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Fatema Zari

Fatema Zari


Al-jamea-tus-saifiya , Floral Park

iam really veryy aweeeeessoooommmeee my friends say it..bye3e


Fatema Zari

Poem on Rasulullah...

2012 Mar 21st 1203 Views
The saying is: - A wealthy person is not one who has an abundance of material possessions. Truly wealthy is who, who is content with whatever he has... read more
Zayan Ramzan - wonderful saying    2015 Nov 5th
Khadija - Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!    2014 Mar 12th
Ashra - sorry this is good peom    2014 Mar 11th
Fatema Zari

My mother

October 2011 2011 Oct 3rd 1345 Views
My mother is really niceShe likes to cook French friesShe is more precious than goldShe never ever wants to be oldMy mother is a pearl of a seaShe is... read more
Sajahir - marvellous poem ! keep it up    2016 Aug 11th
Maida - congratulations! Fatima I have send u a friend request cause i was impress...    2016 Mar 14th
Khadija - U deserved to be a page winner.Congrats!    2015 Mar 14th
Fatema Zari


September 2011 2011 Sep 17th 1147 Views
Where are we going?Come on my friends let go itI know that you can do itIt’s a jet on which I soarTo land that exists no moreWhere are we... read more
Sajahir - fantastic poem fatema    2016 Aug 11th
Khadija - The 8th wonder of the world!!!!!!!!    2014 Mar 12th
Amna - very nice poem+congrats:)    2012 Sep 27th


Fatema Zari

Best Answers

2012 Jun 22nd 898 Views
Best Answers by teachers if they don't know the answer 1. I think the Question is wrong... 2. I will tell you tomorrow... 3. Don't ask foolish... read more
Marwa - hahahahahahahahha awesome :) :P :P :P    2013 Jul 22nd
Uswah - Fatima nice one but my teachers were the best!    2013 Jul 11th
Laibah - so very true .............................    2013 Apr 30th
Fatema Zari


2011 Sep 30th 1022 Views
What is always coming but never arrives?     read more
Khadija - Good riddle!!    2014 Mar 12th
Soha - Tomorrow. Easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2012 Nov 25th
Ramis - tomorrow, this riddle was in the vshine magazine too.    2012 Mar 20th
Fatema Zari


2011 Sep 15th 1261 Views
What goes up and never comes down..? read more
Khadija - Nice!!!!!!    2014 Mar 12th
Khadija - Age,height and soul!!    2014 Mar 12th
Hoora - I totally agree on hiba's comment :D    2013 Sep 13th
Fatema Zari


2011 Jul 25th 1029 Views
I am always hungry,I must be fed,The finger I touch,Will soon be red... Answers in comment!!  read more
Khadija - Fire!!    2014 Mar 12th
Amna - Fire    2012 Sep 28th
Maria - fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2011 Sep 16th


Fatema Zari


2011 Sep 30th 897 Views

Khadija - Great!!At the end of the day Someone has appreciated V.shine!!!!!!!!!    2014 Mar 12th
Arooba - Love that    2013 Aug 12th
AFNAN - Gud!!    2012 Feb 21st
Fatema Zari

Sun flowers

2011 Sep 28th 751 Views
Sun flowers

Khadija - I love it!!!!!    2014 Mar 12th
Ammar - Do u call it sunflowerS    2011 Nov 8th
Syeda Tahira - very nyc    2011 Oct 8th
Fatema Zari

Happy Eid

2011 Sep 15th 797 Views
Happy Eid

Khadija - Fab!!!!    2014 Mar 12th
Amna - Beautiful........................    2012 Nov 3rd
Shazma - Nice but late!!!!!    2011 Oct 6th


Fatema Zari

Autobiography of Time

2011 Oct 4th 809 Views
My name is time. I help everyone with my personality. I tell time to everybody. It is said that time doesn’t wait for you and simply I am the... read more
Khadija - A truly Fab article!!!!    2014 Mar 12th
Javaria - cute 1    2011 Oct 28th

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iam really veryy aweeeeessoooommmeee my friends say it..bye3e

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Riddle I am always hungry,I must be fed,The finger I touch,Will soon be red... Answers in... read more
The tent Two friends were on an expedition to Africa on a jeep. This expedition was of more than a... read more
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Homework’s a pest? We think home work is a pestWith so much work without any restBut this concept of us is... read more
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Abdeali Zariwala
My father My father is really smartHe is a business starMy father is always ready for a rideAnd... read more
My mother My mother is really niceShe likes to cook French friesShe is more precious than goldShe... read more
Fatema Zari
Writing stories and... 2012 Feb 29th 5555 Views Writing stories and articles helps us to improve our language skills? read more

