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Menahil Idrees

13 o' clock (part 6, the...

2012 Oct 29th 948 Views
Robert stood there screaming. What had just happened? Robert was terrified. Just before his very eyes Giselle had fallen right into the hole and he... read more
Ayesha - it's flawless!    2015 May 25th
Menahil - There iz no part 7. It sayz LAST PART here.    2014 Aug 13th
Laibah - when will part 7 come? ps, love your profile pic. so cute!!!!!!!!!!!    2014 Jan 19th
Menahil Idrees

13 o' clock (part 5)

2012 Sep 24th 962 Views
Giselle looked at Robert with fear. Robert indicated her to go forward. Giselle stepped forward. Her eyes had nervousness in them. If she did this... read more
Menahil - Thnxx all of u    2014 Aug 13th
Areeba - AWESOME STORY!    2013 Aug 1st
Naima - nice    2013 Jan 22nd
Menahil Idrees

13 O Clock (Part 4)

2012 Aug 27th 896 Views
          Giselle and Robert didn't stop. The light seemed as if another ghost was going to chase them... read more
Khadijah - Thank you :)    2012 Sep 25th
Menahil - Hey guyzz, I have just uploaded part 5 (24.09.12). Part 6 iz the last part...    2012 Sep 24th
Tooba - Eating anxiously for the next part    2012 Sep 10th
Menahil Idrees

13 o' clock (Part 3)

2012 Aug 3rd 870 Views
DING DONG!!! DING DONG!!! The clock kept ringing for a long time. Giselle looked at Robert with tears in her eyes. Would her elder brother protect... read more
Menahil - I have just uploaded Part 4 (26th august 2012) Enjoy!!    2012 Aug 26th
Menahil - Khadijah thank you so much for your wunnerful comments. But the thing is I...    2012 Aug 17th
Menahil Idrees

13 o'clock (Part 2)

2012 Jul 11th 828 Views
Giselle had just said the words and there it was. Robert could not believe what she had just said. A clock with 13 digits. Impossible. Till now they... read more
Gul Noor - dear,minahil i read the 1st part but cudnt comment but this story is...    2013 Dec 15th
Aisha - Excellent....    2012 Aug 6th
Menahil - I am so sorry, I couldn't upload part 3 on 1 Aug. Well, now I have uploaded...    2012 Aug 3rd
Menahil Idrees

13 o' clock (Part 1)

2012 Jun 19th 1177 Views
Darkness swept all around them. The forest was overshadowed by trees which seemed like ghosts. Not even a speck of light could be seen anywhere... read more
Aiman - AMAZING STORY!!    2012 Aug 7th
Momina - waiting for part2    2012 Jul 11th
Menahil - PPL, part 2 ïž here finally n I just can't w8 4 ur comments. I hope u like...    2012 Jul 11th
Menahil Idrees

The 12 months

May 2012 2012 May 20th 1428 Views
Once upon a time, in a faraway country there lived a peasant woman. She was so old and poor that she couldn't even afford to buy what she wanted to... read more
KHAN - What is the meaning of peasant anyways good story and congratulations for being...    2014 Feb 11th
Anam - great story    2013 Nov 1st
Areeba - OMG! I am inspired by ur work! Keep it up! U certainly deserved to be the...    2013 Aug 1st
Menahil Idrees

Change in Fate

2012 Mar 15th 852 Views
What I saw one day didn't just amaze me but it also changed my mind about the world we live in. There are two types of people. One who love helping... read more
Sajahir - minahel your stories are amazing    2016 Sep 29th
Areeba - goooooooooooooooood    2013 Aug 1st
Menahil - Thanx. I love u all.    2012 Mar 26th
Menahil Idrees

The Coat with Holes!

2011 Jun 13th 1321 Views
Mr. Huckleberry was shivering because of the cold. His house was broken from every corner. For his food, he only had five pence in his pocket. For... read more
Anam - great story    2013 Nov 2nd
Areeba - Simply wonderfull story :D    2013 Aug 1st
Zainab - reallllly gud u know!!!!!!!!    2011 Sep 26th
Menahil Idrees

Prophet Moses and the...

