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Manahil Ghani

Manahil Ghani


, Islamabad

i am Manahil Ghani!!!I am in grade 7.My aim of life is to be in any profession but not doctor (because i hate the people who say...


Manahil Ghani

Future of Pakistan

2013 Jan 29th 790 Views
Future is not the one what the present is. Always a country stands on its present but think about the future. We are the future of Pakistan... read more
Aayla - ye chapay hee maar sakti he manahil im starting to get sick of ur dp    2014 May 16th
Zahaab - haina aayla mjhe bhi lagta hai chaapa maara hai    2014 May 1st
Aayla - mo kahan say chaapa maara he    2014 Apr 19th
Manahil Ghani


2012 Dec 2nd 749 Views
Love is a great passion. It is natural that man loves his native country. The same case is with me. I love Pakistan because it is my dear homeland... read more
Naaemah - i agree with her...    2014 May 1st
Zahaab - Manahil plz change ur pic its starting to irritate me!!!!!! Ajuma balli!    2014 Apr 30th
Naaemah - laiba kia deep baat ki hai?    2014 Apr 22nd
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Full Name
Manahil Ghani
Pakistan, Federal , Islamabad

i am Manahil Ghani!!!I am in grade 7.My aim of life is to be in any profession but not doctor (because i hate the people who say that they want to be doctor).I love outdoor games,love to read novel but hate to write them.

Indoor games
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