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Saqifa Maryam

Saqifa Maryam


Homeschooling , Hasilpur

Hallow! I am Sakifa Maria. I am 10 years old, reading class 8. I love stories and poems and sewing, too. I like to make friends...


Saqifa Maryam

A Great Deal (second...

2012 Apr 6th 1959 Views
(The first part of this story has already been published and this was written on the request of some people who thought it incomplete)I could hear... read more
3 People Like this! - Sajahir RizwanSoma ShahFatima Qasim

Mahrukh - wow its too good    2015 Sep 19th
Khadijah - ya me too.........    2012 Aug 15th
Ashna - thanx for completing it.....the first part just left me hanging in suspence!!    2012 Apr 8th
Saqifa Maryam

When I opened the door...

2012 Mar 30th 1060 Views
When I opened the door of my bedroom, I just strolled casually to my bed. What I saw there stopped me dead at my track.  I stared at it with... read more
4 People Like this! - Soma ShahSidra Abdul RaufSaqifa MaryamAyesha Ejaz

Berha - I agree with ali    2017 May 28th
Mary - nic    2012 Apr 23rd
Ali - I get it but it is not good celebrate april fool.    2012 Apr 5th
Saqifa Maryam

A Great Deal

2012 Mar 30th 764 Views
As I entered into the market, I saw that a child of almost twelve was standing with his parents and he was crying.  They had held a banner which... read more
3 People Like this! - Soma ShahSaqifa MaryamAyesha Ejaz

Mary - hmmm...............bad bad..........not good some one thet got it    2012 Apr 23rd
Ashna - wow!!!! thats great!    2012 Apr 8th
Saqifa - I have completed it and sent the second part to vshine.    2012 Apr 6th
Saqifa Maryam

When a friend helped...

2012 Jan 31st 1152 Views
"Hey Diana! What's wrong with you? Why do not you talk to me?" I asked from her while she was sitting in the library engaged in reading.  But... read more
MUSFIRAH - A very nice story of friendship.Your story tell us a friend has great value.    2016 Mar 25th
Princess Hajra - it is a really very good story. i loved it. i think you want to be a writer...    2012 Mar 16th
Aiman - AWESOME BAKHITA excellent effort.    2012 Feb 22nd


Saqifa Maryam

Computer: A menace or a...

2012 Jan 31st 5560 Views
Computer, a modern technology is nowadays widely and most commonly used in almost every house of the modern society.  It has become a basic... read more
3 People Like this! - Mahrukh DurraniWasif HassanAnas _

Urooj - Good awesome 😃😃😃    2017 Jul 10th
Mahrukh - wow its a good information    2015 Sep 19th
Aiman - I REALLY LIKED IT :)    2012 Feb 4th
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Full Name
Saqifa Maryam
Pakistan, Punjab, Hasilpur

Hallow! I am Sakifa Maria. I am 10 years old, reading class 8. I love stories and poems and sewing, too. I like to make friends. I am already home schooling. My teachers are my elder sisters. I love reading stories. I am glad that I didn't through my magazines away and read them again and again. Sewing,reading, swimming and skating are my hobbies. I like princesses movies. I love wild animals. I would be a novelist when I would grow up

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