2011 May 6th 1677 Views
Once upon a time there lived one poor family contemporary to the Prophet Moses (A.S). The head of the family was in forties and was much worried... read more
Areeba - Marvellous!!!    2013 Aug 1st
Itachi - very nice !!I love ur stories Menhil they r great    2011 Aug 15th
Momina - This is a piece of art!    2011 Jun 13th
Menahil Idrees


2011 Apr 29th 1100 Views
Maria and her family had finally got some time for each other and were really happy when going for a day at the beach. Little did they know that... read more
Ayesha - so gud Menahil !! keep it up !    2015 May 26th
Anam - great story menahil!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2013 Nov 22nd
Irum - You are The Best, Girl!!    2013 Sep 17th
Menahil Idrees

A good time after bad

2011 Apr 25th 1047 Views
Some people say that Math is the worst subject in this whole world. Others adore it so much that you can not even imagine it. Well, whatever. A... read more
Fiza - My favorite are Maths,science and English    2017 Jun 30th
Berha - i find science interesting especially since we learned about neutralization...    2017 Jun 26th
Irum - You rock, DUdette!!    2013 Sep 17th
Menahil Idrees

Stop Fighting On...

2011 Apr 20th 976 Views
We ran out of the room before Dad could catch hold of us. None of us glanced back to see the damage which we had done. Dad was infuriated when he... read more
Areeba - Fantastic Menahil! Plz accept my friend request :)    2013 Aug 1st
Menahil - The story's not real Arifa..... i could never smash a laptop.............or...    2013 Apr 11th
Arifa - very nice...but was the laptop really SMASHED INTO PIECES?? and u guys were...    2012 Nov 6th


Menahil Idrees

My Cat

2011 Apr 25th 1122 Views
I have a cat She is very fat She likes to eat a rat She wears a hat She is afraid of the bat I love my cat When she is sitting on my lap     read more
2 People Like this! - Menahil IdreesMuhammad Ahmed

Hurriya - lovely =)    2012 Jun 4th
Muhammad - A wonderful poem.    2011 Apr 26th
Menahil - Actually this is not my poem. It is written by my sister, Bushra, who loves...    2011 Apr 25th


Menahil Idrees

Paradise or Home

2011 Jun 13th 852 Views
A teacher was explaining to her class about Heaven. Teacher: Students, do you want to go to heaven or your home? Every one said heaven, except one... read more
Laibah - hhahaha its nyc    2013 Jun 9th
Itachi - i know it did u copy it still k no problem i even copied mine :)    2011 Aug 15th
Urooj - very old one but old is gold    2011 Jun 17th
Menahil Idrees


2011 Apr 23rd 1087 Views
Father: Son, tell me the meaning of Sandwich. Son: Father. You asked such an easy question. The meaning is Witches made from Sand like a Sand Castle... read more
@@F!y@ - nice one!!!    2012 Feb 4th
Itachi - very funny LOL    2011 Aug 15th
Hadia - nice    2011 Jun 11th


Menahil Idrees

V SHINE is the best

2011 Apr 23rd 1079 Views
V SHINE is the best

Menahil - i am in PTC    2012 Jun 22nd
Bint Waseem - nyc!!!!!!!!    2011 Aug 4th
M@ry@m - Menahil in which campus are u & i am in csc    2011 May 27th


Menahil Idrees

Modern life

2011 Oct 10th 903 Views
Modern man is now days destitute of many of the beautiful things around us. We are so busy in our everyday lives that we don’t get time at all... read more
3 People Like this! - Menahil IdreesAamna ZulfiqarAriba Asif

Menahil - Syed Aliza, I dont.............., I love nature and love spending time sittin...    2012 May 30th
Javaria - true :)    2011 Oct 28th
Syed Saad - its fact    2011 Oct 14th
Menahil Idrees

Good Friends

2011 Aug 11th 919 Views
This article is mainly based about my feelings on good friends. I don't know if I win this month for this article but I'm writing this for all those... read more
1 Person like this! - Menahil Idrees

Menahil - Thank you all so much.    2012 May 30th
Bint Waseem - NYC!!    2011 Sep 29th
Aamna - Nice Article    2011 Sep 17th
Menahil Idrees

Eating habits

2011 Apr 25th 1005 Views
A person eats daily. He eats with many people around him. Would it look nice if a person, eats by  taking bug bites, gobbling at it fast or if... read more
2 People Like this! - Muhammad AhmedMenahil Idrees

Menahil - Thanx Farial, it is so sweet of you. ya I am pretty cheered up now. Luv u !!!!    2012 May 30th
Farial Pari - manahil..! Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said: "Despair is a sin"....& you're...    2011 May 3rd
Khola - Nice Manahil !!! Keep it up.    2011 Apr 29th
Menahil Idrees

The Famous Muslim...

