Haris Ahmad Haris Ahmad 2012 Oct 29th Yes! yes! they cheat.But we have to make a mind that we should not ever cheat.
mubushra humayun mubushra humayun 2012 Oct 29th Tehxeem u r telling the ideas of our own class
rija  zainab rija zainab 2012 Oct 26th And u too ashir u were asking from saleha in 6 class annual exam.if its not good habit than u should leave it.thanx
mahnoor azhar mahnoor azhar 2012 Oct 24th YES! i agree that most of children cheat in exam or in test............ sometimes it happens bzc of heavy load of the sylabbus when they cheat n get ' good marks, cheating definately becomes their habit cheating is bad habit and for those who cheats will never faitully successfull ..................
fareeha noman fareeha noman 2012 Oct 24th Cheating is a very bad habbit and is also a sin which means stealing.......with Fasih Zulfiqar..........
Duaa Hassan Duaa Hassan 2012 Oct 22nd I agree that most of the people cheat in exams. But I disagree this that why do they do that? They should prepare their work at home and remember it for the whole life. Whatever they do is wrong and they will soon regret doing so.
barirah rehan barirah rehan 2012 Oct 21st I agree and they cheat because they dont prepare at home as they think that any one will help me why i should prepare a give time to studies so they become relaxed.
Chaudary Hadia Iftikhar Chaudary Hadia Iftikhar 2012 Oct 13th Cheaters are not cheating their teachers but in reality they are cheating themselves. Because by cheating they can secure good marks and can show themselves as a good example for their teachers but in real words they are deceiving Allah and themselves.
zainab tariq zainab tariq 2012 Oct 5th Their parents,guardian,tutor or elder brother or sister must make sure that they have learned. That way if they know the answer they wouldn't cheat.
Mariam  Mahmood Mariam Mahmood 2012 Oct 3rd We should not cheat because failing is good then cheating in exam
Aleena Zafar Aleena Zafar 2012 Oct 3rd Ya i agree,most of them cheat in exams and when the result comes they tell it to others with so proudly that i have got..... marks but its totally wrong these r not there marks but the marks r the sum of all those poeple who have helped him contrary to it some people who r bright students also help their close friends who r weak in studies ............but still unjustified that we should make others cheat us or not
Mariyam  Momi Mariyam Momi 2012 Sep 24th Cheating is not good for us
Maria Subhan Maria Subhan 2012 Sep 23rd Ya i always chaet in final exams:p (hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha) i agree
marium faisal marium faisal 2012 Sep 20th Cheating is a very bad habbit we should not cheat because we are destroying our future by this
Salwa Imtiaz Salwa Imtiaz 2012 Sep 8th Yah true..But asking any word for reminding or conforming is cheating or not?
Fatima Aziz Fatima Aziz 2012 Aug 31st I also agree the post of Mariam Ghaffar.
Fatima Aziz Fatima Aziz 2012 Aug 31st They don't learn their exams but,they wan't to be first than any of others it's a bad thing.A school does'nt means learning for only a period it means learning a keeping it in mind for the whole life.They just don't realize that what will we do in the future.I don't agree cheating in exams.
ayan yameen ayan yameen 2012 Aug 31st Most of the childrens under 13-15 cheats in Pakistan and they are jailed . Sadly the point is they dont feel ashamed they cheat again and again.
Abdul Sami Abdul Sami 2012 Aug 29th They don't want their parents in the future
Momina Bhatty Momina Bhatty 2012 Aug 25th Many students cheat, sadly, and the children do not stop. In a country I will not name, children 13 and over can be arrested for cheating in exams. If the kids in Pakistan cheat and are found out, they should realize it could wreck their lives reputation. No one will want to be their friend. Their teachers and parents will be disappointed. Suspension or expulsion is also possible. Sometimes kids cheat because of too much stress, and they don't want to study. And something for the kids that don't study but still top their classes, even without cheating is this: If you study, even if you top your class without studying, you can get higher grades!!! So study! And a word for parents: Don't stress your children out with too much studying. Let their mind be a little free! Their grade will improve very much then.
Izma Khan Izma Khan 2012 Aug 21st In Bangladesh children are jailed for cheating in exams.........!!!!:/
Hina Khan Hina Khan 2012 Aug 20th Some children are not well prepared at home bcuz they r lazy at all they don't care about there studies and parents they just think that by cheating they will pass out all their exams but this is not good for their future
mariam ghaffar mariam ghaffar 2012 Aug 17th Exactly... most of the students cheat in Pakistan why these children don't know that cheating is haram in Islam and our beloved prophet PBUH said "the one who cheats is not one of us" if we love prophet so why don't we obey Him?????
Izma Khan Izma Khan 2012 Aug 16th Cheating is something really bad!we could not cheat only in Exams we can also cheat in this world.