247 Posts
Syeda Malaika Zehra Rizvi Syeda Malaika Zehra Rizvi Feb 18th Yes Of course! It help us but Vshine didn't publish it hehehehe:-)
Hamza Ali Marri Hamza Ali Marri Jan 6th Exactly , not only language skills but also it helps us to deliver and share our thoughts through pencil in different ways , it enhances our ideas and way of thinking also gets improved by writing articles as well as stories .
Sabeen Shahzad Sabeen Shahzad Jan 6th Yeah it helps a lot
Zainab  Rizvi Zainab Rizvi 2017 Dec 12th Yes it helps
Yaseera Abid Yaseera Abid 2017 Sep 21st Yes it does help a lot
Urooj Naveed Urooj Naveed 2017 Jul 10th Yess it help us a lot.
Mujtaba Qureshi Mujtaba Qureshi 2017 Jun 30th Yes definitely reading books improve our reading and writing skills.
Ayesha Yousaf Ayesha Yousaf 2017 May 28th Ofcourse it help us
Muhammad  Bazil Muhammad Bazil 2017 Mar 20th Because it prevents ouir reading
Amna  Tahir Amna Tahir 2017 Feb 6th Definitely!
Alishba Mughal Alishba Mughal 2017 Jan 30th Approved takes a lot of time.
asfia rizwan asfia rizwan 2016 Nov 23rd Yea its improves our vocabulary and improves our writing skills.
cutegirl cutegirl cutegirl cutegirl 2016 Nov 15th Yes its true.. these all help to improve vocabulary.
jasmine bilal jasmine bilal 2016 Oct 30th Yes it does
Phoenix Flame Phoenix Flame 2016 Oct 21st That's true... Breakfast is the most important meal of the day...
Beaconite Beaconite Beaconite Beaconite 2016 Sep 28th Writing stories and articles help us improve our vocabluary our speaking skills and writting skill
Nisha Qazi Nisha Qazi 2016 Sep 14th Yeah! it helps us in improving our creative skills and vocabulary.
LAIBA Nadeem LAIBA Nadeem 2016 Jun 16th I AGREE with AAALLLLLL
Areeba Nadeem Areeba Nadeem 2016 Jun 6th Simply it is clear that writing stories and articles really helps to improve our language skills as it is said that: "Writing makes a full man"
syed muhammad ishaq syed muhammad ishaq 2016 May 21st The best place to get your English skills is by Internet itself, browse Youtube and other fun websites but please be aware of the dark parts you donot want to enter.
Berha Irfan Berha Irfan 2016 Mar 30th Of course
hareem imran hareem imran 2016 Mar 4th Yes!writing stories,articles,poems and script our vocabulary,creativity and our language.
Maida Amjad Maida Amjad 2016 Feb 2nd YAH! of course it help our creativity to improve so we should write more,more articles and stories
Nabiha Saqib Nabiha Saqib 2015 Dec 1st It is good as it can improve our writing skills and the one who reads it can also improve
Rutaba  Adil Rutaba Adil 2015 Dec 1st They help us Become smarter .. To think more fast and efficient.. Also effective writing along with ourselves help the society to learn more..
abubakar moin abubakar moin 2015 Nov 22nd I do agree on it that writing stories or articles improve our language skills
Soha Suhail Soha Suhail 2015 Nov 18th Obviously.
Fatima Irshad Fatima Irshad 2015 Nov 15th Of course, it does!
Maheen  Waheed Ali Maheen Waheed Ali 2015 Nov 12th Writing story is good.
Abdullah Rasheed Abdullah Rasheed 2015 Nov 8th Yes writing stories improves our communication skills...
Hamza Islam Bari Hamza Islam Bari 2015 Oct 10th Yes,you are right.
Naaima Nadeem Naaima Nadeem 2015 Oct 9th Yup!
Amna Farooq Amna Farooq 2015 Sep 24th Reading and writing both are helpful. They just do not improve our language but opens our imagination and improve our vocabulary+increase our confidence level. Its the best hobby. I am an awesome writer. My stories are praised by everyone.
zayan ramzan ramzan zayan ramzan ramzan 2015 Sep 13th Yes writing skill help us to improve our vocabulary and make us confident and we can gain knowledge aswell.
Aima Laraib Aima Laraib 2015 Aug 12th Of course writing stories and articles improve our language skills and also improve our Vocabulary.
Palvisha Neelam Palvisha Neelam 2015 Aug 12th Yes definitely,writing stories and article improve our language skill and as well as increase our confident and vocabulary.writing stories and article is a fun as-well.New ideas is also gain by writing stories and article.
Asma Muttaqi Asma Muttaqi 2015 Jul 24th Yes it does.
