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Maryam Naveed

Maryam Naveed


Pakistan International School Jeddah English Section , Jeddah

sometimes i try to be normal but it gets boring so i get back to being me


Maryam Naveed

I love pakistan

2015 Sep 3rd 631 Views
I love pakistan

Wania - Are you asking me?    2016 Sep 23rd
Maryam - Sara is that u. I mean the sara I know    2016 Aug 22nd
Maryam - does any one studies in pisj es jeddah    2016 Jun 6th
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P.I.S.R :( or camp halfblood :) , Riyadh
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pakistan international school al khobar
Full Name
Maryam Naveed
Saudi Arabia, Jeddah
Pakistan International School Jeddah English Section

sometimes i try to be normal but it gets boring so i get back to being me

Tv watching
Indoor games
Writing stories
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