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Arsal Habib Ghauri

Arsal Habib Ghauri


Usman Public School, Karachi, Campus 13 , Karachi

hey guys I m @rS@L HABIB GH@Ur1 and my passion is football and make friends


Arsal Habib Ghauri


2013 Jun 22nd 1189 Views
You are going into a jungle and are surrounded by fox and owls. The quantity of fox is equals to the quantity of owls. And at the moment there are 12... read more
Hadia - Hi arsal how r u plz be my friend    2017 Dec 22nd
Mohammad Uzair - there is Cristiano ronaldo also there wow what the picture good joke    2014 Nov 22nd
Mohammad Uzair - hi arsal habib why you not take me a friend    2014 Nov 22nd
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Full Name
Arsal Habib Ghauri
Pakistan, Sindh, Karachi
Usman Public School, Karachi, Campus 13

hey guys I m @rS@L HABIB GH@Ur1 and my passion is football and make friends

Video games
Indoor games
Net surfing
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