Izma Khan Izma Khan 2012 Aug 15th If,young youth does this who will save Pakistan
Izma Khan Izma Khan 2012 Aug 14th If they will cheat today they will never succeed in the world:)
ummat e muhammadia ummat e muhammadia 2012 Aug 11th Yes its true it is because they are lazy and dont want to study they only want to play and watch T.V
Mairah Ahmed Mairah Ahmed 2012 Aug 6th Yes i do agree but some students tell the cheaters in exams so it is not beneficial for theirselves thy are decreasing their own marks so be careful!
Momina Riyaz Momina Riyaz 2012 Aug 2nd Children do cheat...its true. But it is only when they are scared that if they don't get good marks they will be punished. they should utilise their study time wisely and parents should help them and tell them that no mater what they should not cheat :) !
syeda tahira iqbal syeda tahira iqbal 2012 Jul 18th Yes they cheat and especially the toppers they cheat because they want to make there parents happy but that does not give them any right to do such a horendous act the best thing is to tell a teacher and if they do not pay any attention to you then wait cause there is someone above us who will take care of eveerything
Rubab Fahim Rubab Fahim 2012 Jul 6th Cheaters are so idiots they think nobody is watching them but don't they no that Allah is watching them if they believe and fear Allah they should not do this.........our Allah is watching............if they will work hard no problems will be there for them
Areeb Tariq Areeb Tariq 2012 Jul 5th Yeh right.many students are cheating cuz they donot have any interest in their studies........rather than taking their studies serious they cheat.......they have no aim for thier life..just wanted to pass the exams..... MY HUMBLE REQUEST TO ALL THESE TYPE OF FAKE STUDENTS THAT IF U DONOT WANT TO STUDY DONOT WASTE YOUR PARENTS MONEY.
Urooj Usmani Urooj Usmani 2012 Jul 4th Its really disgusting to accept that our future leaders are doing cheating without even thing the consequences........despite the fact that the media is showing a negative culture of cheating,parents n elders are also being irresponsible.....their children talk about cheating,means of cheating(like laser pens or whatever)they are not stopping their child which als0 encourage the children...
Maryam Tariq Maryam Tariq 2012 Jul 3rd Yea they are fetching rights of inncoent students who donot cheat in exams..once (in prep claass) i cheated a boy and i also cheated his name and wrote on my paper...frm that day i never did cheating =D
xxAngelxx . xxAngelxx . 2012 Jul 2nd The invigilators should be strict enough to not let cheating!We exchange classes in exams we sit like 1 grade 6 child and 1 grade 7 child so there is no point of cheeting and the bags are outside the class and they check our pencil boxes before exam starts and if anyone still cheets their exams will be canceled and they will not be permoted to next class.
dfg dfggf dfg dfggf 2012 Jul 2nd It isn't a good habit in our class most of students cheats..................
Neha Ayaz Neha Ayaz 2012 Jul 2nd Cheaters cheat.they would realize there mistake in future!!
MALAIKA IMRAN MALAIKA IMRAN 2012 Jul 2nd Yes its true we should not cheat it's bad manner we don't want to upset our parents that is a bad manner. in this earth my friend in llama international school sania is not nice girl i hate her because she cheats! and if tell her like that she we never say the truth. when there where exams that girl only put the paper with my hand writing so be always be clever but not too much its just that you should cheat in exams this will never help you to reach up it will send you down
Salim Saeed Salim Saeed 2012 Jul 2nd Yea the bad students cheat and pass and the good students also pass but their rank decreases
Tooba Raheel Tooba Raheel 2012 Jun 29th Only lazy children cheat. I think its the parents fault to. They should see their children prepare for class tests or exams if someone knows the answer then why cheat?
areeba pervaiz areeba pervaiz 2012 Jun 28th Yes mostily children cheat to get good grade but it isn't a good habit
Farhan Khan Farhan Khan 2012 Jun 18th If they will cheat soothey can see other thing and write other and if he is far away like 7 inches and cheater willtry to look and fell down and he will be caught if teacher is not looking Allah (S.W.T) is always looking to him.
Manahil Ahmed Manahil Ahmed 2012 Jun 16th I think that this is highly wrong this should not be done because once the kids cheat they become habitual of it and they no longer prepare the exams or assessments which keeps them away from hard work and they can never be a fortunate person in the world
Hasham danish arif Hasham danish arif 2012 Jun 14th Yes true anyone know correct answer but he or she cheats and answer becames wrong many of childs do like this
Tehzeem Hassan Tehzeem Hassan 2012 Jun 14th Last week I have gone through my exams and also gone through new ideas of cheating. They were marvelous and amazing ideas.