Abdullah Khan Abdullah Khan 2015 Jul 6th Yes
Aima Laraib Aima Laraib 2015 Jul 1st Yes, it really improves our skills and also our vocabulary.
deco ryuu deco ryuu 2015 Jun 29th Definitely it helps us not just in one way but many. It boosts up our confidence about ourselves that we can actually achieve something plus it exposes us to a lot of challenges which helps us to grow.
deco ryuu deco ryuu 2015 Jun 29th Definitely it helps us not just in one way but many. It boosts up our confidence about ourselves that we can actually achieve something plus it exposes us to a lot of challenges which helps us to grow.
zoya irfan zoya irfan 2015 Jun 20th Of course ,it help us improve our vocabulary as well
Beenish Saeed Beenish Saeed 2015 Jun 10th I love English and everything about English.
Beenish Saeed Beenish Saeed 2015 Jun 9th I love English and everything about English.
Beenish Saeed Beenish Saeed 2015 Jun 9th Yes of course I write a lot of stories I GET A in Language Skills.
fatimah quaid fatimah quaid 2015 May 30th Of course writing stories and articals help us to improve our language skills....
Aden Seerat Aden Seerat 2015 May 10th It helps me!
Ghashia Gehan Ghashia Gehan 2015 Apr 25th I love writing articles!!
Ghashia Gehan Ghashia Gehan 2015 Apr 25th I love writing articles!!
Ghashia Gehan Ghashia Gehan 2015 Apr 25th I love to read and write articles.... I many times got certificates in school and got my work publishred in different english magazines...
Haifa Khan Haifa Khan 2015 Apr 12th Yes absolutely!!!!!!
maheen khan maheen khan 2015 Apr 10th Definitely true
Habiba Rehman Habiba Rehman 2015 Apr 4th It helps us improve our language skills as well as it shows our creativity.
syeda  haya fatima syeda haya fatima 2015 Apr 2nd Of course it sure did no doudt
Huzaifa Sohail Huzaifa Sohail 2015 Jan 17th I like both reading and writing. And yes, its true :D
Kainat shahid Kainat shahid 2015 Jan 13th Yes writing stories and articles play a good role in developing the writing structure as well as in increasing their knowledge and vocabulary
Fizza Malik Fizza Malik 2014 Dec 20th Yes ofcourse
muhymin imarn muhymin imarn 2014 Dec 18th Yes it does
muhymin imarn muhymin imarn 2014 Dec 18th Yes does
hadiya  kashif hadiya kashif 2014 Dec 9th Yes the kids who write stories or article have good language skills
malik mamoona zafar iqbal malik mamoona zafar iqbal 2014 Nov 27th Yes ofcourse the kids who like toread storys are skillfull
Rabab vadivala Rabab vadivala 2014 Nov 27th I think forum have rubbish topics do you guys agree
uswa choudhry uswa choudhry 2014 Nov 11th Yes of course
Rabab vadivala Rabab vadivala 2014 Oct 12th I think first make your reading habit and then writing and it will give you double proficiency regards rabab
Mohammad  Fahad Mohammad Fahad 2014 Oct 1st Of course it does
tania Khan tania Khan 2014 Sep 18th Sence and wisdom is not comes to dates it comes to disversal
hadia Ather hadia Ather 2014 Sep 4th Of course it helps
Ayesha Alam Ayesha Alam 2014 Aug 7th Yes,of course.Your English gets better.
Cocoaberry Terry Cocoaberry Terry 2014 Jul 18th It helps us to enhance are language and helps us to be imaginative and creative
ZARA KHALID ZARA KHALID 2014 Jul 17th Yes it also help us for our IQ level and reading skills
Rabia Abid Rabia Abid 2014 Jun 30th Yes,they help us much as, reading books help improve your language skills, writing articles and stories improve your vocabulary. Even answering tricky questions make your mind sharp.
Anusha Ahmed Anusha Ahmed 2014 Jun 24th We have to read books it increases our knowledge and i used to read books it increases my IQ level.
Muhammad Zulkifl Muhammad Zulkifl 2014 Jun 12th Yes it is good to read books
Ibrahim Basit Ibrahim Basit 2014 Jun 7th I have written many stories and read about a 365 books. 65 of them were novels.and it increased my IQ level to 7%.
Ibrahim Basit Ibrahim Basit 2014 Jun 7th Reading and writing stories increases our IQ.
Fatima  Adnan Fatima Adnan 2014 Jun 5th Of course.Writing stories,etc really help us in spoken english.
Arooba  asjed Arooba asjed 2014 May 30th Ah huh obviously writing stories and articles as help to improve our language skill as well as grammer skill toooo
