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Aleena Majeed

Aleena Majeed


Kinnaird College For Women , Lahore

I am Aleena Majeed


Aleena Majeed

The Haunted House of the...

2013 Jan 18th 941 Views
In my house, it wasn't uncommon to feel a cold burst of air in the dead of summer. In my house, it wasn't uncommon to hear whispers long after... read more
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Samreen - nice....    2013 Sep 20th
Aleena - thanks dear...yes now I'm gonna do FSC (pre medical) from KINNAIRD COLLEGE FOR...    2013 Aug 3rd
Mubashra - WOW GREAT! u r really a superb girl well a big big big CONGRATZ frm me BEST OF...    2013 Aug 2nd
Aleena Majeed

School Life

2012 Dec 10th 888 Views
Hello Friends...! Today I want to share my personal experience with you guys...I want to tell you that the most beautiful part of life is "School... read more
Abid - dear it all happens with the boost of life,school age is really an amazing age...    2013 Aug 12th
Disenchanted. - I have experienced it but I came back to my old school(yaaayy!!) I felt very...    2013 Jul 11th
Tooba - dats wat da truth is changes r part of ur life try to change wat u cant...    2013 Jan 12th
Aleena Majeed

The Last Tree Of the...

2011 Mar 19th 1404 Views
I was sitting in the shade of last tree in the forest and reading a book. It was the last tree and all the other trees had been cut and a meeting was... read more
Areeba - awesome    2012 Jan 6th
Laiba - Thankx my dear frnd Aleena 4 liking my name. U also hav a nice n sweet name.    2011 Nov 8th
Aliza - amazing    2011 Oct 23rd


Aleena Majeed

A Visit To Zoo

2014 Feb 2nd 760 Views
Once I happened to go to zooI bought a ticket and got the lieu.First I saw a crocodile looked so sharpOn one side some people played rhythmic harp.By... read more
Aleena Majeed

Eye Talk

2014 Feb 2nd 750 Views
Your eyes tell meEverythingWhich I want to knowAnd you want to show.The words, lips can’t utter,Eyes can say better.Your smile, their... read more
Aleena Majeed


2012 Jan 5th 870 Views
When your brain starts to explode And your secrets start to expose You can't understand teaching What you do is cheating Mathematics is a junk... read more
1 Person like this! - Wafi Waheed

Raniah - Nice    2012 Jul 15th
Raniah - Nice 1"...... :)    2012 Jul 15th
Namra - Cheating is a bad habit.I hate those people who cheat.I hate cheating.    2012 Feb 16th
Aleena Majeed

Look ahead

2011 Dec 8th 905 Views
You’ll surely succeed.......Look aheadSuccess is failure turned inside out,The silver tints of the clouds of doubtAnd you can never tell how... read more
2 People Like this! - Wafi WaheedAISHa MZ

Aleena - Thankz all ..........    2012 Jan 5th
Aimun - WELL THINK    2012 Jan 2nd
Fatima - nice poem very good job.great thought.    2012 Jan 2nd
Aleena Majeed

Ocean of Life

2011 Nov 4th 969 Views
Feeling like a drop of waterDeep inside the ocean of lifeEach day I facedSome menacing shadowy strifeSoul searching bring no aidAs vision too was... read more
Daniyal - where do u live maham    2012 Nov 16th
Alina - gUd one.....    2011 Dec 19th
Momina - really good poem. i agree with Maham, you are a complicated poet, Mashallah...    2011 Nov 28th
Aleena Majeed

To a teacher

2011 Jul 26th 902 Views
O, my pride, my hearty love,You told me how to live,You taught me how to die,You led me towards good life,A happy good and noble life,For me you are... read more
Aamna - Nice Poem    2011 Sep 17th
Bint Waseem - gud feelings!!!!    2011 Sep 10th
Aleena - Thank you so much AISHA , UROOJ and especially Amal!    2011 Aug 11th
Aleena Majeed

Nothing Lasts

2011 Jul 26th 804 Views
The day has left its markThe moment lingers onAnd harks back to a blue twilightWhich gnaws the soulTime heals, I wonderHollow laughterUnder a grey... read more
Aamna - Nice Poem    2011 Sep 17th
Bint Waseem - wonderful!!!!!    2011 Sep 10th
Aleena - Thanks Namra!    2011 Aug 11th
Aleena Majeed


2011 Jul 23rd 751 Views
Cats are blackCats are whiteWe see them in the nightCats are beautifulCats are all cuteThey always call usWith the voiceMeow meow meow!  read more
3 People Like this! - Wafi WaheedLaiba FarhatBint Waseem Mughal

Aamna - Nice poem    2011 Sep 17th
Aleena - Yeah I also thinks the same!!! but what can i do if i am sooooo afraid of...    2011 Aug 11th
Namra - It's all your suspicion about animals like cats.    2011 Aug 10th
Aleena Majeed

