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Lyeba Khan

Lyeba Khan


Siddeeq Public School , Rawalpindi

My name is Lyeba and my hobbies are reading books including my vshine magazine .Im 16 years old.


Lyeba Khan


Jul 22nd 242 Views
StarsAlways quiet,Always blinking,By day sleeping,At night winking.Wink♥ read more

Berha - GUD 1    Jul 31st
Wafa - really nice!! keep up the good work! :)    Jul 29th
Yaseera - Nyc    Jul 24th
Lyeba Khan


2012 Jan 6th 1167 Views
Algy met a bear ,A bear met Algy.The bear was bulgy,The bulge was Algy. read more
LyeBa - its ok n i am fine how r u ?    2014 Sep 12th
Bismah - u too sorry i saw late.... by the way how are u?    2014 Aug 16th
LyeBa - EID MUBARAK TO ALL MY SWEET FRIENDS.....    2013 Aug 8th
Lyeba Khan


2012 Jan 5th 871 Views
What do you suppose? A bee sat on my nose. Then what do you think? He gave me a wink And said,’ I beg your pardon, I thought you were the... read more
Nimra - u welcome laiba :)    2013 Feb 17th
LyeBa - Thanks for comment    2013 Feb 15th
Nimra - hi laiba its gud one :) nice 2 see u m also of 11 send me a friend request and...    2013 Feb 13th


Lyeba Khan

Funny questions and...

2017 Mar 23rd 500 Views
Q:why did the banana go to the doctor?A:Because it was not PEELING well Q:Why are teddy bears never hungry?A:Because they are always... read more
3 People Like this! - LyeBa KhanFiza IqbalWania Tauqeer

Fiza - 😻😻😻😻😻😻.    2017 Jun 17th
Noorish - Good!    2017 Apr 6th
Wania - Good!    2017 Mar 29th


Lyeba Khan


Jul 22nd 243 Views
1 Person like this! - Maheen Ishtiaq

Sakifay Mary - I bet it has been taken from a bed sheet?    Aug 1st
Fatima - gud    Jul 30th
Yaseera - Creative    Jul 28th
Lyeba Khan


2013 Apr 9th 858 Views

Tooba - Muqadas hey if you are saying to her first see ur drawing then say to others it...    2014 May 24th
Nimra - now u answer me laiba wht happened 2 u?? bolti bnd..!! :P :D    2013 Oct 10th
Nimra - ooo just shut up u fool laiba i wrote the comment but it was not posted..!!! nw...    2013 Sep 8th
Lyeba Khan


2013 Apr 9th 716 Views

LyeBa - thankxx Bisma....:)    2013 Sep 17th
Bismah - really a cute cat    2013 Sep 11th
LyeBa - thanx Wafa :)    2013 Aug 31st
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Siddeeq Public School Islamabad
Full Name
Lyeba Khan
Pakistan, Punjab, Rawalpindi
Siddeeq Public School

My name is Lyeba and my hobbies are reading books including my vshine magazine .Im 16 years old.

Indoor games
Net surfing
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