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Laiba  Farhat

Laiba Farhat


Beaconhouse School System , Karachi

Fond of my frnd NEHA AYAZ ON vSHINE............. I am simple grl, do hijab, think very deep n hate fashion. Luv 2 make frnds. I...


Laiba  Farhat

Perfect Guy

2011 Aug 11th 935 Views
When life is a challenge, he accepts itWhen life is a problem, he solves itWhen life is a game, he plays itAnd when life is a journey, he completes... read more
Ashra - good    May 5th
Syeda Fatima - Ramadan Mubarak    2013 Jul 13th
Isbah - laiba gr8 plz accept my frend request    2013 Mar 27th
Laiba  Farhat


2011 Jun 6th 467 Views
Friendship is important thing in life It is based on love and care It start with smile And ends with misunderstanding True friends are those help... read more
Shumaim - Great!!!!!WOW    2013 Nov 27th
Laiba - truly said abid    2013 May 7th
Abid - friendship is a band of ups and downs,its merges wth poor and renown,    2013 Apr 30th


Laiba  Farhat

Interesting Fact About...

2011 Aug 16th 608 Views
Have you ever read 9 table with full concentration?NO, there is an interesting fact about 9 table.Watch! 9x1=09= 0+9=99x2=18= 1+8=99x3=27=... read more
Lovely - i agree with anas    2013 Dec 18th
Lovely - i agree with anas    2013 Dec 18th
Shumaim - Informative, amazingly awesome!    2013 Nov 27th


Laiba  Farhat


2011 Aug 19th 678 Views
We know that blub was invented by Edison and radio by Marconi,But we don’t know that............Soap was invented by Hazrat Saleh (May Allah be... read more
Gullasht - AOA you done this informative and Great work Insa'allah give you ajjar of this...    2013 May 24th
Afifah - very nice, keep it up...    2013 Feb 22nd
Neha - hey thats1 which i got in mobile as an sms...but still really nie!    2012 Aug 11th
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Allied School Lahore
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Sr-1 Kot Addu
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The City School KAPCO Chapter Kot Addu
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Rimsha Fawad (14 friends)

Islamia English School Abu Dhabi
Hina Khan (5 friends)

Hamdard Public School Karachi
Amna Faizi (127 friends)

Dawood public school Karachi
Haroon Khan (99 friends)

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Rumaisa Afzal (18 friends)

beaconhouse school system Karachi
Marwah Haider (23 friends)

Beacon House KARACHI
Isbah Khan (91 friends)

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Hareem Shahid (13 friends)

British international school Tabuk Tabuk
Rija Zainab (49 friends)

the city school kapco chapter kott addu
Rohab Shamsi (15 friends)

Usman Public School karachi
Hiba Saad (304 friends)

Jaffar Public School karachi
Nimra Khan (15 friends)

Saba High School karachi
Amna Khan (85 friends)

L.S.S Islamabad
Rabia Ahmed (123 friends)

usman public school karachi

Pakistan international school,jeddah Jeddah
WARDAH IBRAHIM (46 friends)

alfadal int school makkah jeddah
Fatima Uroos (195 friends)

Jungam Elementary School Gwangju

beacon house school system PECHS Campus karachi
Reja Tanweer (45 friends)

Al Corniche International School Jeddah
Elsa Sharif (184 friends)

jungam elemantary school Guanzhou
Tooba Zia (76 friends)

Rabita Tariq (166 friends)

Usman public school Karachi
Smaher Iftikhar (34 friends)

The City School (KAPCO) Kot Addu
Rabia Shahid (237 friends)

Pakistan Int School Riyadh
Areej Ahmed (78 friends)

International school Tabuk
Eeman Ahmed (72 friends)

al-anjal international pakistani school makkah
Afifah Maryam (116 friends)

IMSG Islamabad islamabad
ABEEHA HASSAN (31 friends)

headstart karachi
Gullasht Nadeem (222 friends)

Garrison Academy College Quetta Cantt Quetta
RAFIA Ch (94 friends)

The Bahria Town School Lahore
Full Name
Laiba Farhat
Pakistan, sindh, Karachi
Beaconhouse School System

Fond of my frnd NEHA AYAZ ON vSHINE............. I am simple grl, do hijab, think very deep n hate fashion. Luv 2 make frnds. I am not talkitive, chup chup si rhti hon. 25 0ctober, my b-day. Want 2 know more,,,, g0 ahead n ask.

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