eman kashif eman kashif 2014 May 15th It helps us in our studies
Ghazal Firdous Shaikh Ghazal Firdous Shaikh 2014 Apr 9th Yup Obviously, That's My own Experience. I first never wrote any thing in my life. But Since Last year, I began to write and I really Improved.
Ali Mehdi Hemani Ali Mehdi Hemani 2014 Apr 1st Yes , absolutely correct . It helps us in improving our language skills . It also explore our creative mind .
tuaseen zafar tuaseen zafar 2014 Mar 19th Yes!! I do agree. It is creative writing that can give us the highest rank in the competiton with othr world!!! So, do adopt this activity in ur spare time!! :)
qurratul ain qurratul ain 2014 Mar 13th Fatima ., I agree you. Your'e right?!...........!
princess  amna1 princess amna1 2014 Mar 11th I agree
Laibah Basham Laibah Basham 2014 Mar 4th Yes they do. stories and articles etc improve our spelling, grammar and vocabulary
Laiba Naz Laiba Naz 2014 Feb 28th Writing stories and articles helps us in increasing are writing skills and knowledge as well as vocabulary.
imama hussein imama hussein 2014 Feb 9th I think it is right
 Shiza Javed Shiza Javed 2014 Feb 7th Writing stories and articles helps us to improve our language,conversation and by writing articles there is increase in our vocabulary also.
aleeha sana aleeha sana 2014 Jan 24th Yes, it's really helpful as the vocabulary gets improved and it helps us to express different ideas.
Ashra  Ameen Ashra Ameen 2014 Jan 24th we improve our writting skill due to stories
eeman haider eeman haider 2014 Jan 23rd As far as i am concerned yes because it helps kids to improve their vocabulary and their pronunciation
Mahnoor Mumtaz Mahnoor Mumtaz 2014 Jan 14th YES they do and boost ups our imagination
Ammara Hassan Ammara Hassan 2014 Jan 11th Yeah. indeed...!
Ayesha Amir Ayesha Amir 2014 Jan 8th My mother is so pretty and lovely.
eisha qasim eisha qasim 2014 Jan 8th Writing stories really helps you to increase your knowlegde,vocabulary, and basic skills and if once you develop the habbit of writing stories you will enjoy doing it
Areeba  Imtiaz Areeba Imtiaz 2014 Dec 30th Yes it really improves your language skill
saim  kaleem saim kaleem 2013 Dec 26th yes it improves your writing skills so that you can convey your knowledge in a better way
Ushna Umar Ushna Umar 2013 Dec 24th Yes they do because they increase our imagination n help us in our vocabulary and many other facts are there which writing articles n stories help us improve
aeman adnan aeman adnan 2013 Dec 22nd Its a true fact by the way.....
abeera farhan abeera farhan 2013 Dec 13th As far as i am concerned, yes.
sohaib rehan sohaib rehan 2013 Dec 9th Yes, it does and it's fun too
Gul Noor  Arsalan Gul Noor Arsalan 2013 Nov 30th NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!it doesn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Asma Hashmi Asma Hashmi 2013 Nov 15th Yes.....I agree with it.
fazeela chachar fazeela chachar 2013 Nov 3rd Of cource''
Khadija Hassan Khadija Hassan 2013 Oct 25th Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Madiha Khan Madiha Khan 2013 Oct 25th Yes of course they do.... it improves our english which is an internationally spoken helps us learn vocabulary and improves....writing poems and articles is a really good activity a person can do!!
Munkashay Hyuuga Munkashay Hyuuga 2013 Oct 23rd Yeah, I am writing a story, too. I am a book reader and I think my story is pretty good, but as it is a novel, it is long.
shumila malik shumila malik 2013 Sep 30th Yes, writing helps to develop language skills but all forms of writings are backed up by reading!! One can't write well without being an avid reader. One of the best ways to improve your writing skills is to write a personal journal/diary. It not only helps relieve stress, it's a great way to express yourself and enhance your writing skills,
fiza jamali fiza jamali 2013 Sep 29th Yeah....
Urooj Naeem Urooj Naeem 2013 Sep 29th Yes,they do.
Urooj Naeem Urooj Naeem 2013 Sep 29th Yes,stories can improve the vocabulary and reading
Amna Shahid Amna Shahid 2013 Sep 28th Writtingnstories is so good for us.