Undesirable No. 1 -- Undesirable No. 1 -- 2012 Jun 12th Aisha is totally cool 'bout cheatin'
A M A M 2012 Jun 7th Ya i alwayz cheat in exam... ha ha ha ;)
Duaa Yousuf Duaa Yousuf 2012 Jun 6th It's true that cheating is a bad habit but hating the cheaters is not good. Everyone in this world is a cheater. Think about it. Cheating is a habit which will give you good marks but not good ranks. If marks in a paper report card is more important for you then do cheat. But care for tomorrow as well. In your grave when you are asked about your good deeds, you won'd have to present your school report card, instead you will have to answer how you what means?
princess maina princess maina 2012 Jun 6th No im not agree bcz if we do cheating we loose are marks
shaista  khan shaista khan 2012 May 29th Yes i am really agree with your point because they consider cheating bset and easy way to success.but they do not realize this thing that cheating is more difficult than doing papers by themselves.
mahnoor fatima mahnoor fatima 2012 May 28th Yes I agree because they want to pass in exams easily
Sidra Kamal Sidra Kamal 2012 May 23rd Most of the students cheat because they want to pass the exam easily without making any efforts.This practice is so common now because the invigilators or teachers are not paying much attention during exams.But these students will get struck in future and will fail to succeed in different path of life.So, we should make our efforts and work hard to clear the exams and get success so we could achieve our goals and make a bright future for our beloved country.
Ali Mohammad Ali Mohammad 2012 May 23rd Not most of the students cheat.EVERY STUDENT CHEAT IN MY EYES.
aqsa hussain aqsa hussain 2012 May 22nd Most students think cheating is fun and an easy way to pass exams but sooner or later they are caught because our sins always find us
Tehzeem Hassan Tehzeem Hassan 2012 May 19th Most of the students cheat. They used to cheat by inventing their own ways, like ; by writing answers on erasers or scales
Tehzeem Hassan Tehzeem Hassan 2012 May 19th Majority of the students cheat by inventing their own new techniques or we can say ways. Like: By writing on erasers According to me its not good. Students are doing their own loss, which they would recognize in their future.
sara jamal sara jamal 2012 May 9th Yes ! majOrity cheat in Exam , But i think that if you are askin sOme thing frOm yOur friend and ur teachers knows but she/he is friendly thats why she/he isnt sayin sOme thing so its not really bad but if u use dis favour fOr bad things lyk teacher doesnt know and u are cheatin so its bad yup :)
Salwa Imtiaz Salwa Imtiaz 2012 May 7th Cheating is not a good habit...yess I agree.. but i feel that if their is every body cheating in exams from their books and we are doing by our own so who will get good grades...?? of-course he/she who was cheating from elder brother told that it will be your foolish act if you wouldn't cheat in the above mentioned situation..!! but personally I hate cheating and never want to cheat in any situation...just want to do by mu own self..
Humblebob khan Humblebob khan 2012 Apr 30th I think cheating is not good because the one cheats never succeed and thats why I have never done cheating.
Rehma  Siddique Rehma Siddique 2012 Apr 28th I get angry when someone cheats because I study and I am afraid they might get better marks than me. My mother says they won't. cheaters never do. And she was proved to be right after the result. I came first and that girl failed. Ha Ha Ha!!!
Ayesha  Dayala Ayesha Dayala 2012 Apr 21st Huh!i hate the word "CheatinG" now...thAT'S true,that the one who cheats can never cheat for ever & then they can't success in their lifes...
True Knack True Knack 2012 Apr 20th Hey I hate cheaters because they can pass & can get good marks than the intelligent one. One day God will punish them. I never cheat. I study very well. I get good ranks & grades. I'm giving you one lesson "Never cheat or you have to pay for it". Thanks.
fariha farid fariha farid 2012 Apr 20th If u do cheating to make ur parents proud u r never going to make ur parents proud doing that.
Ayesha Farhan Siddiqui Ayesha Farhan Siddiqui 2012 Apr 14th Yes, it's absolutely correct and it's also gotten very popular nowadays. Infact, students who do not cheat are looked upon as weird! Sure, cheating's the easy way out, don't study till the last min. and ace the paper by cheating from a brilliant student. It's extremely horrible to see your classmates cheating right in front of you and yet you can't do anything about it. We can put a permanent end to cheating by not showing our papers to cheaters and encouraging others to do so also.
faiza irshad faiza irshad 2012 Apr 13th Yes,i agree.i hate cheaters,if their teacher is not watching but allah s.w.t is watching
Tehreem Maqsood Tehreem Maqsood 2012 Apr 11th I agree and i hate cheaters it makes me full angry and i lose my temper
Sehar shahzad Sehar shahzad 2012 Apr 7th I hate the cheaters
Sehar shahzad Sehar shahzad 2012 Apr 7th I hate these students bcause in this way thay can get good marks and the students who worked hard to get good marks get defeated by the cheaters
Sana khalid Sana khalid 2012 Apr 6th Yes i do agree
xerac akhtar xerac akhtar 2012 Apr 5th Really true.....n cheaters dont even remember that ALLAH TA'LAH is watching them even if their teachers are not :(
Vaseel Asfar Vaseel Asfar 2012 Apr 4th Yeah!i think not most but all of us student cadre does cheating,some do great while some do little bit cheating.....
