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Minahil Bakhtawar

Minahil Bakhtawar


The City School , Quetta

Avid reader, need a platform to write. John green is awesome. Love books.


Minahil Bakhtawar

Hidden door in my room

2013 May 14th 1383 Views
 "Could you open this box mum" I asked mum when we were setting our new house. It had belonged to a scientist before but now it was ours. ... read more
Shaheer - hey minahil ! if u dont mind then your story was no better than gullshat (dr...    2015 May 18th
Minahil - quetta is amazing i love it :-)    2014 May 31st
Gullasht - AOA minahil quetta ahh gahi soo0, kesa laga moon se km haana :)    2014 Apr 29th


Minahil Bakhtawar

The weather is hot

2013 May 30th 811 Views
I want to go to the pool,and apply a coolant to get coolThe summer is here,for my skin pigments I need to care.Summer vacations are near,Sweat is... read more
Wafa - nyc shottttttttttttttttt    2013 Jul 30th
Wafa - kp t up    2013 Jul 10th
Minahil - Thankyou mino//////////////////////////    2013 Jul 2nd


Minahil Bakhtawar

Moral character test

2013 May 30th 5251 Views
If you want to check someone’s moral... read more
Wafa - haha    2013 Oct 18th
Minahil - i am glad you liked it khadijah::::::    2013 Oct 9th
Khadijah - Now this joke made me LAUGH    2013 Sep 20th


Minahil Bakhtawar

Wacky web tales

2014 Feb 17th 929 Views
Assalam o Alaikum friends,This article is about a kids website. The website itself is as wacky as its name "WACKY WEB TALES'. They give you some... read more
4 People Like this! - Hadia AmirZainab AsharSoha SuhailArshaq Kirmani

Hadia - good    2014 Jun 8th
Minahil - yes it is sometimes it really makes you laugh :-)    2014 Apr 25th
Soha - It's a nice website!!!!!    2014 Mar 31st
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Hogwarts:School of Witchcraft And Wizadry Islamabad
Full Name
Minahil Bakhtawar
Pakistan, balochistan, Quetta
The City School

Avid reader, need a platform to write. John green is awesome. Love books.

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