Amna Shahid Amna Shahid 2013 Sep 28th Yes it surely does. I love writting stories because it improves imagination, creativity and spoken english.
Ajwa Arsalan Ajwa Arsalan 2013 Sep 27th duz!!!!
Takreem Tahira Takreem Tahira 2013 Sep 20th YA THEY DO... AND ALSO IN INCREASING OUR KNOWLEDGE.
angel sehar angel sehar 2013 Sep 19th Hmmm.. writing stories and articles help us in improvement in our creative writing
Abrar  Ali Abrar Ali 2013 Sep 15th Ya................!!
Arooba Ali Arooba Ali 2013 Sep 14th Yup! it help us in increasing our knowledge.
maha zahid maha zahid 2013 Sep 11th Writing makes us smarter,actually it is an exercise of the brain.scribbling your thoughts on a piece of paper clarify your mind and obviously seeing something which is on your mind on a piece of paper gives you confidence. refines your imagination and helps to express the thoughts and feelings running in the mind.
mubashra ayub mubashra ayub 2013 Aug 31st Ya of course they help us in every matter of our life
Shayan  Hasnain Shayan Hasnain 2013 Aug 29th They give us knowledge
Shayan  Hasnain Shayan Hasnain 2013 Aug 29th Yeah they help us by giving us knowledge
Ibrahim Rahim Baloch Ibrahim Rahim Baloch 2013 Aug 16th Yeah they help us
HANI NASAR HANI NASAR 2013 Aug 15th YES IT SURELY HELPS Here are some reasons why creative writing is important to people: It uses the imagination - and if you don't use it, you lose it! It entertains It helps the writers learn how to organize and express their thoughts It gives people jobs - writers, publishers, editors, book binders, salesmen, etc It teaches the reader new ideas and information
haiqa aziz haiqa aziz 2013 Aug 8th Of course reading different stories in magazines like vshine and youngworld dawn helps us increase our knowlege.
Laiba Bashir Laiba Bashir 2013 Aug 8th Yes reading or writing help us improve our language skill and make us good in studies as well in exams
Bassam Khan Bassam Khan 2013 Aug 6th If we will right story in any vebsite specily in vshine it will like i open every day laptop and write storys in vshine so please whrite storys and then it will increase our skills.
Bismah Shakir Bismah Shakir 2013 Aug 5th Reading stories help to improve our vocabulary so we can use that vocabulary in our stories and it will also improve our language skills.on the other hand famous writers also read first and then write.
aysha  zaka aysha zaka 2013 Aug 4th Yeayh sure reading improves our vocabulary and helps us to write stories and famous writers used to read books and then write
Syed Ibrahim Syed Ibrahim 2013 Jul 10th Reading books help us to make new,unique and interesting Ideas Today a reader Tomorrow a Leader
faryal faisal faryal faisal 2013 Jul 8th Reading and writing increase our writing skills , vocabulary and a quotation shows that:TODAYS READER TOMMOROWS LEADER
Syeda Maryam  Sadia Syeda Maryam Sadia 2013 Jul 4th Yes of coarse!!When we write something we go thinking in how should we write depending upon the article...This really helps to improves!!!!!!!!!!!
Crystal power Crystal power 2013 Jul 2nd Aoa yes you are right they do
humna manahil humna manahil 2013 Jun 23rd Yes it help to improve our English and reading skills.
Hafsa Nadeem Hafsa Nadeem 2013 Jun 21st It increase our knowledge ,vocabulary .I think the chidrens who reads books they are good readers also.
urooshiha imtiaz urooshiha imtiaz 2013 Jun 19th Yes, i believe that writing stories n articles improve ur thinking power n brain skills n u can improve ur speaking n interacting stuff with people.
sheza komal sheza komal 2013 Jun 9th Yes, writing stories and articles help us to improve our language skills and also thinking skills.....
sheza komal sheza komal 2013 Jun 9th Yes, writing stories and articles help us to improve our language skills and also thinking skills.....
Asma Hashmi Asma Hashmi 2013 Jun 6th Ya u r exectly right!They r helps us to improve our skills as well as it improve our writing skills.........:)
Shehryar Larik Shehryar Larik 2013 Jun 4th They help us to be creative and innovative
Sana Raheel Sana Raheel 2013 Jun 3rd Yeah they do............
Hina Noor Hina Noor 2013 May 17th Of course to me also
RAFIA ch RAFIA ch 2013 May 5th Yes they really help me