Vaseel Asfar Vaseel Asfar 2012 Apr 4th Yaaaa!Not most but i think all people do cheating.some do great chesting 'equiped' with papers known as 'buti' while some do little bit by just moving their heads left to right...........
tazeen hina tazeen hina 2012 Apr 3rd Yes..Bad childrens do bad it is same as that every bad child cheats.By cheating they are always weak in their studies.There parents think that they are very intelligent in their class..How Sad NAAA!!!!
momina nadeem momina nadeem 2012 Apr 4th My friends Khadejah and Mahnoor did it. They don't know that they cheat themselves.
maryam nadeem maryam nadeem 2012 Apr 2nd Most of the students write the answers on the writing board and desks.The teachers should watch them closely.
Abdul Rafay Khan Abdul Rafay Khan 2012 Apr 1st Yes most people cheat in exam this is very bad because they harm themselves and in longterm they suffer and did not succeed in life,
Emaan  Farhan Emaan Farhan 2012 Mar 29th I agree!If teachers aren't watching the cheaters,Allah is...........
Aliza Syed Aliza Syed 2012 Mar 28th Yeah! its true.......v all should raise our voices agianst this bad deed..
Parihan Khattak Parihan Khattak 2012 Mar 27th Most children cheat by writting on the desk or changing paper
Ramis Raza Ramis Raza 2012 Mar 21st I thinks it depends on the school teaching...!
Bint waseem mughal Bint waseem mughal 2012 Mar 17th I agre wd ahmed alam!!!!!!!!!!
Menahil Idrees Menahil Idrees 2012 Mar 14th Well, nice topic. Most students cheat in examinations bcuz they don't like studin. They wanna spend all time free and never study. I am recently givin my 8 grade xams and believe me, i saw 2 students exchange papers. I mean, copying infact, is a slur on the fair name of education and society. When u cheat, u prove tht u r nothin and anyways passin with cheatin shows tht ur own IQ level is zero. If u pass with cheatin, believe me it iz not passin. Infact, it is the worst failure of your entire lyf. U can't succeed further on in ur lyf either if u cheat. Anywayzz, I don't cheat. A record. & I want to request all those readin this 2 plz tell others 2 stop cheatin and pass with fair means. Thanx
Nouman Aqil Nouman Aqil 2012 Mar 14th Yes, most of the children cheat to get the top position and to tease their friends. They should not do it.
Daim Arshad Daim Arshad 2012 Mar 13th Dependent in school,s environment..........
Daim Arshad Daim Arshad 2012 Mar 13th Wee need mind to cheat really.
Sahar Ahmad Sahar Ahmad 2012 Mar 13th Many students cheat because they did not work hard by their own, so they cheat others to get marks and show their parents that they are good at studies but many good students also help them and tell them during exams. they are actually decreasing their own rank doing that! The time in which they write on pieces of paper is just wastage of time. In that time they can memorize the lessons.
Fariya Alim Fariya Alim 2012 Mar 10th Students doing so are actually doing their own loss. They have forgotten that two angels writing their every single deed are present and Allah is watching them
Ashna Ahmed Ashna Ahmed 2012 Mar 7th Where i live not many cheat. Not much point in cheating coz it won't get u anywhere in life. U can cheat in skool but not in life.
Javeria Shahid Javeria Shahid 2012 Mar 5th I agree , because there family members don't support them in their studies and leave them behind to study own ......... When the will become big then they will face many problems ......
Bareera Khalid Bareera Khalid 2012 Mar 3rd Bcoz cheating is easy in their point of view
HAMZA FAREED HAMZA FAREED 2012 Mar 1st Some students write all answer on bottles or pencil case.
Summiya Abid Summiya Abid 2012 Mar 1st True many students do it but its their bad b/c they don't work hard
Sahar Ahmad Sahar Ahmad 2012 Mar 1st Many students cheat because they did not work hard by their own, so they cheat others to get marks and show their parents that they are good at studies but many good students also help them and tell them during exams. they are actually decreasing their own rank doing that!
Member Team Vshine Member Team Vshine 2012 Feb 28th Only the students who don't bother to work hard go for cheating,yes it is a bad habbit.
Sidra Abdul Rauf Sidra Abdul Rauf 2012 Feb 27th Many children cheat in their exams but for their own bad......
