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Gul Noor  Arsalan

Gul Noor Arsalan


Apsacs , Rwp

My name is Noor. As I liked to be called but Gul- Noor is also fine. If you call me Gul, I might lose my temper. M y best friend...


Gul Noor  Arsalan

Haunted (part 1)

2014 Aug 22nd 532 Views
'Sure we should be doing this? 'I asked as I followed my best friend, Niall. Jack, my cat was at my heels. Jack's always acting like a dog, a... read more
1 Person like this! - Mohammad Fahad

Beenish - Horror and great.    2015 Jun 18th
Umair - awesome story    2015 Jan 25th
Kashaf - ilove horror!waiting...    2015 Jan 22nd


Gul Noor  Arsalan


2013 Sep 24th 631 Views

Hadia - lovely drawing GUL NOOR.............    2015 Mar 19th
Mohammad Uzair - what the hell is this    2014 Nov 16th
Gul Noor - Never mind. .....    2014 Aug 20th
Gul Noor  Arsalan


2013 Sep 11th 775 Views

Munkashay - Wait, Gul Noor! How come you can make smileys or, say, emoticons on Vshine?    2014 Oct 23rd
Munkashay - TRUE! Well, I did comment on your story but VSHINE....! It's not posting it...    2014 Sep 23rd
Gul Noor - I don't blame you. I had the same mistake but..... there's no E in Zayn...    2014 Sep 17th


Gul Noor  Arsalan

Cat facts

2014 Jun 27th 552 Views
1. Adult cats only mean to humans.2. Cats rub against your legs to make you smell like a cat.2. Mostly, ginger cats are male. 3 out of 4 gingers are... read more
2 People Like this! - Gul Noor ArsalanNoorul Ain

Ayesha - great job!!!!!    2015 Apr 7th
Mohammad Uzair - what the hell is this bad you are saying my one also because what the hell is...    2014 Nov 16th
Munkashay - Heh heh, I learnt this: o__¬    2014 Aug 3rd
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Full Name
Gul Noor Arsalan
Pakistan, punjab, Rwp

My name is Noor. As I liked to be called but Gul- Noor is also fine. If you call me Gul, I might lose my temper. M y best friend is Jack. Very loyal. Let me get one thing straight, I'm a Directioner, Belieber and Potter-Head.Do not ask me questions about it. The countries Ive been to are England, Qatar, Saudia and Dubai. But most of all I love Paki. I seriously want to stay immature until my teen years which I will expierience in two short years. Im 11. Im more into boystuff than girlstuff whish explains that I hate shopping and fashion. Pets, if I talk about 'em you'll find a secret about Jack bieng my best buddie. He's my odd eyed persian whose B.D is on 16 October. He is deaf with one ear but he'll melt you. I love him and will always think he's speacial. Anyway, this about me not Jack so I'll just say that you know about me what you should. So, Ba-bye!!

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