2011 Apr 23rd 1088 Views
Abu Yousuf Yaqub Ibn Ishaq al-Kindi was born at Kufa around 800 C.E. His father was an official of Haroon al-Rashid. Al-Kindi was a contemporary of... read more
3 People Like this! - Menahil IdreesFurqan AhmedMuhammad Ahmed

Menahil - Actually i am checking VSHine after a long time and I am amazed by the...    2012 May 30th
Farial Pari - amazing..!    2011 May 3rd
Khola - Realy Interesting!!    2011 Apr 29th
Menahil Idrees


2011 Apr 23rd 878 Views
The earth today is a giant laboratory in which we humans are conducting countless experiments without thinking of the affect they will have on our... read more
Menahil - Thank you all so much!!    2012 May 30th
Farial Pari - Menahil...! you have the spirit to strive for a tremendous future..!    2011 May 3rd
MaazaZafar - yup i got itt..    2011 Apr 30th
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Each morning When I wake up each morning the birds singAnd the crow flies in a ringWhen I push my... read more
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13 o'clock (Part 2) Giselle had just said the words and there it was. Robert could not believe what she had... read more
13 O Clock (Part 4)           Giselle and Robert didn't stop... read more
13 o' clock (part 5) Giselle looked at Robert with fear. Robert indicated her to go forward. Giselle stepped... read more
My Cat I have a cat She is very fat She likes to eat a rat She wears a hat She is afraid of the... read more
Modern life Modern man is now days destitute of many of the beautiful things around us. We are so... read more
Good Friends This article is mainly based about my feelings on good friends. I don't know if I win... read more
Frozen (Part 1)  Once there was two princesses named Anna and Elsa. Elsa was special because she had... read more
Each morning When I wake up each morning the birds singAnd the crow flies in a ringWhen I push my... read more
13 o' clock (part 6, the last part) Robert stood there screaming. What had just happened? Robert was terrified. Just before... read more
The Treasure Box of luck Brianna was a normal girl, she lived a simple life in the village side with her two... read more
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Pakistanis How Pakistanis are easy to identify:1: Cook everything in Garlic & Onion2: Reuse gift... read more
Essay Copy Teacher: Robin, your essay on "My Dog" is exactly the same as your brother's. Did... read more
Menahil Idrees
Chocolates have more... 2011 Jun 9th 2228 Views Chocolates have more advantages than disadvantages. A chocolate a day keeps body cholesterol balanced. Do you agree? read more