Rafeh Parvez Rafeh Parvez 2012 Feb 27th This is a major problem in all over Pakistan.
Khushbukht Javid Khushbukht Javid 2012 Feb 27th Yes I agree because some students want there parents be proud of him/her.They should get punishment for this.
ADEEL UR REHMAN SHAMS ADEEL UR REHMAN SHAMS 2012 Feb 22nd Yes i agree cheating is a bad habit*We should solve our paper on our mind not on cheat****
waliha shahid waliha shahid 2012 Feb 22nd Yes,you r my class many children did it.
fatima  qasim fatima qasim 2012 Feb 22nd Very good topic.many children dont learn their lessons at home and they cheats.(and thanks for raising the voice against this topic)
ayesha imran ayesha imran 2012 Feb 22nd True,my friends Hina and Sania and Bushra does it.................
Mishal Mazhar Mishal Mazhar 2012 Feb 22nd I agree because they think that it is better to put no effort than to do hard work if the result is to be the same.But this is highly dangerous because if you get caught your paper can be canceled.
Aiman Akhtar Aiman Akhtar 2012 Feb 22nd Sometimes it happens that due to big syllabus students feel burdened by the studies and avoid studying for any test. Actually the thing is that they are tired and who won't be ? but our choices make us who we are . Therefore , everyone must avoid cheating because of the simple fact that one can cheat in monthly tests or so but how will they cheat in final papers which are given in grade 10 and 11 and so on .If some one develops a cheating habit then they'll also feel the need to cheat in these test and let me tell you that if a person is caught cheating in any of these 'BIG' tests or maybe 'Final ' tests then their that particular paper is not only cancelled but all the others as well
Sarah Arif Sarah Arif 2012 Feb 20th Well, some kids think it is only better to cheat instead of preparing for tests themselves to save time and energy and to waste time with social networking, which also tells us why certain kids sit at the back of the class in order to be out of the teacher's sight, yet right under her nose...
syeda midhat syeda midhat 2012 Feb 20th Yeah true but many of students help them which is wrong.They destroying their learning power.
muhammad arslan jamali muhammad arslan jamali 2012 Feb 20th Cheating is such a bad habit and i am not agree because we cheat in paper but when we go for job we didnt know any thing.
eisha ajmal eisha ajmal 2012 Feb 17th Yes its obviously true because we see many kids cheating in exams n tests .. i would like to give an example of my classfellow: she cheats in every test just because her parents want her to become a doctor AND ive told her many times that she may succeed now but she can not succeed in future. I think its also the kid's parents' fault as well because they do not look after their child or they expect too much from their child.
HAMNA  baqai HAMNA baqai 2012 Feb 16th While cheating one can lose a lot of marks and if they get good position they are not as much happy as the one who studies by himself/herself
HAMNA  baqai HAMNA baqai 2012 Feb 14th I really agree on this topic. Most of the students cheat and if one time they get the hobby of doing cheating,there brains are closed for learning anything
Directioner Forever Assawer T. Directioner Forever Assawer T. 2012 Feb 14th Yeah I agree .. They practise how to cheat rather than to study & those who study sometimes get beaten by those who cheat .... And those who cheat if they get promoted to higher classes , during board exams I think cheating is an impossible task , the cheaters even are bribing & their parents also encourage them..... I personally have never cheated in my life Its pretty difficult to cope up with everything & seeing girls around me cheat all the time.........
aimun hussam aimun hussam 2012 Feb 13th YES, SOME BAD CHILDREN DO CHEATING AT ALL
ayesha zaman ayesha zaman 2012 Feb 13th Yeah its very commom in all the studnts which dnt prepare bt try 2 get gud marks by cheating .they r cheatng thmselvs s wll as their teachers nd parnts.
hafsa tahir hafsa tahir 2012 Feb 13th I agree. students who cheat in exam paper are those who never want to succeed anything in their life. also students usually cheat because they r too lazy to even blink at a book.
Izza waheed Izza waheed 2012 Feb 13th A.O.A! cheating, a really bad habit.Government should figure out solutions because cheating is badly affecting student's creativity skills.Students do not prepare for exam by thinking that they do will cheat & succeed.But, they should also think that what if they cannot cheat or what if no one agree's to help them cheat or what if they get caught.Cheatig is done by confident students who are brave & dare to take wrong steps in unconditional love.We should scold students cheating rather than being involved with them.Thanks!
Zainab  Khan Zainab Khan 2012 Feb 13th Well if we cheat and get good marks,we will know that we do not deserve the marks because we have not earned them by fair means, that is hard work.
shanzar butt shanzar butt 2012 Feb 13th You Are right ahmed Alam !!!!!!!!!!!! GOOO We Shouls Not Cheat !!!