fatima noor fatima noor 2013 May 4th Of course me to
khadija aqeel khadija aqeel 2013 May 4th Of course by writing poems and stories etc help us to increase our vocablery
afifah maryam afifah maryam 2013 Apr 30th Oh yes, of course it improve our language skills
Sara Khan Sara Khan 2013 Apr 29th Of coarse.reading is even better than writing.
Maleeha Junaidi Maleeha Junaidi 2013 Apr 13th First, Its a nice topic to talk about. I think its very nice habit if one is accustomed to write stories and articles, definitely it is! ain't it?
rabia shahid rabia shahid 2013 Apr 6th Exactly they do help us
manal khalid manal khalid 2013 Apr 5th Yes!
Cutie Marya Cutie Marya 2013 Apr 3rd Hey..!! Add s0me more stories..So that your magazine will me more interesting..As i love to read it.. :)
Maarij Maqsood khan Maarij Maqsood khan 2013 Apr 2nd It helps
Shayan rustami Shayan rustami 2013 Apr 1st One scholar said ,"For me, writing is exploration; and most of the time, I'm surprised where the journey takes me.".....I guess these both things writing stories and reading articles are the most advantageous things for us as writing makes our mind sharp to use appropriate word in appropriate time and we all know reading articles increase our vocabs ......So I would definitely say that these both things are useful.... :D
Gullasht Nadeem Gullasht Nadeem 2013 Mar 29th It is correct
Anonymous Writer Anonymous Writer 2013 Mar 5th Of course it help us alot
isbah khan isbah khan 2013 Mar 2nd Writing takes us to another world where we write what we imagine.its a really good thing!
rabia ahmed rabia ahmed 2013 Feb 28th Obviously!
Sakina Peracha Sakina Peracha 2013 Feb 16th Ofcourse..writing stories or any thing helps us in many ways..our vocabulary,language skills get better...writing stories,poems,songs is a good habbit..i love writing..i am writing a story now adays..i have written songs's fun to write :)
shiraz baloch shiraz baloch 2013 Feb 14th Writing articals will make our English and our writing power.If a child in this age starts writing articals he will be ready for competitive exam where he has to write a essay containing more than 4000 thousands words.If from today he starts he will be perfect in exams.
Aimen Javed Aimen Javed 2013 Feb 12th Writing stories is really good for us. It improves our skills and also we put our thoughts and imagination into words. Kidz should read and write so their language will also improve. :-)
hanzala mudassar hanzala mudassar 2013 Feb 12th Writing story's improve our language.writing story's is a good habit.
khadeeja mazhar khadeeja mazhar 2013 Feb 11th Yes,writing stories naad articles can help us in our language skills.students who write articles at school and home are very good in studies and this also helped me in my language skills.
seyham imran seyham imran 2013 Feb 5th It really helped me alot
haniya ahsan haniya ahsan 2013 Jan 27th Yes, it sure helps everyone to improve their language skills
Azka Syed Azka Syed 2013 Jan 14th Yes, it improves our language skills. Children who write articles and stories or read books are very good in their studies.
javeria ishaque javeria ishaque 2013 Jan 12th Yeah it has helped me
javeria ishaque javeria ishaque 2013 Jan 12th Of course they do! before i started reading my english was not so good but after reading it is excellent!
Nimra Hanif Nimra Hanif 2013 Jan 11th Yes of course it helps us very much
Sehar shahzad Sehar shahzad 2013 Dec 31st Very much !
Fatima Uroos Fatima Uroos 2013 Dec 31st Yes, it helps us very much
Ghumaisa Usmani Ghumaisa Usmani 2013 Dec 31st Yep they help. they help to improve vocabulary, improve English/urdu. and they are a good way to spent time..
aaqib rafique aaqib rafique 2012 Dec 30th Yes it helps so much
Iqra Bilal Iqra Bilal 2012 Dec 28th Yes Writing stories and articles helps us to improve our language skills.and it become more better when we practice,practice and can explained by the example which is given below: It is like learning to play the piano the more you practice the better you become. "Read as much as you can, talk as much as you can, listen as much as you can, write as much as you can." "People are a great resource, talk, listen as much as you can."
