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Maria  Livka

Maria Livka


Beacon House.

Hello, friends. My name is Maria Livka Inzza. You might be wondering why my name is so weird. Yeah… it’s not very...

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Full Name
Maria Livka
Pakistan, Punjab
Beacon House.

Hello, friends. My name is Maria Livka Inzza. You might be wondering why my name is so weird. Yeah… it’s not very good to have a surname like that. But I have advantages too. The people know you’re Scottish and you don’t have to go through the trouble of telling them. If you’re wondering how to pronounce it, it’s Liv-ca Inzah. Enough with surnames!!!My name is… (Err… no, said that before.) I’m… (I’ve said that.) I’m the middle of my sibling… yeah… it’s not the least bit nice to be the middle oneI’ve got two elder brothers and two younger sisters. The eldest is Mohammad Kamir Inzza, who’s very hygienic and clean. He’s well, nine years elder than me (twenty, if you don’t calculate very well.) Then is my rascal fifteen year old brother, Mustafa Kamir Inzza. He got school prankster five times in a row. Apparently, somebody put superglue on the Principal’s chair, somebody let a rat loose in the Principal’s office, somebody completely destroyed her keyboard, and somebody put Post–It notes (those sticky, yellow notes) all over the school, which stated ‘Principal Crow eats flies’. With somebody as their royal and loyal accomplice. (They did much more stuff, too) Fine! I confess, I admit! Mustafa did all of those things with me as his accomplice and now I’m his permanent accomplice! That’s right *grumble*, I distracted the Principal while he put glue! I poked a hole to get the rat inside the office! I told the Principal that the seniors were vandalizing private property, which they have done twice but this time, it was a lie!!! And I put the sticky notes in the junior section, while Mustafa did the Kindergarten and senior sections! He never got caught, that is, if they had not found his bag in the Principal’s office after we had glued the chair. Right so… then is my prim and proper identical twin sisters, who are seven years old, Mina and Mehru Livka Inzza. My mother is in Scotland, teaching and my father are in Scotland, a doctor. In case you’re wondering, we live with our mum’s sister, and my parents come to visit us in the summers. My Favourite Author: Matt Haig. My Favourite Book: Shadow Forest, Harry Potter. My Favourite Music Bands: Jonas Brothers, The Wanted. What I find Most Annoying: One Direction (band), Mehru and Mina.If I were older: I would be bossyPersonality: A little tomboyish. Hair Colour: Light Brown. (Mustafa’s got light brown. Mohammad’s got red. Mina and Mehru have got black)Eye Colour: Mustafa and I have got brown eyes, the others have got black. My Best Pals in Scotland: None, I survived without a best friend. My Best Pals in Pakistan: Camilla Woods* (Muslim), Arifa Aslam (Muslim). Popularity on Scale: 19th with Camilla. Specialty: I’m hired to pull pranks by students.I really like: I really like Mustafa’s friend, Ayesha, because she’s sweet AND good at pranks.Doesn’t mean: Doesn’t mean that I’m a prankster, I’m a failure. My brother and I get full marks, proof that pranksters CAN be good gradedNote: Camilla is a convert to Islam. That’s all, folks!REMEMBER I AM HALF SCOTTISH, HALF PAKISTANI!!!

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