Things of Past

2011 Jun 14th 787 Views
I liked being a baby a lot better,Not having to bother with wordsI remember opening my mouth,And sounds flying out like strange birds.The comfort of... read more
Aleena - thanks for commenting!!!!!!!!!!!    2011 Jun 29th
Hadia - yeh its all real    2011 Jun 20th
Aleena Majeed

Pearls of Wisdom

2011 Mar 29th 962 Views
If you want to go ahead, Should "look before you leap" If you want to see facts, Then at every matter "look in the deep" If you want to succeed in... read more
Aleena - Yes Areena bji you can ask about my school!    2011 May 14th
Areena - Aleena! can I ask you something about your school?    2011 Apr 12th
Areena - Aleena! you've done a great job!!. Hey! have you given 8th class board exams?...    2011 Apr 12th
Aleena Majeed


2011 Mar 28th 1068 Views
The verses of my life say: "Gain knowledge from night to day." Always try to be first, In conquering knowledge outskirts. No matter what it takes... read more
Ayesha Farhan - thx 4 telling me how to comment, Farial. And u can call me just Ayesha.    2011 Aug 5th
Aleena - And Imane why you are telling lie you said that you have got 719 marks but you...    2011 May 7th
Aleena - Izza you plz don't talk to me!    2011 May 6th
Aleena Majeed

From Old To New

2011 Mar 22nd 915 Views
Twinkle twinkle little star, Do care for every second. Do care for every hour.                   ... read more
3 People Like this! - Wafi WaheedLaiba FarhatBint Waseem Mughal

Aleena - Thanks !!!    2011 Mar 23rd
Yamna - awesome...............    2011 Mar 23rd
Aisha - nice poem.    2011 Mar 22nd
Aleena Majeed

It's up to you!!!

2011 Mar 19th 1093 Views
One song can spark a moment, One tree can start a forest, One smile begins a friendship, One star can guide a ship at sea, One vote can change the... read more
3 People Like this! - Wafi WaheedLaiba FarhatBint Waseem Mughal

Aleena - Thanks Izza! I would work even harder to write good poems!!    2011 Jul 21st
Izza - boring...    2011 Apr 30th
Aleena - Thank you soooo much for liking it!    2011 Mar 19th
Aleena Majeed


March 2011 2011 Mar 19th 1362 Views
Time is very vast, But it passes very fast. It cannot return from the past. Time is precious for everyone, And it waits for no one, Sometimes we are... read more
Aleena - thnks!    2011 Apr 23rd
Menahil - Congratz    2011 Apr 22nd
Aleena - Thank you VSHINE I have got my gift its awesome! Thanks a lot vshine!    2011 Apr 18th


Aleena Majeed


2011 Oct 26th 1123 Views
Ali: Today is my birthday. What gift you would give me?Ahsan: Can you see that black colour car?Ali: (HAPPILY) Yes!Ahsan: I would give you a pencil... read more
Laibah - Lolzzzz    2013 Jun 16th
Raniah - Zabar10!!!!!!!    2012 Jul 1st
Ali - :-)    2012 Jun 21st
Aleena Majeed


2011 Mar 25th 1097 Views
Man to shopkeeper: Please give me a toothbrush. My toothbrush's one hair is broken. Shopkeeper: Only one hair is broken and you are buying a new... read more
Sirena - hahahahahahah, this joke made my stomachache, I fell down laughing!!    2013 Nov 12th
Isbah - nice joke    2012 Dec 13th
Raniah - hehehe    2012 Jul 5th


Aleena Majeed


2013 Apr 9th 835 Views

Ali - Amazingggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2013 Jul 6th
Khoula - han poch lo irfan konsa he... :P    2013 Jun 19th
Maarij Maqsood - So good    2013 Jun 9th
Aleena Majeed


2011 Nov 5th 879 Views

Azka - guddy guddyy:p    2013 Jul 30th
Aasiya - o.m.g!it's really beatiful!    2013 Mar 22nd
(^_^) - very nice btw spellings of sketch are wrong...    2012 Nov 15th
Aleena Majeed


2011 Nov 4th 871 Views
3 People Like this! - Wafi WaheedLaiba FarhatHadia Kashif

Soha - Awesome, Wonderful, Amazing, Superb!!!!!!!!! I just loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!...    2013 Feb 6th
Anas - Your Drawing is AMAZING! You shou;d have taken a clear picture because it ruins...    2012 Jan 9th
Shahamah - woww superb    2011 Nov 17th
Aleena Majeed

Air plane

2011 Jul 12th 909 Views
Air plane

Raniah - nice    2012 Jul 26th
Maham - good sketching there.if u have copied it frm internet, thats alright. u can try...    2011 Aug 1st
Eisha - its gr8. b.t.w accept my friend request!    2011 Jul 31st
Aleena Majeed

Cute girl

2011 Jul 11th 904 Views
Cute girl

Marwa - Soha why do u always talk about copied. and that's a marvellous drawing :)    2013 Jul 21st
Soha - I think you've copied it from internet! Isn't it??????    2013 Jan 16th
Salwa - lovely    2011 Jul 30th