96 Posts
Abdullah Khan Abdullah Khan 2015 Jul 7th Yes
Mahrukh Durrani Mahrukh Durrani 2015 Jul 1st A chocolate is something which I love. Yes I agree with you.
Haifa Khan Haifa Khan 2015 May 10th Menahil u chose a topic of something(chocolates) that I absolutely love!!!!! great choice....
Haifa Khan Haifa Khan 2015 May 6th I absolutely love chocolates...... they r the most amazing thing in the world!!
Rida Fatimah Rida Fatimah 2014 Nov 15th I L
Menahil Idrees Menahil Idrees 2014 Jul 13th Thanxx once again 4 commenting soooooo much on the forum 4 my topic
Ashi Chan Ashi Chan 2014 May 3rd ♥its really a good topic....i the worlds most biggest chocolate lover...but eating too much is not good for our health..and..i do agree♥
iman abbasi iman abbasi 2014 Apr 1st Definitely someone specially kids can't live without chocolates and I think I get 500 calories everyday by eating chocolates. They are sooooooooooo Yummmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyy
qurratul ain qurratul ain 2014 Apr 1st I like chocolates! But I don't like much "MEETHA"... Bcz...... I Have a great..... HE@D@CHE.............!
qurratul ain qurratul ain 2014 Apr 1st I like chocolates! But I don't like much "MEETHA"... Bcz...... I Have a great..... HE@D@CHE.............!
qurratul ain qurratul ain 2014 Apr 1st Guys! Have u eat dairy milk*BUBBLY* (kuch metha ho jaye) AGree???
qurratul ain qurratul ain 2014 Apr 1st Guys! Have u eat dairy milk*BUBBLY* (kuch metha ho jaye) AGree???
qurratul ain qurratul ain 2014 Apr 1st I***LUV***chalklates!(chocolate)
saamia siddiqui saamia siddiqui 2014 Jan 5th I like chocolates MMMMMMMMMMMM........... yummy no matter how much amount i eat i jst eat eat n eat chocolate I M A CHOCOLATE FAAAAANNNNNN......... but i know itx harmful if consumed to much
Rabbia Saleem Rabbia Saleem 2013 Dec 23rd Eating chocolate is good for our health flavonoids are found in chocolate which are naturally occurring antioxident which thins the blood and prevent clotting and it helps to stay alert.
Ashi Chan Ashi Chan 2013 Dec 12th I also luv chocolates . me +chocolates =made for each other
Nimra Baloch Nimra Baloch 2013 Dec 2nd Ilove chocolates!!!!!! I agree with this
Shayan  Hasnain Shayan Hasnain 2013 Sep 14th I love chocolates very much
nazish ilyas nazish ilyas 2013 Jul 20th I luv chocolates.i agree dat chocolates have many advantages bec it is made from milk,milk solids,sugar etc which is healthy for u.,but our exposure to anything LEDs to bad result.
saaniya fatima saaniya fatima 2013 Jul 18th I just luv chocolate i also agree wid u
Soha Suhail Soha Suhail 2013 May 29th LOVE CHOCOLATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
areeqa hayee areeqa hayee 2013 Apr 13th I cant say anything bcoz ive heard this thing for first time that chocolate keeps the cholestrol level balanced...anyways ive just heard that it damages our teeth!
Menahil Idrees Menahil Idrees 2013 Apr 11th Right Moiz, if u eat dark chocolate it's not so healthy in summers but if you eat the other ones or white ones so i guess their good as they have more milk in em...... and milk iz good, right???
Moiz Adeel Moiz Adeel 2013 Mar 25th Yeah I agree you but it depends on which chocolate you're talking about..
aasiya usman aasiya usman 2013 Mar 11th Hummmmmmmm.........!u r right
Tooba Zia Tooba Zia 2013 Jan 4th Ya totelly agree!
Fatima Uroos Fatima Uroos 2013 Jan 4th Yes I agree and I LOVE CHOCOLATES
Sehar shahzad Sehar shahzad 2013 Dec 31st I totally agree ! I love chocolates
sunshine blue sunshine blue 2012 Dec 29th I lov chocolates but eating too much at a time can be harmful for our health and for our teeth.
Amna Faizi Amna Faizi 2012 Dec 20th I agree too,I love chocolates
fareeha noman fareeha noman 2012 Nov 19th choclates but eating too much gives DIS-advantages superb topic
Emaan  Farhan Emaan Farhan 2012 Oct 29th Thanks Menahil, I DO appreciate!
Menahil Idrees Menahil Idrees 2012 Sep 25th Agreed emaan
Emaan  Farhan Emaan Farhan 2012 Jul 9th Yes I agree. Did you know before 2008 child labour was used in the production of CHOCOLATE,especially in Africa.Children- Poor children are sold or kidnapped to work the rest of their lives for other people. This happens in carpet making factories and brick making factories in Pakistan.Even though it is against the rules. Be thankful to lord you are not poor and do not live in such poor bad conditions as the children do in Africa today.
Menahil Idrees Menahil Idrees 2012 Jun 20th I noe chocolates r liek so the best but due to summers I hv stopped eatin them now. when winters arrive, i'm on
Parihan Khattak Parihan Khattak 2012 Apr 5th I LOOOOO...........V.......E... TO EAT CHOCOLATE.I THINK ITS GOOD TO EAT LOL :D