Asavera  ak Asavera ak 2012 Feb 13th If they are cheating they cant cheat for long
Anza Shahid Anza Shahid 2012 Feb 13th Cheating is one of the worst habit.By cheating one waste effort of his parents and teachers.''CHEATERS NEVER WIN AND WINNERS NEVER CHEAT''
Mahnoor Khalid Mahnoor Khalid 2012 Feb 11th ya! it's common in all students and i'm sure that we also have a little cheating skills. It is very bad thing but it doesn't effect in building a strong student. Today days cheating is also done even in examination halls.
simi queen simi queen 2012 Feb 11th Hmmmmmmmmm cheating in exam is not good but in some ways a student a read and learn a lot due to tension he did not remember any thing, and some times cheating also helps to manage friendship with each other because it also help to rise good deed of help each other. But in negative view because if a person 1 time show his paper to other or tell him the next one will adiquted to it and stop learning there will an idea in his mind that other person will show him and did not have to learn!
Undesirable No. 1 -- Undesirable No. 1 -- 2012 Feb 10th Cheaters don't succeed
shazma iqbal shazma iqbal 2012 Feb 10th Nice topic.The truth is this that student who cheats in exam can succeed in result of this world but never on the day of judgment. This work is done in almost every school.I think that it is responsibility of examiner too.
Marya Ansari Marya Ansari 2012 Feb 10th BITTER TRUTH ! Doing "CHEATING" in exams they acually cheat themselves, of which they regret when future pays them for it.Keen learners always know that in practical lives its their knowledge that works, Otherwise people are not only left behind but totally wiped out.
fasih zulfiqar fasih zulfiqar 2012 Feb 10th Many students cheat because they did not work hard by their own, so they cheat others to get marks and show their parents that they are good at studies.
Ahmed Alam Ahmed Alam 2012 Feb 9th Yeah true but many good students also help them and tell them during exams. they are actually decreasing their own rank doing that!
Aliza Syed
How can we keep our city... 2011 Oct 6th 15341 Views Keeping our city clean is very important, but how? read more

54 Posts
Farishta Hamid Farishta Hamid 2014 Aug 13th Dont you have some cool thing to disscuss I HATE THESE THINGS
qurratul ain qurratul ain 2014 Apr 1st HI GUYzzzzzzzzzzz! What about your result?Do you know ? I've got a shield ! And my percentage is...................... 95%!!!!!!! I know that one who studies in Usman Public School Have got their result! I Hope that everyone's result will Be very nice! PLEASE invite me in your good result! TELL ME.......PLEASE!!!..........?!
qurratul ain qurratul ain 2014 Mar 25th We should always.......... Keep our country........... Clean,green and free..........! AM I RIGHT!!!!
qurratul ain qurratul ain 2014 Mar 25th It's the most important point.We can keep our city not even city,but our whole country by not putting garbage anywhere!I've seen that some people those are travelling and eating junk food,When the wraper is finish ,they throw it outside.We should keep that wraper with us,and then when we'll back at home throw that in the dustbin!
Shayan  Hasnain Shayan Hasnain 2013 Sep 14th By planting trees and do not throw rubbish
munnazzar  shahzad munnazzar shahzad 2013 Mar 11th I keep my city clean but some people did not clean because of this we have such types of diseases such as fever head ache and etc
Izma Khan Izma Khan 2012 Aug 16th Keeping a city clean is a good duty we should be responsible.we could start keeping our city clean by society,than our town and at last our city:)
ANUSHA ASIM ANUSHA ASIM 2012 Feb 15th Actually we shoul not throw rubish,there should be dustbins everywhere
sana khan sana khan 2012 Feb 5th Dont thow rubbish
marium faisal marium faisal 2012 Feb 5th Some educated people dont no the importance of cleanness but they dont think that poor people which live on roads have the importance of it.........we can keep our city clean by not throwing garbage on the road,by stoping pollution and by not damaging the rivers plus not cutting down trees and stop bomb blasts n other damaging things
REHO RANI REHO RANI 2012 Feb 2nd If we anyone throw garbage on the ground our government have to find them.
REHO RANI REHO RANI 2012 Feb 2nd To keep our city clean we should not throw on the ground any thing eg,a can
Parihan Khattak Parihan Khattak 2012 Jan 30th We should ban people by throwing garbage
Dua Nadeem Dua Nadeem 2012 Jan 30th First of all clean our self.. And we should dispose all garbage at proper place ...
aimun hussam aimun hussam 2012 Jan 29th Yes, we clean our city by throwing things into the bin
Aliza Syed Aliza Syed 2012 Jan 18th HEY Guyzzz!!!!!!!!!!!1 how are u all.... i wanna share something wd u guyz nd girls. thanx for ur i've made a club naming LOVE GREEN to stop pollution in my school . u can also do the same.
javeria anis javeria anis 2012 Jan 11th Well! to keep our country clean we should not comment or discuss about the 99.9% of people not doing their job in keeping our country clean but to really make it live we should start with ourselves instead of just blaming it all to other people of our country.If we notice we are one of them who just sit around and say mean stuff about others.So make a good start in keeping our country clean.First do it yourself and then spread the word to other students of your school,college,neighbours,siblings,parents and every other person you see trashong our country.