Umer Qadeer Umer Qadeer 2012 Dec 28th Of course they help him to improve their reading
Umer Qadeer Umer Qadeer 2012 Dec 28th Yet!
Sumayya Mansoor Sumayya Mansoor 2012 Dec 24th Thats true. writing and reading stories increase our language skills, when I was child, my father told me that read news paper, and many people say that if you want improve your English or Urdu vocabulary you must read news paper and stories....
Tasneem  tayyab Tasneem tayyab 2012 Dec 20th YES IT HELPS US!!
ghazala arif ghazala arif 2012 Dec 16th Yes it does improve our writing skills and also enhances our speech ...we must write articles to increase our vocablary and writing skills
Fatma Imran Fatma Imran 2012 Dec 16th Writing articles and stories does us great good since it improves our vocabulary and also sharpens our mind in the case of informative articles and stories.We can also improve our creative writing by that as well.
Subhan Umer Farooq Subhan Umer Farooq 2012 Dec 15th It is necessary to ask understandable word from elders
fizzah kafeel fizzah kafeel 2012 Dec 15th Yes your emglish will be emproved by it.
leena shahzad leena shahzad 2012 Dec 7th Yes it also make our english vocablary good
sunshine blue sunshine blue 2012 Nov 26th Yes it does help us
Amna Ahmed Amna Ahmed 2012 Nov 12th Yes of course it help weak students
Amna Ahmed Amna Ahmed 2012 Nov 12th Yes! it helps us
ayesha nadeem ayesha nadeem 2012 Nov 10th Yeah... of course it helps
Chaudary Hadia Iftikhar Chaudary Hadia Iftikhar 2012 Oct 13th Yes, of course , they help us in improving our language skills
Maria Tirmizi Maria Tirmizi 2012 Sep 28th Yes !of course it improve our studies and as well as English and students who are weak in studies , they can improve their studies too.
Amna Faizi Amna Faizi 2012 Sep 28th We can save the world by Reusing, reducing or recycling:-)
Amna Faizi Amna Faizi 2012 Sep 28th Yes, it helps us my hobby is writing stories.
hania baqai hania baqai 2012 Sep 27th yes it help us improve and increase are language also improves ou english.
Salwa Imtiaz Salwa Imtiaz 2012 Sep 8th Yah it's develps skills of language,writing and made us creative
fizzah kafeel fizzah kafeel 2012 Aug 17th Yes they are fun to read
syeda tahira iqbal syeda tahira iqbal 2012 Jul 18th Yes they do but not always reading is one of the first steps to inprove your english language then you start practicing with articles and story writing but they will only improve if you read
dfg dfggf dfg dfggf 2012 Jul 16th Yes they really do :) ;) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maryam Tariq Maryam Tariq 2012 Jul 3rd Em maybe i have started writing 2 weeks ago i will see about after 1 month
Neha Ayaz Neha Ayaz 2012 Jul 3rd Quite right buddy!!
Sidra Abdul Rauf Sidra Abdul Rauf 2012 Jul 2nd No doubt about it!
areeba pervaiz areeba pervaiz 2012 Jun 28th Yes it help us improve and increase are language skill!!
Sarah Khan Sarah Khan 2012 Jun 24th Yeah no doubt they help a lot in improving our language skills..!!
HAMNA  baqai HAMNA baqai 2012 Jun 7th Yes it helps
Rida Fatima Rida Fatima 2012 Jun 7th Yes ,i will go towards the same side ...........articles,books and stories really increase our knowledge and improves our vocabulary,grammer and language skills as well
Ayman Mansoor Khan Ayman Mansoor Khan 2012 Jun 7th Yep it does help us, i love to read as well as to write! especially rhymes!
Zoya  Salman Zoya Salman 2012 Jun 6th Yes it does help
aqsa hussain aqsa hussain 2012 Jun 1st Yes it does help us
Tehzeem Hassan Tehzeem Hassan 2012 May 24th Writing different stories helps students a lot like in learning new vocabulary. So, every children must write different stories not only write but also read.
kazma ahmed kazma ahmed 2012 May 19th Ofcorse it just help our skills but also improve our spelling mistakes and vocaboulary
sumyya ahmed sumyya ahmed 2012 May 14th Yes it helps us
sumyya ahmed sumyya ahmed 2012 May 14th Yes indeed! it helps us a lot
Salwa Imtiaz Salwa Imtiaz 2012 May 7th 0oohh yess..!!stories and MAG are really beneficial for our knowledge... I read as much as i can and really getting benefits too..