Innocent Amara Innocent Amara 2012 Jan 13th I luvvvvvvvv to eat cHoCoLaTeS :)))))) And too many chocolates are bad for our should eat it but atleast dont cross the limit
Salwa Imtiaz Salwa Imtiaz 2011 Oct 10th I looooooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee chocolates but it causes pimples in my face.....but no problem i can't stop eating's my favourite... but we should eat it in a limit...
MARYUM AFTAB MARYUM AFTAB 2011 Oct 3rd Yesssssssss i do agreeeeee .lol '
Muhammad Shafeh ul haq Muhammad Shafeh ul haq 2011 Sep 23rd I agree chocolates have advantages but eating too much, it can be bad for our teeth and gums.
Samrah  Amin Samrah Amin 2011 Sep 11th I agree but eating to much chocolates are nOt gOod fOr our health
Ahad scorpion Ahad scorpion 2011 Aug 27th Yes i agree but eating chocolate all the time is not good for your teeth and gums,we should eat 2 a day not more than that and also brush your teeth after eating chocolate.
Mohammmad  Soban Mohammmad Soban 2011 Aug 27th I think no. Chocolate could also effect your teeth and could be dangerous for your Gums....
maaz raza maaz raza 2011 Aug 21st 1 chocolate a day is fine.great topic
Mahnoor Khalid Mahnoor Khalid 2011 Aug 20th Ya, I am agree. Chocolates are very tasty and my favourite thing in sweet. But it causes many pimples on my face. Only for this reason I avoid to eat much chocolate.
Bareera Khalid Bareera Khalid 2011 Aug 20th Eating too many chocalates spoils our teeth and it also causes pimples on face.Anyways , I love Dairymilk chocolate toooooooo much.
maaz raza maaz raza 2011 Aug 20th Very good
iman fatima iman fatima 2011 Aug 17th I agree its delecious...but it could spoil our includes some chemicals in it like antioxidants..and if u eat a chocolate every day it can make u overweight whether u eat even a small piece and if u brush ur teeth after eating ,the taste will go so its harmful.only pure dark chocolate is healthy!!!
maryam fatima maryam fatima 2011 Aug 16th Chocolate are good for health but we should eat them in balance becauseeating too much of any thing is not good
Usama Sakrani Usama Sakrani 2011 Aug 14th We can eat a lot of chocolate but not to much because it affects our teeth
shazma iqbal shazma iqbal 2011 Aug 14th I think that chocolates are really good for health but too much for small children affects their teeth
Itachi Uchiha Itachi Uchiha 2011 Aug 14th One chocolate is enough for 1 day
Wasia Ahmad Wasia Ahmad 2011 Aug 11th Ya i agree but too much chocolates are not good but one a day is fine!
Zainab  Khan Zainab Khan 2011 Aug 11th Obviously...i agree........
Menahil Idrees Menahil Idrees 2011 Aug 10th Thanx alot 4 all yr amazin comments. I have logged in 2 Vshine after a long time. I am amazed 2 c 40 posts already. I do noe that chocolates do hv some disadvantages but u hv to agree that there are some advantages as well.U noe, I am really happy 2day that my topic has become 2 much popular. Thanx alot. U all r totally off the hook
Momina Bhatty Momina Bhatty 2011 Aug 9th It depends on witch choclate you are talking about
l .T l .T 2011 Aug 3rd Dark chocolates have advantages.and i live chocolates.they are so sweet.
Maham Shahzad Maham Shahzad 2011 Aug 3rd Yes its good. but probably dark chocolate. it depends on u how much u eat, exceeding the limits might cause mouth ulsers and nose bleeding and pimples due to excessive heat and warmth of choclate.
Ayesha Farhan Siddiqui Ayesha Farhan Siddiqui 2011 Aug 2nd A person's reply shud not be biased, we shud face the facts! Chocolate is really yummy, I simply love it! It even alters a person's mood, but an overdose of the treat is bad 4 ur health, coz it contains sugar and fat. So, even if u do like chocolate and love 2 eat it, stay under the limits!
Salwa Imtiaz Salwa Imtiaz 2011 Aug 2nd I really don't know that is they are good or bad...i just know that they are really delicious..........i love chocolates too much..
Aliza Syed Aliza Syed 2011 Jul 28th Yeah! definatanly . it has maaaaaaaaaany advantages, and as by me no disagvantages coz i love choclate
javaria baig javaria baig 2011 Jul 23rd Surely chocolate have more advantages, i love to eat chocolate. when i feel angry i have chocolate and its changes my mood.
Syeda Tehreem -un- Nissa Ahmed Syeda Tehreem -un- Nissa Ahmed 2011 Jul 22nd Yes I do, because of cocoa (a plant from which chocolate is made). cocoa keeps one's body's cholesterol balanced. But too much of it gives us the disadvantage.
Maryam Aamir Maryam Aamir 2011 Jul 21st Yes i agreed that chocolates have more advantages but it has disadvantages to anyway i love chocolates