Anas _ Anas _ 2011 Dec 26th Well, not "everyone" is educated in a city, especially when you are taking about cities in Pakistan (or any other developing country). There are a lot of people who just throw the garbage out on the road. Some of them don't know how we should live, they are usually poor people who are not educated well enough to understand the importance of cleanliness. Another thing is that there are absolutely NO trashcans in the cities of Pakistan (except for some places in Islamabad). So whenever we have to throw the garbage, where are we gonna throw it? I know you can keep it with yourself until you go home or somehow find a trashcan, but that just discourages you to keep your city clean. I live in Saudi Arabia, and over here, the city is clean. The Saudi government don't fine you or anything, but there is something else that makes it clean. First of all, you have trash cans almost in ever streets and even on the sidewalks. The people here are educated, and know that littering is not the "right" thing to do. And when you throw a garbage, the workers pickup the garbage as well every morning. So I think that the government should be responsible for educating the people. Placing the trashcans in the cities and finally arranging workers to work on picking up the garbage as well as clearing up the trashcans everyday. I think that will definitely change the city and make it cleaner...
Nnazneen Naz Nnazneen Naz 2011 Dec 22nd To really keep our city clean we really need to have certain rules which should be abide by every citizen n it should be pose by the government because it plays a vital role in keeping its street clean by having garbage bins at every step so the people should avoid to throw it on road and if they not they should be charged with a big amount
iman fatima iman fatima 2011 Dec 11th Their are many ways in which we can keep our city clean.WE should not throw any garbage on the ground and persuade people to do that.have u ever heard about switzerland? If anyone throw garbage on the ground they have to pay fine.So we should also make this a rule.Moreover we can make poster and protest.
Anushay Awais Anushay Awais 2011 Dec 8th Its the most important thing to remember:KEEP OUR CITY CLEAN!Well,I am here to tell you few tips,how to keep your city clean! 1.Please avoid throwing bananas and rubbish on the road.Is this what Pakistan presents? 2.Do not may cause harmful diseases such as cough and cold. 3.Please avoid throwing plastic bottles.....Recycle as often as you can.... Prophet Muhammad says,"Clealiness is half of faith" ... On a practical level,CLEANLINESS,is thus related to hygiene & disease prevention... Cleanliness has a social dimension,or implies a system of interactions Please follow the few steps written above & try to keep your city CLEAN BEST - OF - LUCK !
gorgeous afo gorgeous afo 2011 Dec 2nd I am agree with salma imtiaz
Fatima Qadri Fatima Qadri 2011 Nov 22nd Instead of throwing rubbish on the land we can throw the rubbish in the garbage..
kaab hasan kaab hasan 2011 Nov 22nd We do not through garbage on street on or a road
asad ullah asad ullah 2011 Nov 11th If we are suppose to clean only our home, in the result we will have a clean city/country
Ghumaisa Usmani Ghumaisa Usmani 2011 Nov 11th I think we can keep are city clean by not throwing garbage or rubbish on the roads or gathering it near poppulated area.And of any one throw rubbish around we should stop them, we can make posters in groups and paste them on the wall. And we should all remember that prophet muhmmad S.A.W.W said that 'who ever litters aomrouund is not from us'
laiba arif laiba arif 2011 Nov 8th We should clean our city how? we should not throw rubbish on the floor we should not kill people and there should be a sweeper's to clean the city if we throw rubbish so we should give money
mustafa shakil mustafa shakil 2011 Nov 2nd I think that we all should clean our country by cleaning the garbage on the road....We can start by starting from the corners as all the garbage and rubbish is collected there.....Than i hope more people will see and join us too.... we can help by just cleaning the front part of our house,......
Duaa Yousuf Duaa Yousuf 2011 Oct 29th Come on nauman you are a resident of this country and it obviously is your duty to keep it's good for you... and remember human are enemies of themselves!
l .T l .T 2011 Oct 27th I think that we all should clean our country by cleaning the garbage on the road....We can start by starting from the corners as all the garbage and rubbish is collected there.....Than i hope more people will see and join us too.... we can help by just cleaning the front part of our house,......