Rehma  Siddique Rehma Siddique 2012 May 5th I want to say that people who donot read books look dumb. They do not know any thing and they are weak in studies.
tazeen hina tazeen hina 2012 Apr 25th I think we can suceed in our is true..i have read so much stories so that i am successful..
sarah khan sarah khan 2012 Apr 16th Exactly.........
hafsa tahir hafsa tahir 2012 Apr 13th Of-course yes!!!1 there is no doubt .....
faiza irshad faiza irshad 2012 Apr 13th Of course!!!!they help us
fatima  qasim fatima qasim 2012 Apr 8th Of course it does!!
Izza waheed Izza waheed 2012 Apr 7th Yeah, Fatema your quite right! great ...articles let us improve our vocabulary & use of language.We all should try to spend most of our time in libraries instead of cinemas & window shopping.Books are the best friends.Thanks!
Abdul Rafay Khan Abdul Rafay Khan 2012 Apr 1st This gives us enjoyment and learning at the same time.
Mishal Mazhar Mishal Mazhar 2012 Mar 30th Yes they do. They signify and show a child's creativity.
Parihan Khattak Parihan Khattak 2012 Mar 27th It shows that this person is genius
mashal fakhar mashal fakhar 2012 Mar 21st Yeah of course ... reading is very important for every one even for older people also in my opinion yes ... reading and writing stories improve our language skills so we should read because practice make a person perfect....
Ashna Ahmed Ashna Ahmed 2012 Mar 19th I love to read....i also like to write. I reckon writing's a great way to let out stress and stuff
Bint waseem mughal Bint waseem mughal 2012 Mar 17th Ya it really helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Numra Bokhari Numra Bokhari 2012 Mar 16th Hello everyone:)
Aqsa Shahbaz Aqsa Shahbaz 2012 Mar 14th It plays an important role in building a creativity in students
shazma iqbal shazma iqbal 2012 Mar 14th Yes !!! expressing our thought and sharing our knowledge with others improve our language and skills
Daim Arshad Daim Arshad 2012 Mar 13th It help us........showing our ideas to everyone.
Marya Ansari Marya Ansari 2012 Mar 12th Yeah,,,,,it does ,people gain confidence in their selves .At times it happens that u may not speak fluently but can easily recall good vocab to create ur master pieces on paper......
Mahnoor Khalid Mahnoor Khalid 2012 Mar 12th Ya of course it helps us a lot in improving our Language and vocabulary
Fariya Alim Fariya Alim 2012 Mar 10th Ya to some extent but I think reading news, articles and books are more effective in developing our language skills.
Aliza Syed Aliza Syed 2012 Mar 10th Ya absoluetly correct......writing helps to improve our vocubalary.
Tehreem Maqsood Tehreem Maqsood 2012 Mar 8th No doubt it helps us we learn from our mistakes
Fatema Zari Fatema Zari 2012 Mar 7th Not just all this but the english improvement is better for our future.... Good english Good future Good life
Khushbukht Javid Khushbukht Javid 2012 Mar 6th YOU ARE RIGHT.IT HELPS US IN LANGUAGE AND GRAMMER!!!!:)
ayesha waheed ayesha waheed 2012 Mar 5th It help us gaining more knowledge and vocabulary.
Laiba  Farhat Laiba Farhat 2012 Mar 3rd True.,it help us to improve our language skill
Bareera Khalid Bareera Khalid 2012 Mar 3rd I lyk writing
HAMNA  baqai HAMNA baqai 2012 Mar 2nd Yes reading is good for us it increases our vocabulary, reading speed writing way and the accent of reading.
aimun hussam aimun hussam 2012 Mar 1st Yes, it improve our English and we get new words which help us in exams
Summiya Abid Summiya Abid 2012 Mar 1st Yes they help and children who are weak at writing,they should write stories and articles.
sarah zakir sarah zakir 2012 Mar 1st Of course !!! they do ...........
afia quanita afia quanita 2012 Mar 1st Yes why not.........
lovely girl lovely girl 2012 Mar 1st It depends on the child if he is reading or not so that it will be helpful for him or her
xerac akhtar xerac akhtar 2012 Mar 1st doubt at all in it.....
Ayman Fatima Ayman Fatima 2012 Mar 1st Yes but only if you are willing to find and correct the mistakes you might have made.
Sahar Ahmad Sahar Ahmad 2012 Feb 29th Of course the help
Ahmed Alam Ahmed Alam 2012 Feb 29th Of course i think kids who read stories are also good at their studies