hasnain jafri hasnain jafri 2011 Jul 13th Yes i agree,eating chocolate is good for health
Maheen Furqan Maheen Furqan 2011 Jul 12th Chocolate has are just wonderful.......i really like chocolate......
Sayed Mohammed Jalil Shah Sayed Mohammed Jalil Shah 2011 Jul 11th Well....everything in the world has some advantages and disadvantages except our religion ISLAM.....the thing is that eating a lot of chocolates can damage your teeth and can let have the disease named "diabetes" and they can give you some enjoyment from its taste while it also contain antioxidants. ;)
Omama Imran Omama Imran 2011 Jul 10th No,choclates are really harmful to our teeth!
Aamna  Babar Aamna Babar 2011 Jul 2nd Chocolate can cause diabetes and has little advantage for children.
Aamna  Babar Aamna Babar 2011 Jul 2nd We should not eat so much that we get fat and can hve diabetes..
fatimah rahat fatimah rahat 2011 Jul 1st I like choclate thats why i like your topike
Mairah Ahmed Mairah Ahmed 2011 Jun 29th I agreed because it is made from cocoa seeds which is best for our health.i love chocolates too
Urooj Usmani Urooj Usmani 2011 Jun 27th Yes i agree but every thing has to be in balance not too much!!!!!anyway chocolates r awesome
Ibrahim Malik Ibrahim Malik 2011 Jun 26th I think that chocolates have equal advantages with its disadvantages.. Apart from these thing CHOCOLATES ARE VERY YUMMY :D
 яυмαιsα  αнтsнαм яυмαιsα αнтsнαм 2011 Jun 23rd Really good topic.I think so choclate r not bad but brush your teeth after eating it.I love choclate's.Before i did'ny have the practice to brush so I got 10 fillings in my teeth and 4 in permanent teeth!But it has advantages,as it's made from tree,and Allah made it so it would not be harmful.
Wania Syed Wania Syed 2011 Jun 23rd Yes you are right!!!! i am totally agree with you!!!!!:)...
eisha ajmal eisha ajmal 2011 Jun 19th Yep! aah man, now i am dreaming about chocolates!
Menahil Idrees Menahil Idrees 2011 Jun 17th I also luv chocolates. That is y I posted this topic. Thanx 4 yr wonderful comments. Even if chocolates make us hyper they are gud 4 quizzes and stuff so v can answer very quickly. Right??????????
Salwa Imtiaz Salwa Imtiaz 2011 Jun 14th I love chocolates that's why i love your topic also
alina salman alina salman 2011 Jun 14th Yappp.........I agree....but chocolate makes us hyper if we eat more than one piece.....any way i cannot live with out cadburry and bounty chocolate..............They are owsum........
Izza waheed Izza waheed 2011 Jun 12th one should tell any dis-advantage of choclates..coz...i'm cazy after choc'eez.............oh gosh...!! menahil....superb yaar..i love ur topic mostly...
Aisha Abdul Quddus Aisha Abdul Quddus 2011 Jun 11th Yes I agree with ashna that using the right type matters.Nowadays chocolates come in a huge variety with ote of flavours and additives. Only pure dark chocolate is healthy
Kainat Waqar Kainat Waqar 2011 Jun 11th I also agree this statement!
Ashna Ahmed Ashna Ahmed 2011 Jun 11th Chocolates can be good for you but it depends on the type u buy. Most chocolates now days are too high on kilojoules and low on polyphenols (an antioxide in unprocessed cocoa) and therefore don't really have any health benefits. So if u want to eat chocolate it is best to eat GOOD QUALITY DARK CHOCOLATE because it has more polyphenols meaning more health benefits.
sahar saleem sahar saleem 2011 Jun 11th Yes i agree to bcz i like chocolate alllooot
Menahil Idrees Menahil Idrees 2011 Jun 10th Hiba and Yousaf. Thanx 4 commenting. Hiba, a chocolate dos keep the body cholesterol balanced. Just one chocolate a day can do the job. I mean not such a big one just a small one. Yousaf, your point is right that eating too much chocolate a da can cause a person to be overweight but I am just talkin about a small chocolate. Rabia, actually normal chocolates have more advantages than the dark ones. They don't have too much things mixd in them. dark Chocolates can make you feel sick as well.
Kanza Sohail Kanza Sohail 2011 Jun 10th Yes i agree too
Yousuf Elahi Yousuf Elahi 2011 Jun 10th Eating too much chocolate causes a person to become over weight,
Hiba Ali Hiba Ali 2011 Jun 10th I don’t think so that chocolate keeps body cholesterol balanced…
Rabia Khalid Rabia Khalid 2011 Jun 10th I think dark chocolates have more advantages than normal chocolates
Amir Paracha Amir Paracha 2011 Jun 10th Yuppppp….I agreed too…
ibrahim usmani ibrahim usmani 2011 Jun 10th Yes its also good in taste and good for health
Salwa Imtiaz Salwa Imtiaz 2011 Jun 9th YES I AGREED
Ahmed Alam Ahmed Alam 2011 Jun 9th Definitely chocolates have many advantages because it is made by plants and it has many health benefits….I really like chocolates…