Abdur-Rahman Feroze Abdur-Rahman Feroze 2011 Oct 23rd We should keep more dustbins and when we see our brother throwing litter on the ground we must remind him that cleanliness is half of faith.
afraah shaikh afraah shaikh 2011 Oct 16th We should throw rubbish only in the dustbin and tell our friends about it so they can tell their other friends school friends and they will continue and most of the people will know about it
Salwa Imtiaz Salwa Imtiaz 2011 Oct 14th It's our right , duty as well as responsibility to take care of our city....:)
mustafa shakil mustafa shakil 2011 Oct 13th Evry 1 knows how to keep the streets clean i.e dont throw the rubbish outside
mustafa shakil mustafa shakil 2011 Oct 13th Keeping the street clean is easy just don't throw things around the place.
mustafa shakil mustafa shakil 2011 Oct 13th We can keep city clean in many ways but the main thing by which city can be clean is not throwing litter or garbage on street but throwing in dustbins
mustafa shakil mustafa shakil 2011 Oct 13th There are several ways to keep our city clean and the most easiest as well as most important one is dumping rubbish in rubbish bins......
Summiya Abid Summiya Abid 2011 Oct 12th We can keep city clean in many ways but the main thing by which city can be clean is not throwing litter or garbage on street but throwing in dustbins
Aisha Abdul Quddus Aisha Abdul Quddus 2011 Oct 12th There are several ways to keep our city clean and the most easiest as well as most important one is dumping rubbish in rubbish bins......
Directioner Forever Assawer T. Directioner Forever Assawer T. 2011 Oct 11th Yeah throwing garbage is our duty , that's what is happening(PERSONALLY I DONOT APPRECIATE THROWING GARBAGE AROUND MY NIEGHBOURHOOD & IF I SEE ANYONE DOING IT I STOP THEM) , our youth do not understand how much hard work our predecessors have done to get this country(pakistan)........
Mishal Mazhar Mishal Mazhar 2011 Oct 11th We can keep our country clean by picking up any trash which we see or which comes in our way and throwing it in the dustbin.We should keep our homes clean and not mess around.We should also not throw rubbish in our schools but instead keep it clean.
hammad noor hammad noor 2011 Oct 10th Keeping the street clean is easy just don't throw things around the place.
Khushbukht Javid Khushbukht Javid 2011 Oct 10th We should clean our school and our home.If someone throw rubbish anywhere,clean it up front of him/her,they would be embarrassed that what they had done and they would help you.Everyone would help you.
Mahum Baber Mahum Baber 2011 Oct 10th If everybody will clean the garbage in front of their houses so our country will always be clean. it cant remain clean if only 50% citizens do this
Salwa Imtiaz Salwa Imtiaz 2011 Oct 10th It's the duty and right of all the citizens of the state that we should try to keep our city clean by using the dust bins and recycle bins..
Aliza Syed Aliza Syed 2011 Oct 8th Dear nouman ali! so u thnk keepng city clean ix not our duty, it is sweeper's duty? i think u r totally wrong, its not right that u throw garbagr nd sweeper's will clean it? i anybody ix living here, so its there responsibility to clean every gabage and keep a city clean.
xerac akhtar xerac akhtar 2011 Oct 8th WE COMMENT ON THE GARBAGE THROWN.......BUT WE HAVE NO RIGHT 'CAUSE WE THROW IT...................
Zainab  Khan Zainab Khan 2011 Oct 8th It is a responsibility of every citizen to keep our city clean.We should not litter and not only keep our city clean,we should also keep ourselves clean.We should plant more and more trees because they help us to keep our environment clean.We can also pick up the trash which we see around us and dispose it in a proper way.
Hadia Kashif Hadia Kashif 2011 Oct 7th We must organize days in schools of giving speeches and doing it practically, school should make a trip to sea side or lakes or river and said to children to clean it shores so that they will not only learn it clean country but also do it practically, the government should banned on throwing garbage on streets and roads and if a person do this so he have to pay fine and recycle bin should be place everywhere.
Muhammed shafeh ul haq Muhammed shafeh ul haq 2011 Oct 7th We can keep clean our city by not throwing the garbage on streets,in fact we should throw the garbage in dustbin.We should not drive car which release extra carbon our throw food outside by doing this we can keep our city clean.
Abeera Tariq Abeera Tariq 2011 Oct 6th Cleanliness is an important aspect of life....Islam teaches us that our faith is incomplete if we don't take care of cleanliness.......S0 we all should take care of our homes, schools ,etc. The cleanliness in our society can be achieved if we use trash cans and don't throw rubbish everywhere. We can even pick up trash thrown by other people and discard it in the trash can. We can plant trees in our environment to make the air refreshing.Keeping our city clean holds a lot of importance as we residentials need a non-polluted environment to survive longer.
Nouman Ali Nouman Ali 2011 Oct 6th But how we can clean the city its not our work but sweeper's
Ahmed Alam Ahmed Alam 2011 Oct 6th Evry 1 knows how to keep the streets clean i.e dont throw the rubbish outside